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Wednesday 13th

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  • Wednesday 13th

    Morning all, a dull but dry day here and still cold. did not notice when I was working yesterday but the temperature certainly dropped mid afternoon.

    Cleared some of the prop shelves, will finish those off today. Then there is the shelving unit the other side want to clear that as well. Certainly getting faster with this sorting as I am nearing the end. Have 3 large boxes in the sewing room which I need to go through and put in their new homes or dispose off if not wanted. Loving this clear feeling. Will start on the clothes and shoes next.

    Hope you are all achieving want you want to each day if not enjoying the rest. Sadly I think there is an element who are happy getting paid for doing nothing and at some point this could cause a problem. We do need to stay safe though.

    HAGD x

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    Good morning all.

    Bright and sunny but with a chilly stiff breeze again. Phone says 8 deg feels like 5deg, seems about right, brrrrr.

    Spent yesterday taking and editing photos. Rushed to get an early dinner for us as we had a Zoom meeting at 7pm only to find it is tonight not last night, ouuuups. Mustn't forget Sewing Bee at 9pm tonight either.

    Still got problems with my pulled side muscle, apparently it can take 3 to 6 weeks to heal, great !

    It's a very satisfying feeling having a clear out / up Caroline. This element is happy getting paid to not work but also happy to get back to work in the right conditions and get her full salary again. Sure we will open first week in June it will be interesting what is said in the staff call tomorrow. E-mail on Monday said nothing has changed at the moment.

    Weather supposed to be gradually getting warmer again, so are you going to get the bike out Dave ?

    How is the rat problem Shelley ?

    What is Linda up to today ?

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all! Bright and sunny when I got up, but has clouded over now and although still dry feels quite chilly in the north easterly which is rustling the trees.

      Yesterday - seemed to be on the go most of the day and got nothing to show for it. Made bread in the morning (didn't have enough milk so did ½ and ½ with water and very pleased with the result - written recipe amended for future use). Weekly shopping for us and G&G - OH decided to come with me to get beer, but he was more of a hindrance than a help! Butcher's delivery - just bacon and mince as their bakery has been closed down for the last couple of weeks so no pies or lasagne; farm shop delivery. Had an email (expected) cancelling my August bank holiday weekend event - that's my summer holiday gone. Have another weekend booked for mid-July but expecting that to be cancelled as well.

      Today - laundry (on the go now), general clean up, bits of tidying up to do but no specific plans. Had wondered about going to Immingham for the non-food but definitely required stuff from one of the "pound" shops, but with the potential return to work for some people I can see a lot thinking it gives them free rein to go out and about as they please and it could be much busier than I'd be happy with; will think about it during the day.

      Caroline - you will soon have the most organised and tidiest craft and stock room in the community Well done for sticking at it and getting it done.
      Mo - I have been enjoying looking at and admiring the photos. Take care to make sure your muscles are fully recovered before you use them fully again (have you got any arnica cream? That might help to speed up recovery if you have). Sadly no flour on the shelves here (local butchers have it though and will deliver), and can't get the cheap imported honey I like in my coffee, but otherwise I think we're doing well. Local Tesco seem to have a glut of toilet paper and kitchen roll - on special offer in the foyer LOL!
      Dave - must be time for another spring clean in the cutting room with the map work you've been doing - or have you cleared up as you've gone along? Got the vehicles clean?
      Shelley - hope all the expected deliveries arrived. Found the rat yet? How did you get on with the crochet? You are fortunate to have a range of crafting hobbies so any hold up on one doesn't stop your creative juices



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        Was not knocking you Mo. I am talking about comments from millennials on FB saying why should they work when they are being paid for doing nothing.


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          Afternoon all

          Still bright but cold here, wind has dropped but still nippy.

          Caroline, well done on the sorting, I can understand how nice it must be to be all clear and tidy. Are you going to be ruthless with clothes and shoes? You have reminded me that I had planned to do that, must put it on my list now the better weather is here.

