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Thursday 21st

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  • Thursday 21st

    Morning All, going to be a hot day reaching 25 by late morning. Probably be snow next week, lol. The fan worked again last night had on for an hour after lights out and worked. Not waking so heady could be the Hepa filter is helping.

    Waitrose delivery and sewing for me today. My sewing room gets the morning sun windows open and fan on to cool down.

    Will also plan the next project once this is finished.

    Not much else to report such a boring life!

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, very warm, dry, slight breeze.

    Yesterday, made bread, 20 minutes in the garden (cleared and swept a tiny patch where I park my car that had been bugging me), most of the day catching up with tv and cutting and tacking bag handles. Tea time I ventured out to Sainsburys in Grimsby, fortunate to hit a time with virtually no queue outside, plenty of room in the shop (very spacious anyway) so apart from a few individuals who were determined to go where they wanted when they wanted without consideration to distance from others I got most things on my list; even got some wholemeal flour - they had about eight different types on the shelves.

    Today, have already topped up the drinking water bowl we put out for dogs (and horses, cats and foxes), only plans are to pop to the butcher's for some fresh yeast, then go with the flow. Will need to do bank paperwork some time soon as receipts etc building up again.

    Caroline - glad the fan is continuing to be of benefit. Don't sit too long at the sewing table without exercising your back.
    Mo - busy playing with wood and new tools again? Hope your muscles are much better now.
    Dave - Eleven layer thingy sounds even more complicated than I thought! More challenge? Irises are gorgeous!
    Shelley - wow! another busy day for you - don't know how you fit it all in! Glad I'm not the only one wondering where the days go at the moment - absolutely no time to get bored



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      Morning all, it’s a bit dull here, supposed to be like yesterday.

      Finished the “Iris” cut yesterday, sat it in a frame and mount so that Rebecka in Utah could see it and use the snap for her shop. That took up most of yesterday afternoon and an hour or two in the evening, had a few enquiries on it already.

      Did a Jamie Oliver chicken balti for tea last night, was lovely. All intentions of freezing some were pointless!

      Out today for a long walk, slowly getting brighter.
      Need to get to a supermarket, probably next week as we need a few branded things that we can’t get local and they have lasted us since lockdown day one so we don’t feel too bad about it.

      Got one on the mat to finish, few ideas to kick around..that’s about it 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Have a good’un all
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        Afternoon all.

        Another incident with Mum so been Mum sitting again this morning. Dad is still ignoring everyone's advice and thinks that by bending the truth about how she is all the time he can have it his way. If she is to stay at home, which is what he wants, she has to have more medication that's the long and short of it. All he heard about the tablets when they were discussed prior to prescription were the rare side effects, which the doctor had to tell him obviously, but those are all he keeps harping on about. The meds have not given her any of those so now safe to up the dose from half a table to one tablet but he won't have it, says she is wobbly and unsafe ......................... of course she is she's 90 with advanced dementia. He's ignoring the fact the disease will progress anyway, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Medics meeting today so hope to hear back tomorrow with recommendations.

        Yesterday I did a load of ironing and then a bit of carving practice in the afternoon. Tried a bit of piercing but don't think its for me, leave that one to Pete.

        Muscle not good last night and over two hours driving today hasn't helped it. The ******** was kind and sold me a load of paracetamol instead of the normal limit of 32 so I don't have to keep going out or going into several different places to get a practical amount.

        Not doing a lot today now. Will sit in the sun for a bit later when it cools down and there is the option of some shade. Picked up some runner bean plants and some lettuce for the garden will pot those up later and a few geraniums to add a bit of colour.

        Waiting to hear from Jen what was said at the staff call this morning as I couldn't take it.

        Enjoy the rest of the day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening all,

          Sunny and hot here again.

          Caroline, glad you are so happy with your cooling device, so glad its worth it, Dyson stuff is not cheap. Got the old mojo on full speed again? Not so boring really, could be worse.

          Linda, its good to hear the queues are diminishing somewhat, to be honest I couldn't actually stand in a queue for 2 hours, I would have to bring something to sit on. Still getting deliveries so not a problem, guess I will be getting them for a while longer.
          Water is good to share, when it doesn't rain for days all the little puddles and drinking spots for animals dry up, its lovely to watch the birds drink from the bird bath and even more fun to watch them bathe. We also have a ground level water source, my water feature, so all are catered for.
          No fear of boredom here

          Dave, you excelled yourself with the iris cut, the finest of tiny slivers in some of it. Lovely colour choices too. How's the 11 layer box cut coming?

          Mo, sorry to hear about trouble with your mum, your dad sounds like a stubborn chap, if your mum is 90 how old is your dad? He is doing well. Let's hope things don't happen to force the situation the wrong way.
          Hope your side recovered with a nice sit in the sun. That piercing lark is not easy, one wrong move and its all over.

          Today got up with a bit of a backache and feeling sluggish, perked up a bit later in the day and managed to finish the desk rearrangement to fit in the new die storage, all looking good, just a few bits to find homes for, should be done by tomorrow. No listing today, just taking it easy, I think its the heat making me lazy, need to acclimatise.

          I had a reassuring telephone consultation with the doctor today, just touching base and giving me the opportunity to ask questions, which was actually good becuase I was wondering if I had lost my place on the list for my heart procedure and would this prolonged and unexpected delay have any bad effects overall. The answer was no, and as long as I felt ok there would be no long term problems. I have to walk more and/or feet up to counteract the ankle swelling which is a common side effect of the heart condition.

          A bit of time in the garden later in the afternoon, then potato salad, coleslaw and a green salad with ham and Scotch egg. More of nothing and now this

          Going to get an early night, see if that helps with tiredness and backache.

          Take care all and have good night's sleep.