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Saturday 9th

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  • Saturday 9th

    Morning All.

    Could not believe last night looked out the window at 9pm, fire pit in middle of road and about 20 adults and children all congregated on Sarah's driveway. No social distancing unless you were an ant. I find it incredible that adults can behave this way. The poor Ocado driver turned up at 6 to deliver groceries, he had to unload and run the gauntlet of people, then as he could not get down the road to turn round (narrow road) he had to reverse all the way up. I expect we have been labelled with snooty but if anyone says anything I will say we are obeying the rules and being sensible. Sorry you had an ijiot as well Shelley.

    We have been accepted by Milk & More now, could not get a slot a few weeks ago but now all sorted. I know pay a bit more but handy if run out of something between Waitrose coming. Lovely yoghurt with blueberries, ordered some more. The little glass bottles must have a way to use them for something, maybe a free standing lace design and a battery tea light. Could sell for the same price as the yoghurt then not cost me anything, lol.

    Today? starting my stock take, Lee has agreed I can put the boxes along the landing that way when I empty one can out sort into the correct box.

    HAGD & BBL x Stay safe and stay home xx

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny, warm, dry but starting to get a little more breezy already.

    Yesterday - one of those "not sure where the time went" days and little achieved. Did get half an hour in the garden clearing a bit of paving, went to supermarket at tea time, and apart from one woman thinking she was totally exempt from all the social distancing rules got round quickly. As brother lives very near supermarket made a slight detour to drop off bag with birthday cards and presents for him and his girlfriend; put bag on step then shouted and waved to them (they were sunbathing at the far end of the garden). Did notice quite a few groups of people out in gardens etc on my way round but all seemed to be maintaining social distancing from non-household members. Apparently there were a couple of carefully controlled street parties in our village, but nothing on our road that I know of. Spent a fair amount of time during the day rescuing bees that kept getting stuck in the house, and chasing out flies who were stupid enough to keep banging their head agains the windows!

    Today, had a bad night - too many disturbances by cats between 1.00am and 7.00am so not had a lot of sleep. No major plans, but might try and do a bit more in the garden before the not so pleasant weather hits tomorrow. Have dug out some small quantities of yarn and am knitting teddies for the OCC charity, but going to run out of yarn fairly soon.

    Caroline - What a load of idiots! One word of possibility of minor relaxation of rules and they throw all caution to the wind. Do they believe someone just turned off a switch! Good luck with the stock taking.
    Dave - glad you've got a new area to explore on your walks, and still finding jobs to keep you busy
    Mo - So sorry to hear you had a slip; hope your pulled muscles have recovered a little overnight, but do take it steady. Hope the cake turned out well.
    Shelley - did you have another day in the garden enjoying the sunshine and fresh air? Can't believe the amount of care and precision you take with your crafting! Everything has to be exactly right, no wonder the end results are so gorgeous! Hope the deliveries arrived on time.



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      Morning all.

      Beautiful day again need to make the most of it as the weather is turning tomorrow.

      Fitful nights sleep, think I had one stretch of a couple of hours. Taking it easy today, not that I did much yesterday, but no stretching and bending too much, I just sneezed and that hurt somewhat. Need to find something useful to do. There are some items to brand which can then be put away.

      The new cutters came for the dremel yesterday. Had a go with the small one, going to take some practice, chews the wood up and need to hold the item and the machine very firmly to keep it under control. Could only do it for about 20mins before I lost the feeling in my hand. Could be useful though once we master them.

      Pete has been churning out the goodies, going to have no room left to put stock before long LOL

      Government are mad even hinting of relaxing anything until they have made a proper decision, it will be interesting to see what they say tomorrow. People always push the boundaries whatever the rules are and many think the rules don't apply to them, selfish and ignorant. Too much rule breaking and we will get a second wave and lockdown will be more severe. They will be the ones blaming everyone else except themselves. We are very lucky to live where we do in relative isolation. We practice social distancing with our neighbour and friend but we really don't encounter anyone else unless we go shopping. Met one lady on our walk the other day and the field was more than big enough to accommodate us both LOL

      Have a good day all, enjoy the weather.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all....bright sun here.

        Lots of bunting up at various houses along the road. Heard the neighbours both sides in their gardens with their kids but no visitors that I could see which is good.
        The park down the road had its usual groups of picnickers yesterday, be worse today as there is no enforcement.
        I’m expecting this weekend to be a busy one as most people ignore the advice and come anyway, our road is already as busy as anything and the car parks are free....instead of closed!
        Had someone I know that asking about a map which I can do. I’ve offered around 10 colours which I have left so vast colour combo’s, they don’t like any and I’m not buying something else in that they might not like either and I might not use. It’s a minimum of 10 sheets per colour purchase so its up to them at the minute.

        Right, apart from that, nothing else on.
        Have a goodun all

        Dave 😎


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          Afternoon all,

          Sunny here, temperature rising, laundry out.

          Caroline, hope they don't continue with their unruly behaviour.
          I really hope BoJo comes down hard tomorrow, whatever he says needs to be clear and not give out mixed messages.
          The Milk and More sounds useful, luckily we have the mini mart across the road for those in between delivery needs, milk for one. I don't like most of the brands of things they sell, quite a lot are foreign and I can't read the ingredients, which is important with nut allergies.
          Hope the stock take goes well and you get it all into the correct boxes.

          Linda, you do seem to have accomplished some things on your "don't know where the day went" day. Maybe a plea on FB for wool? Someone might be having a clear out
          How is George? Meds working? this fine weather is also good for old age aches and pains.
          Yes, I do like to make sure they are as well made as possible as I am charging for them and its pride in my work too. I do find myself being very critical of people's offering on FB and other places, I just don't understand how they think that is good enough to put up for sale or even just to share. One of my pet peeves is curling edges where they aren't stuck down properly, oh and not being square drives me crackers.

          Mo, hope you are on the mend, last nights sleep probably not help by being in a bit of pain? Hope you find something gentle to occupy the day. No walk today? Sit in the garden and enjoy the weather

          Dave, customers eh, don't have a clue, why haven't you got exactly the colour I want even though I don't know what colour that is I hope they choose something, maybe you shouldn't have given them a choice. I find that often works. I bought the colour swatch books from PMD so now I can let them go through the books to choose, but they are mostly for my use.
          Closing the car parks is such an easy way to keep the visitors numbers down, its mad.

          Today doing the last of the laundry, stripped the bed the other day so washing bedding. Most of the time wash at 65c (white cotton sheets) noticed they were going a bit grey so have done them all on 95c and its like having new sheets and pillowcases, need to remember to do it every so often.

          Spent some time in the garden but its a bit much at the moment, still need to find my sun hat, keep forgetting to look on top of the wardrobe. Will probably go back late afternoon.
          Working on flowers now, working in glorious colours, this one is reds, and green foliage. They will all be tones of one colour and green per card. There are six, one each in the colours of the rainbow.

          Enjoy the weather everyone and take care.



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            Well today I branded half a dozens items then spent the whole day sat in the garden reading and catching up on FB and Pinterest to see if any inspiration is forthcoming. Absolutely loved it and not feeling a bit guilty.................. well not much. Cooking a quick omelette for dinner.

            Have a good evening all.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Glad you had a guilt free afternoon in the garden Mo and absolutely why not

              Omelette go down well? We had scrambled eggs and beans on toast

              Waiting for our food delivery between 9 and 10pm so anytime now on, they have been a bit early twice now, making flowers.