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Friday 22nd

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  • Friday 22nd

    Morning All, cooler here, dull and may get some much needed rain later.

    Art Deco sachets finished picture on Pinterest. Lace strips, flowers and butterflies today stitched on the Embroidery machine. Using to decorate some mini jars with nightlights inside.

    After the sachets yesterday I tidied my sewing areas and put everything away. Getting to be so organised long may it last. Lee did question how long it would last as he does not expect my sewing room to look as if a tornado has gone through in between projects!!!!!

    I do hope you can get your Mum sorted Mo, sadly for me it came to a head when she spun round and belted the Warden with her handbag. In a way that was good as took the decision out of my hands. Your Dad is frightened which you know and understand, is there any way they could go somewhere together. My next door neighbours Aunt had her DH in the next room.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, very breezy, rain stopped a short while ago, atmosphere humid.

    Yesterday, got the yeast, dropped an item of shopping round to G&G, rest of the day spent on bag handles and knitting. Too hot to even think about doing anything in the garden. Went out to clap - very disappointing, think there were only a couple down the road, and barely heard anything from the centre of the village. However did my two minutes then straight to bed.

    Today, breadmaking, pressing and sewing bags and handles, not sure what else. Not heard anything about bookbinding kit, hoping it won't be much longer.

    Caroline - lots achieved yesterday in the sewing line, and tidying up afterward - well done, now your room is all ready for your next project.
    Dave - hope everyone enjoyed the long walk yesterday, and when you finally get to the supermarket it's not too harrowing an experience to get what you want
    Mo - so sorry to hear that your Mum has had another do. I can understand your Dad wanting her to stay at home with him, but it sounds like he is barely coping with the situation, although determined to retain independence at all costs. Very difficult for everyone involved and I hope a reasonable solution can be found quickly; fingers crossed the feedback from the medics is good.
    Shelley - I had to queue outside the butcher's yesterday (wouldn't ask them to drive 4 miles to deliver only 100g yeast!) and after ten minutes I was struggling, I'm OK walking around for a while but static is no good for my back. Hope your back is much improved today after a day of rest yesterday, and you are happy with the way you have stored your dies and rearranged the desk.



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      Morning all.

      Windy and overcast here at the moment and due to continue with maybe a little more sunshine later.

      Caroline is on full battery charge again I see. Dad is ten years younger than Mum and although is on dialysis is much fitter and physically able to cope. He is just a stubborn old man, rather old fashioned in his ways and won't be told what to do. Hoping to hear from the medics today that they have convinced him to do what's best and increase her medication.

      Had a coughing fit in the night and along with driving for two hours yesterday my damaged muscle is protesting loudly this morning. Called into the ******** and they let me have a load of paracetamol instead of the maximum 32 tablets so I don't have to go out and get more every few days.

      ST are going to keep us informed by email on the progress of the plans to reopen. At least they have realised it's going to take more than a day to get the shops ready. PPE is apparently in place and they are going to do a staggered opening plan whatever that's supposed to mean but it's not finalised yet.

      Glad you got what you needed at the shops Linda. You seem to going great guns with the bags.

      Have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all...dull here but dry.

        Because of the loosening up of lockdown, our village is now just like any other day apart from hardly anywhere being open, no one observing anything so the council have decided to make the square at the top pedestrianised apart from buses, no on street parking, car parks are still open and free. This is to allow distancing as all of our footpaths, going back to the 17C when it was a one horse town are very narrow. Can only be a good thing, businesses are saying they will suffer, if tourists can’t park on a car park and walk less than half a mile to the square, god help us all!

        Walking the dog later, yesterdays walk was a good one but hot, some idiot let his two Springer spaniels just run riot in the park which was full of people. They bounded up, barking and snapping at Flo who was on her lead. She avoids other dogs, never bothers them but if they come up to her barking and snapping instead of being calm she sees it as a challenge, being a Staffie, no warnings, straight in, luckily I’d grabbed her harness 🤷🏻‍♂️

        Bit of cutting today, just half finished general ones, need to put in a paper order and order frames from somewhere...

        Have a good’un 😎


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          Evening all,

          Cooler here, hazy sun and noticeably windier.

          Caroline, good to hear your are back on course and have projects lined up. I tend to tidy my desk every day before bed regardless if I haven't finished, its just something you do when you have cats, I learnt to my cost when I came down in the morning to find my projects had been turned into a perfect bed or a deposit for some prize from the garden.

          Linda, well done on the bags and hope your bookbinding kit arrives soon. No one out last night for hand clapping, not even the ships made as much noise, I didn't even go and look, Simon did. The whole thing is dying out here, not that there was much to start with.

          Mo, hope your mum's situation improves and your dad can be made to see sense before it is taken out of his hands. Really hope you get some time for resting your side, at least you are supplied with painkillers, can't work out why the site censors c h e m i s t.
          Hope they get thing properly sorted for you to open.

          Dave, there does seem to be some good things about town and country planning coming out of this, many more cycle routes and pedestrian areas, let's hope it really does last. Twitter has decided to continue letting it employees work from home forever, probably discovered its cheaper and their employees are happier.
          The dog on the lead always feels threatened when approached by ones off the lead, Flo was just doing what come naturally.
          Not started on the 11 layered one yet?

          Last night went to bed early for me, put a pillow under my feet and slept like that all night, slept well, woke up at about 10am, back and legs were much better so decided to just stay there, snoozed and read and got up eventually later after lunch. Back almost completely better, legs ok but swelling returned after I was up for awhile but I intend on sleeping with the pillow under my legs all the time now, hopefully the swelling eventually won't return.
          Didn't accomplish much except finishing off my desk tidying and now feel happy with it.
          Had a reply to my email, if I have any problems with the die they will send me another, so thats encouraging.

          Looking forward to tomorrow, some more card making and adding listings, not quite garden sitting weather yet, but later in the week it will be.

          Finding this weather is making me a bit tight in the chest, hope it resolves and isn't anything more, don't need a chest infection at the moment.

          Take care all, have a good night's sleep.