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Tuesday 19th

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  • Tuesday 19th

    Morning all

    Going to be summer for a few days back to vests and over shirts from long sleeved t shirts. Think may have coffee under the wisteria this am.

    Have so many ideas, started a new notebook, lol with sketches and samples. Fabric ordered for various things and some new machine designs downloaded. Going to make us some monogrammed napkins with the open thread method inside the hem part. Takes a long time but do get quicker when I get started. If these work will think of adding to my shop but will have to charge a sensible price for these as all hand done.

    Today? more research and sorting project boxes ready for all the new stuff. Most of this will be for the Christmas Fair as mentioned want to keep separate from folksy atm. After the fair will add to F, photos need to be taken and descriptions etc but will leave in draft form on my shop. This means no one sees them but ready to publish once the fair is over. May sound odd but find going through all the tidy stock boxes and putting back unsold a pain, this way can enjoy working on new makes. Rose Gold is going to be the main colour scheme.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all..bright sun here.

    Out for a walk later, Amy is stopping by this morning for a long walk and a chat with her mum, (Hmm🤔) I’ll be a couple of metres back pushing the little fella in his buggy...the less I know the better 😆

    The Iris cut is coming along, a couple more days in it yet though. Then I’ve got an eleven layer spacer box cut to do.
    Got a map to deliver later but I advised 3 days early as a quarantine, its been bagged, untouched here for a week, gloves on delivery.

    Caroline, I thought about the C word this year but I've still got half the baubles left, they didn’t sell as I thought, a few that I cut and framed didn’t sell, I did better on general stuff. I’m probably not bothering this year.

    Have a good’un all
    Dave 😎


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      Morning all! The dull, damp cloudy weather is clearing and sun is coming out. Just had a short rain shower, breeze is getting up a bit and temperature is comfortable at the moment.

      Yesterday - managed only half an hour outside at it got too hot to be hoeing and brushing, spent most of the rest of the day cutting and tacking handles for the bags and watching recorded tv. The expected recipe book came It's more than just recipes (jams and preserves) and it has gone upstairs for a bit of bedtime perusal - haven't even looked carefully at the recipes yet. Rang friend in Scotland for a quick chat - 50 minutes later.......................... (only spoke last week and this is why I don't ring very often but prefer emails).

      Today - shopping day so need to contact couple I shop for to see if they need anything. Also need to do order for the farm shop. No order for butcher's this week, but they have said that the bakery is opening again although not fully staffed yet. I should be able to get pies and pasties again next week, not sure about the lasagne will have to check that with them. Bit more time on the weeds if not too hot, and more sewing probably.

      Caroline - a busy day for you yesterday, even if you weren't actually creating finished items. Good plan with the notebook when the ideas are coming so thick and fast.
      Dave - long walk day today? Flo must be as fit as a greyhound in top racing form! What state is the cutting room floor in at the moment?
      Shelley - Another major project with the retaking of photos etc, but very necessary if you're not happy with what you've got.
      Pete - good to see you on the daily thread - are you happy with the pieces you redid? Well done on rescuing Mr Turkey.
      Mo - busy day? How is the muscular pain? Hope things are improving.



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        I've still got half the baubles left, they didn’t sell as I thought, a few that I cut and framed didn’t sell, .... I’m probably not bothering this year.

        Just because they didn't sell last year doesn't mean they won't sell this year! The general public are a fickle lot



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          I agree with Linda Dave, the public are odd folk. Stuff I have had hanging about suddenly sells.

          Enjoy the walk Dave.

          Hope you get the shopping sorted.


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            Morning crafters.

            Sunshine and cloud but nice and warm.

            We were sitting in the garden yesterday afternoon and heard a kerfuffle above us and realised that Mr Fox was in the paddock with the fowl. Pete raced up there to see a turkey on it's back and the fox with the turkeys neck in its mouth. It wasn't going to let go until Pete was only 18inches from it. Poor turkey lay there twitching. Neighbour was out so phoned her son down the lane to see if he had a gun as it would be so hard to neck it should it come to that and couldn't let it suffer. Pete tried to pick it up, flippin' heavy, to put it in the green house away from the other Turkey and on righting it it tried to stand up. Couldn't see any marks or cuts on it, just lost a few feathers. It waddled about for a bit and seemed ok although its wattle was very pale and it's feather down. After a few minutes it was wandering around ok again so we shut them up in the pen as Mr Fox would be back so they are in lockdown now as well. Turkey seemed fine this morning, got his colour and voice back..

            The fox tried to take a female Turkey last year but she was much too heavy and just ended up dragging her about and killing her, so Cynth got another male thinking he would be too big for the fox to attack. A hungry fox with a family will have a go at anything.

            Didn't do much yesterday except put a bit of colour on the fish and have a quick go at piercing in the morning. Spent the afternoon sat in the garden reading.

            My muscle is getting a little easier, I can sleep through the night but still have to keep taking the paracetamol. More painful last thing which is natural. Mustn't be tempted to do too much stretching and bending and certainly no heavy lifting.

            Enjoy the planning Caroline, you are so organised.

            Hope you get all you need at the shops Linda and have time to get on with the sewing.

            Look forward to seeing the Iris Dave. Enjoy your time with the babe.

            I need to do some ironing this morning after that I haven't decided.

            Have a good day all.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Stuff I have had hanging about suddenly sells.
              Same here, and it's usually stuff you've decided not to make any more because it doesn't sell! rofl!



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                I’ve got a pack of baubles I haven’t filled yet and most of last years still boxed so I guess they will come in for this year.