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Sunday 17th

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  • Sunday 17th

    Morning all, a beautiful morning long walk with the mutt and no jacket required. Think that is a Phil Collins album, lol.

    My mojo has decided to take a holiday so I am giving myself this week or maybe longer for a staycation. Lee did mention about taking the car down the A3 for a charge up and back, only as far as Havant not sure if that will happen but odd to go out after all this time.

    Today reading, cooking, slothing, catching up on box sets and not much else.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Cloudy, breezy in the treetops, dry, supposed to be quite warm again.

    Yesterday, spent almost all day getting up close and personal with the sewing machine; finished off several reels of thread (inherited a huge amount from Mum when she did alterations for the shop), killed a couple of needles (they're quite old and probably worn anyway - must get some more). Result is an ever growing pile of bags awaiting handles, but still more main parts to sew together, which will try and get done today. Sampled the latest lot of bread I did with wholemeal flour and very pleased with the result; didn't get out into the garden - wind remained rather gusty and coolish.

    Today, load of laundry just finished, kitchen deep cleaned. Will get laundry out on the line, have breakfast then head back to the sewing machine.

    Caroline - I'm not surprised your mojo needs a rest after the recent activity; enjoy your restful day.
    Dave - you're very lucky to have such lovely places to go for a walk, and this is a great time of year to take advantage of that. Sounds like a challenging project to cut in A4 something that was originally four feet high!
    Mo - is there no end to your talents with wood? The surface carving is looking very good and if your hands can cope with the tools you'll soon be adding another facet to the wonderful work that comes from the Bodrighy workshop. And that goes for Pete too - carving and piercing added to the fabulous turning and painting There must be something the two of you can't do
    Shelley - I was lucky to find one bag of wholemeal flour in Tesco a couple of weeks ago, but our local butchers are selling (and delivering) basic groceries including SR and plain flour, obviously buying in bakery quantities and decanting into smaller bags. Did you get your shopping order sorted?



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      Good morning all.

      Weather warming up nicely.

      Very kind of you Linda but a long way to go yet if it's ever to become commercial. The fish needed a lot more sanding and fine detail made good. I should have been sensible and started with something simple like a 5 petal flower or something but that's not me LOL Giving it a rest today don't think the carving action and hunched position helped my pulled muscle as it was really painful yesterday evening. Wacked down loads of paracetamol and had a decent nights sleep though, so taking things easy today to see if I can at least start to heal it. Anything like that is always worse at the end of the day though.

      Most crafters try lots of different disciplines and if they are good at one thing they are usually good at most they try to a greater or lesser degree, look at the multi talented people on here. You end up majoring in a favourite one or two and the others come in useful from time to time.

      We don't seem to have many shortages here now, can even get flour in the local village shop. Pete is off to do the weekly shop, a day early but there are some basic things we need like Milk and bread.

      Enjoy your staycation Caroline.

      Hope you have a pleasant walk today Dave.

      Shelley, hoping the cards are progressing as you would like and that your Folksy Shop is coming on too.

      Have a good Sunday,


      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Evening all,

        Its was hazy sort of day, warm though.

        Caroline, have you tidied your mojo away? Have you had a look in one of the many boxes you have sorted? Mind you this week is the perfect week for a staycation as the weather is set to be glorious, time to spend in the garden and enjoy some you time, feet up with a good book or whatever takes your fancy. A long tall cool drink and some wonderful company.

        Linda, you can now add baker to your list of skills, you can now offer homemade bread and jam. Hope the sewing went well.

        Mo, I would definitely keep your little koi, the first is worth keeping and as you get better you may even finish him off. I think you are right about crafters being multi talented, sometimes it becuase a project you are doing needs the skills of another craft to finish it off. Most of my cross over skills are due to having to repair or modified something, I enjoy it and sometimes it makes me explore that craft more.

        Dave, how did the walk go? Had a busy day?

        Today had a lie in, got up to find the weather sort of odd, hazy sunshine, warm and a bit muggy.

        Spent the afternoon redoing some photos, having gone through the ones I had I decided they weren't up to scratch, so as I had the photo box out I redid almost half of them. Tomorrow I will edit them and then list them. It taking longer than I thought but then I didn't count on redoing the photos.
        I did finish the pink butterfly so photographed it and will list too.

        The food delivery arrived, all there this time, only substituted large tomato sauce for small and medium eggs for large ones so it all good..still no flour.

        Hope you all have a good night's sleep and all the aches and pains are healing.