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Tuesday 12th

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  • Tuesday 12th

    Morning all

    Dry but still cold, that northerly wind has a real bite to it. Completed the stock take yesterday should do the cards but know those are up to date as checked recently. Today cleaning the floors, Lee is going down on his hands and knees for the kitchen and utility room, I will do the rest with the mop. He needs to use the stripper first to remove residue, then apply the Amtico maintenance wash. Will be some time, lol. When done Shiloh should stop doing his impression of a dog on ice, ie. sugar plum fairy.

    Also plan to empty the six drawers in the workroom of craft supplies, get Lee to take upstairs along with one other box. This should then mean can move the envelopes into the drawers etc. Got to empty all the bins today as Dusties come tomorrow plus the recycling bins.

    Counted 62 buds on my James Galway climbing rose, only planted last year and amazed how well it has grown, must be the right spot.

    After all the above will collapse in a heap.

    How is the new software coming along Linda?

    Dave how are the maps?

    Mo are you worried about the reopening, please make sure they do the right thing for you and the other ladies. Your health is far more important.

    Shelley you should start a MeiMei blog about her exploits with the rats and other tales or pen a book. Linda a lady in the US has a golden called Tucker and she has made a lot of money. Sadly she has an illness but it has given her the chance with her dog. Just put Tucker into You Tube.

    Stay safe and stay home x

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    Morning all! Bright, dry, still cool but as the wind isn't so strong it feels very slightly warmer than yesterday.

    Yesterday, got the floors done, spent most of the afternoon on the Christmas decorations (well, just one - they seem to take far longer to complete than they should, but I'm getting there), put order into farm shop and to butcher's, bits and bobs otherwise.

    Today, shopping for us and the quarantined couple; think I might make some more bread, farm shop delivery this pm, then back to the dipping into craft stuff as and when. Do have to sort out some different storage for the bags I made for the stall purchases as I noticed the plastic box I've been using has broken at one of the weak but essential structural points and the damage will soon extend and make it completely useless.

    Caroline - sounds like you achieved a lot yesterday, and more today. Hope Shiloh appreciates the floor cleaning. Still waiting for the software CD to arrive - a few more days yet. Can use the old version to see the info, but the filters I use most have stopped working, and more of them seem to be dying everytime I load up (this version is obsolete and not even with the original developers any more so there's no support)
    Mo - fingers crossed that Thursday's phone conference doesn't spring any nasty surprises and they've thought things through carefully. Saw the pictures of the bowls and looking forward to more pics (must go and look at the web site to get proper views of everything)
    Dave - bike clean and sparkling now? Still exploring the new walks around the Rotunda?
    Shelley - Fun and games with the cat and the rat! Ours haven't (so far) brought in rats, but we've had all sorts of small furry rodents and the occasional bird. We have discovered over the years that mice quite like cat biscuits and chocolate - don't ask! - so good bait for catching, but we don't use commercial traps of any sort.



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      Good morning all.

      Lovely and sunny but the temperature is still down a good deal. Bit of a breeze but nothing serious. Saved the wisteria tree it's now tied to the fence.

      Managed a couple more painted pieces, working in the conservatory in the weather yesterday was perfect. The sun gave enough heat to be really comfortable without being too hot and the wind made no difference. Sat in there later to finish yet another book, I will be catching up with Pete soon who's a voracious reader.

      Not sure what to do today. Pete has a bowl he wants to try some piercing on so need to think of a workable design for this and draw it on first. A friend sent me some small carving tools which Pete has sharpened so I have quite a collection now along with the bits for the dremel.

      I checked on line yesterday and ST seems to be indicating they will go with government recommendations about reopening and they have already said about getting the PPE sorted. I have my usual list of questions for them when we get to that, so looks like first week of Juneto go in and start getting sorted and open by mid month ?

      Well done on the stock take Caroline. Look forward to seeing a photo of the rose when it's out.

      Hope you get all you need at the shops Linda. There seems to be very little shortages now, even flour on the shelves.

      Have you been out on the newly spruced up bike yet Dave ?

      Shelley hope the cat and rat battle got sorted.

      Have a good day all and stay safe.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all...

        Bright here, clouds every now and again.
        Went to the post office yesterday, posted a parcel off, only a few in the queue, one in, one out.

        Didn’t do the bike, got waylaid waiting for a dog food delivery, had to bulk buy as its not easy to get “off the shelf” anywhere doing it this afternoon instead.

        Maps are coming along ok, going to cut a floating one today as a tester, see how it goes.The last two won’t be posted on my page until one has arrived safely ( posted yesterday) and the other has been gifted 2nd June. The latter, I cut some buildings in to add a bit more detail.

        Nothing else on, the cars are covered in a sandy dust from somewhere, might give them a wash.

        Have a goodun’ all
        Dave 😎


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          Afternoon all,

          Dry, bright but the wind is still cold, but not so strong, warming up nicely though towards the weekend.

          Caroline, kitchen floor done? no longer have a dancing doggo ? Did the drawer emptying go to plan?
          You must be pleased with the roses, thats good for the first year, you must be doing something right. Did you get the bins done? Our collections are all over the place, I had to download the new timetable to keep up with it, so now they have done it as Outlook calendar so I have set up alarms to remind me the day before.
          The Meimei journals would not be very interesting most of the time, she likes her bed and snoozes a lot on our bed with Flo. She enjoys sitting in the sun in the garden and her hunting skills have always been the best of the litter. Its not a mean feat to catch a young rat at 16 years old. But she has become a bit of a softy these days and is a fairweather hunter.
          Still not sure the whereabouts of the rat this morning, not best pleased about that but we will see what happens, just making sure not to leave any food out in the kitchen. Even put the fruit in the fridge last night.

          Linda, keeping busy, well done on doing the quarantine couples shopping, that is just so helpful. I get deliveries but Lily (our friend and repair engineer) has been sweet and always asks when she goes if there is anything I need and it has been useful a few times for things they didn't deliver or we run out of. You sound like you are enjoying the bit of crafting you have been doing, you will be all set for xmas at this rate

          Mo, working in the conservatory must have been just right as you turned out some beautiful pieces. The idea of a pierced piece struck me as good way to combine Pete's skill on the lathe and some 3D work for you, a nice arabesque swirl or a geometric pattern would work well.
          What genre of writing do you like? Simon is also an avid reader, he reads sci fi, he has kept every book he has read it comprises "the library" which is in the little hall. I have been working my way through the collection but as there must over 5000 books I don't expect to read them all. Most of my books are in my craft room.
          They have just announced an extension to the furlough system till the end of July and till the end of October part time. So no need to rush?

          Dave, bike clean and shiney ready for the road? Going to put a few miles on the clock and shed a few calories? Looking forward to seeing the maps eventually.

          Today the start of the deliveries, the bird food arrived so now stocked up and should be able to cope with the varying stock levels at Sainsburys. The other things should start arriving at the end of the week and on it next week, in addition to the few bits I ordered the other day, I have also ordered a new die storage unit, another 20 shelves, I use both sides so 40 more sides. I need to do this as the ones i have are bulging literally at the seams, one of them the sides are bowing so the shelves are not staying in their slots properly. Its becuase I have added extra layers to each shelf so more weight.

          I have had to put the cards on hold until the new die set arrives becuase although I have some large A5 nesting rectangles they are not the right sizes and make a frame that is too heavy looking becuase its too wide. So will pick up some crochet till it arrives, supposed to be by next Tuesday but could be earlier as on 2-5 day delivery.

          Time for some supper now I think, and then some feet up crochet with some telly later.

          Have a good evening all.