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Sunday 10th

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  • Sunday 10th

    Morning all, cooler today but after yesterday when got a tad hot not bothered. Dreadful night tossed and turned until 12.30 then fell asleep only to be woken at 1am with dreadful cramp from my left knee to inner thigh then round into my hip. Not had this for a while yet and can only think got hot yesterday with the stock take running up and downstairs, lifting etc and did not drink enough.

    Completed 1 box but missing a necklace got to be here somewhere, will check the stock room first then gradually emptying the other boxes. Found some items not on Folksy already a pretty Swarovski pearl bracelet with diamante spacers.

    Leaving the dog walk today will run him round the garden, leg sore and not sure I could cope with being hauled round Lindford.

    Hope you got your groceries Shelley.

    Guilt free day Mo? why not.

    Linda what did you end up doing?

    Dave more cutting and map sorting?

    BoJo tonight let's hope he reopens slowly, think he will. Did read that all shops have to have perspex screens, accept only cards and have a one way system in and out, how does that work for you Mo? You may have to have the SD queuing and let 2 in at a time. Hoping the powers that be are good to you and not stupid.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Not pleasant outside - very windy, cool, cloudy. Has been very wet overnight, but not raining at the moment.

    Yesterday - managed an hour in the garden, can't really see where I've been but a couple of bits thrown out and lots of sweeping up done. Tired after disrupted night before, so spent a couple of hours lazing in the bath, reading, a bit of knitting and some family tree and that was another day done.

    Today - had an even worse night than Friday, so already feeling very tired. OH has fed cats, but didn't give George his medicine so have to try and persuade him to consume that without Bert bullying his way into his food bowl and getting it. First thing in the morning is about the only time they both eat at the same time and I can keep an eye open that they stay with their own dishes. Had planned to give kitchen and utility floors a good scrub but think that might have to wait. Suspect I'll spend most of the day watching recorded TV and snoozing before another early night.

    Caroline - hope your leg eases off as you get mobile today, but good plan to let Shiloh exercise in the garden. I think the necklace will turn up in one of the other boxes when you get to them.
    Dave - think you offered too many choices on the map colours; perhaps if you'd offered an "either/or" they might have made a decision and you could get on with the map. Hopefully the change in weather will cut down the number of people out and about today.
    Shelley - George does seem to be a bit brighter, so fingers crossed it's the meds working, plus he lays out in the sunshine with his leg and pelvis in the warm and the rest of him in the shade, which will be helping with the arthritis. Know what you mean about being critical of others' offerings as "craft", and I often wonder how they can be satisfied and offer for sale things which look thrown together.
    Mo - like the sound of your day yesterday - a little bit of work and the rest enjoying the day and doing research



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      Morning all...Dull one here so far, mild, dry.

      Yesterday was a fiasco, the park was quite busy even early on, car parks pretty full. The local group page reported groups, a barbecue going on in the park?....nope, no police as usual.
      Let’s see what Boris comes up with later tonight, more than likely something else as wet and late as everything else so far 🤷🏻‍♂️.

      Map is well underway, colours picked, pretty much what I suggested. I put a street cut from one of the others over the colours and it all made sense, they always look a mishmash until a structured pattern is put over, then the colour mix is less significant as the focus is the road pattern, plus its pearl paper which changes shade with light anyway.

      Walk the dog in a bit, she’s presently in her “like a statue staring at a molehill” mode and won’t budge until she’s called..
      Hope all of the aches and pains ease up, George is on the mend, mo, grab it while you can, Shelley I agree, you see craft.....and you see “Craft”...I’ve seen all sorts at some craft fairs🙄

      Have a good’un all


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        Afternoon all,

        What a difference a day makes, grey, windy and colder here.

        Caroline so sorry to hear you are suffering, the hot weather does take its toll, need to get back into summer mode to be prepared, just like I need to find my sun hat - still I am sure the necklace will turn up, probably turn up when you are looking for something else
        I am sure the dog will be happy with a run round the garden, not the best weather for a walk today.
        Groceries arrived with 6 minutes to spare of the allotted time. Young chap explained he lost the keys to the van and had change vans, which meant unloading and reloading into another van, in the second to last crate he found the keys to the van so they had to move it all back becuase that van was really supposed to be ready for the morning shift. He definitely got his exercise for the day.

        Linda, glad to hear George is improving. I might have mentioned it before but the best way to get meds in with their food and with more than one cat about is to give everyone else their normal breakfast but the one with the meds only gets as much food as needed to hide the meds in, hopefully this means the small amount gets scoffed while the others are still eating and once the meds are down give them the rest of their breakfast. This means that you can be sure the correct cat gets the meds. Is it metacam? This does seem to be a popular choice for a painkiller.
        Enjoy your day relaxing, seems like there is no point stressing about doing stuff these days. It will get done, eventually

        Dave, glad a choice was made, maybe less choice is the way to go, and as you do more you will have a stock of pictures showing the finished effect of various colourways. Good job someone is keeping an eye on the molehills, some has to you know. Hope the walk went well, another new and undiscovered route or a familiar walk?

        Mo, keeping busy today? Found something to do? I see there are more photos of wonderful bowls. Well done you two

        Today more work on the cards today, all cut out just need to arrange and fix it all down. Then need to choose the next set of colours and more cutting.
        A bit of supper later and more card making.
        Not much else planned, still dealing with the last of the laundry.

        I really hope Boris doesn't announce any let up on the lockdown, any relaxing of the rules is going to lead to chaos, give them an inch....
        I think we should be in lockdown till the end of May then relax slowly, but thats probably not going to happen.
        I am 8 weeks into my 12 weeks of shielding so whatever they decide won't affect me much. Even after the 12 weeks I won't be doing much going out at all.
        I am not opening the shop till the pubs, clubs and restaurants open as this is where most of our work comes from, if they aren't open we have almost no business. I don't want the contact with the general public for almost no reason.

        Take care all and have a good day.


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          Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest so I rested from the workshop. Just spent the day pratting about photgraphing the things I have made this last week and putting them into the shop. Didn't frealise I had so much to do when I started and not ure that there aren't things that I have missed in the stock room. If you are interested it is all now on my website, some on Facebook.
          "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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            Originally posted by bodrighy View Post
            Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest so I rested from the workshop. Just spent the day pratting about photgraphing the things I have made this last week and putting them into the shop. Didn't frealise I had so much to do when I started and not ure that there aren't things that I have missed in the stock room. If you are interested it is all now on my website, some on Facebook.
            Oh Pete, think we are all like that live, breathe and eat craft