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Wednesday 20th

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  • Wednesday 20th

    Morning all

    Another beautiful day and very warm but the DysonMe is brilliant. Had on last night when went to bed had cooled the bedroom down and left on timer until 10pm. My head hit the pillow and fast asleep, no tossing and turning, flipping the pillow over etc. Bliss. Let's hope we have cracked it.

    MoJo is back printing off some designs ready for tomorrow, making a couple of art deco door pillows. The lady is printed onto cotton and backed with velvet, the front embellished with beads and flowers.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny, dry, virtually no breeze - hot (scorchio as per Ms Kirkwood on this morning's forecast)

    Yesterday - managed an hour in the garden, didn't get done what I'd gone out to do but cleared a very small area that needed attention - was a bit worse than I thought, but definitely looking a bit better now. Shopping done, straight into the shop after liberal use of the disinfectant spray they supply, got most things and even some plain flour (Tesco seem to have finally cottoned on to decanting flour from the bakery supplies into domestic quantities, bagging, labelling and putting out on the shelves). Back aching so a couple of hours soak in the bath, and a couple of hours doing more on the bag handles.

    Today - had planned another hour outside clearing grass etc but think it's going to be too hot. Everything ready to make another batch of bread; will need to get more yeast from the butcher's in the next day or so; making up another batch of spiced redcurrant sauce to use more stuff from the freezer - original batch I made is too runny so will either combine with current lot or have to think of some way to thicken it without compromising the shelf life too much. Farm shop delivery today then more work bag handles I think.

    Caroline - isn't it amazing how much difference a decent night's sleep can make! Glad the mojo is back and looking forward to seeing the art deco lady when she's done.
    Dave - what on earth is an eleven layer spacer box? Is it as complicated as it sounds?
    Mo - how is Mr Turkey today? No delayed reactions hopefully. Hope you rested after doing the ironing yesterday and the muscles are on the road to recovery.
    Shelley - busy building storage and rearranging crafting stuff? Hope you've got room for everything and all is organised.



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      Morning all...bright sun, really warm.
      A quick bit of forum housekeeping Just done...

      I got a decent nights sleep for once last night too.
      Out with the dog in a bit, short one today, long one yesterday.
      Linda, an eleven layer spacer box is a series of eleven cuts, like the Vals day heart one, each spaced then mounted in a box frame but 11 layers will be deep..very. Might need to make one for it as standard box frames only tend to be 20-25mm deep.
      Iris cut coming along, I measured the lines I’ve cut so far yesterday, 0.5-1mm wide so its a bit white knuckle...about 75% done...

      Waiting for travel to Wales to start up again, need to see the sea. Cardigan has been very proactive, very low CV cases so obviously they are cautious about opening, I can’t help feeling sorry for the shops though, most are tourist shops, make their annual income just March to around end of September, all closed still for this year. No real end in sight for opening in Wales yet.

      Have a good’un all

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        Afternoon all,

        Sunny, and hot here, bit of a breeze.

        Caroline, glad to hear you had a good night's sleep and you have it sorted now for many more . Its amazing what a good night's sleep will do for one's mojo.

        Linda, you will win eventually in the garden if you keep going and doing bits and pieces, but today may well be too hot. Glad your shopping went well. More bread, you will be an expert by the end of lockdown Hope the handle making goes smoothly.

        Dave, glad you slept well too. 11 layers, nothing like a challenge, bet it will look fab. Wales might be closed, but from the news story today Weston Super Mare is open - fish & chips and ice cream on offer, people on the beach - all fine they say come for the day but there are no public loos open. I am sure this is going to cause chaos and unhealthy behavior.

        Mo and Pete, well done on the turkey rescue, Mr fox sounds like maybe a Mrs fox desperate to feed her babies. Glad the turkeys are ok, lockdown for their own good, just like us
        Hope you are both enjoying the wood carving and coming up with some wonderful ideas.

        Yesterday just flew by and before I knew it was bedtime.

        In the morning I got completely engrossed in photo editing, did all of them. Put the die storage unit together and let the glue set.

        Then spent the afternoon making potato salad, coleslaw and a green salad. We had this for supper with ham, Simon also had a scotch egg and some mini ones. More of the same today and tomorrow some ham and coleslaw rolls.

        In the evening made a start on sorting the die storage, decided what to do and had to wait till today to get some shelves cut to size by my friendly next door timber shop, he has a big table saw and can slice the inch or 2 off the edge of a shelf in seconds flat, neat as you like. No point struggling for half an hour to get a wobbly edge.
        Spent the rest of the evening listing on Folksy, started off with lots of words got less with each one but decided I could go and edit them once things are all listed. Still ran out of steam about a third of the way through, will do a few each evening till all done.
        So today shelves trimmed and plan going into action this afternoon. Want to get out in the garden later when the sun is past its zenith for a bit of a sit.

        My A5 box making set arrived this morning - bent, one side of the envelope had been folded to get it through the letterbox..arrrrrgh. I think it will still work, but have sent an advisory email to the company that they may need to rethink their packaging, there wasn't even a Do Not Bend sticker. Also if it does snap I have a paper trail for a replacement.

        Have a good day everyone and enjoy the weather.


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