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Friday 15th

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  • Friday 15th

    Morning all

    A bright but chilly Friday morning. Hope today goes better than yesterday. At breakfast picked up the egg boiler and spilt scalding water all over my right hand, spent most of the morning with my hand in cool water feeling mad and sorry for myself. Stung like mad in the shower but only red now and no blistering. Back to sorting today.

    Apart from a repeat of yesterday's plans not much more to report.

    We have had the OJ Dave got a free bottle last week and delicious. Robert lives in the village and has been the milko here for about 30 years, know him well form our walks as always saw him buzzing round delivering compost later in the day. They do so much now, okay a bit more expensive than a supermarket etc but it is the convenience. Have workd out if we need to miss a delivery of groceries for every other week, can get all I need off of him.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, slightly warmer, still a good breeze in the treetops, birds have been creating a racket since 4.30am.

    Yesterday, had a couple of hours sewing but back started to complain so stopped before it got bad, new family tree software arrived but not uploaded yet. Letter from HMRC saying they're not sending me paper returns any more and have got to do it online (the only time I tried to do this previously I spent a whole afternoon trying to find the right page to fill in - with encouraging "do your tax return online" all the way through, then when I finally found the page it said I couldn't do it online, and that was after waiting a fortnight for a code I needed - wasn't a happy bunny). Not sure if I've done registration thing properly as no reponse to my submission, but assume no news is good news, so now got to wait another 10 days for a code. Going to be a pain as where I have my "office" in the house, the internet signal doesn't reach so I'm going to be backwards and forwards getting information and double checking things.
    Sorted accommodation for one of the events cancelled this year and rearranged for 2021. Spent some more birthday money and ordered a bookbinding starter kit - might make me actually get on and do something rather than doing the occasional workshop and promising myself to do some at home then nothing happening.

    Today, making bread first thing, more sewing, more family tree, usual clearing and cleaning. If it's warm enough might do a bit in the garden as paving getting bad again.

    Caroline - Sorry to hear about your hand, that must have been very painful, and is no doubt still sensitive. Do be careful not to knock or scrape it. Lavender essential oil is very useful for burns and scalds.
    Dave - did you get your long walk yesterday? Bet Flo had a high old time Any news from Sue's shop when they may consider re-opening?
    Mo - hope you had a better day yesterday and the muscle situation is improving slowly. Did you get chance to try the new toy?
    Shelley - Thank you, George is improving and I have let the vet know. He still has some medication left, so will see how things are in another week or so. I haven't watched GBSB yet - maybe later on today Sounds like you had a busy time planned, so hope you got some of it done and also that the card sorting didn't show up too much damage.



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      Good morning all.

      Nice and bright and sunny today and a little warmer than yesterday.

      Going to have a play with the new micropower carving machine and see if I can tackle some surface carving.

      Had the all staff call yesterday and as expected they want to reopen at the beginning of June. Apparently they have all the PPE organised but are now not supplying temperature strips as they are too expensive and not required by law. There is to be a sanitizing station at the door but no restriction of the number of people that are in the shop at any one time, that has to be self regulated by customers. If I mark 6ft spaces for people to queue at the till the second person will block the gangway for other customers. Changing rooms can't open we we will have to keep donations fr 72 hours before sorting. No steaming as apparently the steam encourages the virus to travel !!!! Shouldn't be any virus if the donations are left for the prescribed time and no one is going to buy clothing in the state it comes in. We don't have enough storage space for the amount of donations that could accumulate over 3 days before we can handle them, especially at first when we are likely to get masses of rubbish as the tips are not open. Opening times could be 10 to 4 to the public so we can sort before and after for an hour. They really need to look at each shop individually to set the parameters it's not one size fits all.

      I have realised that I need to take paracetamol regularly throughout the day to keep my strain manageable. Taking some half an hour before I go to sleep gives me a reasonable night till 5 or 6am which is good. Depending how bad the injury is could be up to 6 weeks to recover fully. Going to be a slow opening up of the shop.

      I ordered a carving book this morning Linda. Book binding sounds interesting.

      Hope your hand recovers quickly Caroline, glad it didn't blister.

      Enjoy the good weather all supposed to be 24 deg again by next Wednesday, happy days.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Afternoon all,

        Sun is shining, warmer today and no wind.