          I have decided to take my cards and things out of the shop window for the moment as it occurred to me they will get affected by the sun with no chance of a sale. This made think about starting a Folksy shop, I thought the premium version was the best option for me. I wonder if you agreed and would you mind answering the odd question about it as you do seem to have got to grips with it. Now I have the time and I am not stressed about money I thought it would be a good idea. We have a post box actually opposite the shop on the other side of the road, so as long as it will go in a post box I don't even have to go to the post office. As I am going to start with promoting my cards, even in one of those hard cardboard envelopes they will fit in the box. I could even pop them in small boxes.

          I had a look briefly yesterday and didn't see anyone making cards like mine so feel although its a busy category, there is the chance to stand out.

          I am not expecting you to hold my hand but just wondered if you would be willing to advise if I get really stuck. There seems to be lots of help available, but a friendly face as it were, would be encouraging.

          Mo, hope the Zoom meeting goes well and all your worries and needs get sorted. Yup Sewing Bee tonight too, and the repair shop too.
          I don't know if those that are just taking the money and enjoying not working are doing anything else as creative and beautiful as you and Pete. You deserve what you are getting and if you do have to go back to work I am sure you will get back into the swing of it, but just think how many months less till R day
          Hope the pulled muscles heal quicker than that, be sensible and take gentle exercise.

          Linda, its nice when you have to adjust a recipe and actually turns out better. Its happened a few times to me. Sorry to hear about your cancelled events, but as you say not unexpected. I don't think you will the only one without a holiday. We never go away so no different for us and I feel as if I have been on one long holiday since the weather has been wonderful and will be again at the weekend.
          Thats about the only shopping I am missing, browsing the £ and charity shops. Oh well, soon, I am hoping they will be full of goodies from everyone clearing out their homes.
          No flour here either for the last 2 months, what little I have, maybe a kilo, I am saving it just in case.... I don't know what if for but it seems prudent to save it. I have a nearly new box of corn flour so sauces etc no problem for awhile.

          Dave, busy with the maps? or out on the bike? take care, those bike legs need breaking in or you will notice it tomorrow

          Today not much needed to be done apart from running round the bathrooms ( I say bathrooms, really one big bathroom and another separate loo) and give them a quick clean. I have decided to take all my things out of the window to save them getting sun bleached so need to find a good size really useful box to put it all in and some tissue paper for the boxes and things, card are in cello bags so just need to make sure they don't get bent and dog eared.

          Going to look in to opening a Folksy shop, would be nice to sell things and make room for more

          I have started some more crochet but decided I can also make some flowers for the cards that are on hold as they are easy but time consuming.

          Take care all and have a good day.


          P.S. Rat problem still unresolved in as much as it could or could not still be in the house. taking precautions with food in the kitchen, will give it a week or so then conclude its gone one way or another. At least if we get a pong I know where and why
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            Afternoon all....

            Bike cleaned, oiled ready to go.
            Just been to the post office again, no one in for once, posted a map off to my sister, the one I posted yesterday has gone to Pete who had the outlet, he nabbed it as soon as I posted it for Terry, his OH who has been in hospital so its a coming home gift. I printed a “Home is where the heart is” small card to tuck in the frame.

            Walked the dog, park was quiet for once, only a short one as the clouds looked threatening, biggie tomorrow.
            Need to clear out the craft room again, bits of paper and mount board circles everywhere...

            Just had a bulk delivery of dog food. The good thing about being in a smallish village is you get the same couriers. Mohammad that delivers from DPD, Chris from Hermes, Mick the postie etc, they know us, we chat if there’s time, if we are out they know where to leave it or we neighbours take each others in etc, all helps things to run smoother.

            Don’t believe the hype people, stay safe, think of number one.

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              Its my bike “bum” I’m more worried about Shelley, these saddles aren’t the most comfy when you only sit on them now and again 😂😂



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                Thats true, forgot about those knife saddles, hope it wasn't too bad.