        Caroline ooooohh ouch, thats not good. I am glad its not blistered or worse. The cold water was the best idea, possibly why its not so bad today.
        Around xmas last year I was filling a hot water bottle and the kettle spat over my thumb and index finger, hit it with the cold water immediately, helped a lot but spent the whole night with a cold pack but still being aware of it, finally worked out it was the air on that hurt, so got up and found a suitable covering, hurt a lot less.
        Hope its not interfering too much with the sorting.
        There is something about milkies OJ, wonder if its the glass bottle or just that is fresh.

        Caroline what do you set the duration of time for the listing, default is 3 days but it seemed to me it should be for the maximum 28 days, but not sure. If you list it for 5 days then do you have to relist it if it doesn't sell and if you do it for 28 days and then sell after 5 can you not just remove the listing? What do you suggest?

        Linda, glad George is doing well and its nice to have some meds left if he falters, especially at night or the weekend when its hard to get to the vets. If I remember correctly that should keep for a while.
        I have been paperless for years now, once you get it sorted it is quite easy. I do the return and the VAT online. The new one for me is British Gas now want me to put my gas meter reading in online, so I need to get a torch and work which numbers they want. The electric dials it in automatically. I think its probably the end of meter readers, I have a friend in Bath who is one, guessing he is out of work.
        Bookbinding sounds like an interesting new skill, enjoy.

        Mo, I hope they get it sorted, it sound like a logistical nightmare getting the shop ready to open. I have been trying to work out how we could open in the future, it would have to be a one in one out situation, just not enough room for more. We could do sales and repairs but I am not sure hires would be on the cards to start with, no one having parties or gigs yet any way.
        How has the micro power been? First masterpiece done
        If you are taking paracetamol regularly remember to try and have something in your tummy, even if its just a couple of biscuits and cup of something to help protect your stomach. Hope it helps ease the pain and you aren't suffering too much.

        Dave off walking? or map cutting? Thanks for the # tips. I am working on Folksy and then I will pay my IG some attention.
        Hope you walking better and sounding more manly today

        I spent last evening signing up for Folksy, reading lots about it too, they have lots of help. I managed to list one item yesterday evening but that was about 1am so decided I had to stop.
        Spent this morning correlating the cards I have with the pictures on file.
        Decided to jazz up the pictures a bit with a background just so they don't look like they are just floating in the air. Used a weathered painted wood background, takes away from the fact my photos might not be completely parallel. Its light coloured so a good contrast for most of them.
        So spent the afternoon with Serif, also making sure the pictures were less than 4mb, its not difficult thats big enough for almost all of my pictures and the only few I had to adjust were only down to 98%. I have done about half the pictures, discovered I have 52 cards I want to list, a few I am keeping back, some of my earlier attempts, not up to scratch really, I will use them for myself. Friends like them even if I don't think they are the best.
        After I edited 25 cards I stopped for a break and listed one more, then remembered that before I listed more I wanted to find out what to set the length of time to list the item for.
        Will do some more editing this evening and some listing tomorrow. Must do some more jigsaw puzzle, trouble is now there is a table (card table) with a heavy duty tablecloth on it, the puzzle is out of sight - out of mind and it has been a convenient dumping ground for tv remotes and the like.
        Once I have finished it I am going to build my little metal model of the Eiffel tower and the Chinese Temple of heaven from the forbidden city. I can do that on my desk.

        Still waiting for my die set to arrive, redliner tape arrived this morning, 6 rolls from 3mm to 12mm, its better value to buy the multipack than two rolls separately. Its really useful for making boxes.

        So some supper in a bit and then back to Serif. I also decided I have enough bits to put together a small butterfly card so I can list one, they seem to be good sellers so wanted at least one on the site till the others are ready. Will do that this evening too.

        If anyone ever asks me if I ever got bored on lockdown, I shall probably laugh in their face What with the good weather we have had and more on the way there is always the garden to sit in too, so no complaints.

        Have a good evening everyone.


        P.S. Didn't even bother to see who went out for a hand clap yesterday, there have been less and less rather than more so I gave up. Not even the ships horns were any good last time.
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          Are you talking about Folksy Shelley, as the listing for Folksy is 4 months. I think you are looking at the posting info ie how soon you post out to a customer. I stick to 3 days unless made to order then allow 21 days.


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            Ah yes, must remember to distinguish posting from listing. I am used to using the word posting to mean putting a comment on a thread/topic on the internet.
            3 days seem doable, I will leave it at that for now.

            Thank you, Caroline.