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Wednesday 6th

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  • Wednesday 6th

    Morning all,

    Caught up on yesterday's exploits all being productive and I am being lazy. Still waiting for the cotton sheeting to line my apron and stuck until arrives. Fell asleep on the sofa yesterday watching the GBSB shows how captivating it was. Had to keep rewinding. Thought the towel challenge was a bit naff, the ones that took the thinner wraps did better.

    Lee got all the gravel down on the paths and looks good, he is in and out of the garden atm titivating. The borders are weed free, box hedges trimmed and tidy, roses and clematis tied in. Think he will drive me mad when he has done the borders with the compost as would have run out. Squires online here I come. They were good ordered by email Sunday, rang Monday am to take the payment, arrived Monday pm.

    Loads of deliveries John Lewis is coming Thursday, sheeting should be today and loads of other odds and ends. Still waiting for my flour to be dispatched but know they are busy. Oh heard from Milk & More they now have delivery slots. Signed up and get my first delivery Friday including a complimentary bottle of fresh squeezed OJ. Lee said he can have crepe suzette with Cointreau for breakfast!!!!!

    Thank you for the video share Shelley ours is just like that, they are a magnet to food real or imaginary.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, dry, bit of a breeze, feeling less cool although "feels like" temperatures remaining in single figures all day.

    Yesterday - did not go to plan. Have been noticing recently that George has the occasional faltering of his back legs but was looking worse so rang vets for advice as this was one of main symptoms last year when he had low potassium and needed treatment. Fortunately, phone consultation was with the senior vet who did his surgery some years and knows him well and she decided she needed to see him in the afternoon. So shopping only done at supermarket; queue moving quite well and didn't take too long - managed to get everything for us and everything but one "desirable" for G&G. Home within the hour. Pottered around until time to take George - obviously things took longer once there than usual because of the system in place to maintain human distancing. Came home with a grumpy George (shaved neck and hypodermic needle hole into vein), some medication and Broadline; that's this weeks pension money gone!. Bloods taken, but results show electrolytes OK, however kneecap on bad leg is luxating and other signs indicate arthritic problems in same leg so he's suffering some pain. He's taken the medicine on his food this morning with no problem (phew!) so hope leg will be less painful soon. Butcher's delivery arrived as I was heading to vets so have flour and yeast - meat produce in short supply this week! Didn't get to the bags and not a lot of family tree time either.

    Today - I am making bread, will try and get bags finished, farm shop delivery some time. Depending on time of delivery might try and get to Immingham. Will wait and see what else crops up to spoil my "plans", but if weather is warm enough this pm the weeds are flourishing in the paving outside the house so need to attack those before they take over again.

    Caroline - sounds like a busy day yesterday and things going well generally for you. Please can I borrow Lee to do our garden - we have more plants others would consider weeds than anything else; how is he with seriously overgrown hawthorn hedges?
    Dave - The Rotunda walk sounds lovely - apart from the steps! - but if you do that regularly, surely your fitness will improve and weight loss result - how does Flo cope with that many steps?
    Mo - yes, some Ancestry data is free this week, but it's a bit pot luck from my end whether what I want and what they have coincide - most of the info I'm looking for now is from before official records started or within the last 100 years so many restrictions on personal information availability. Bunny is looking good, but I do have to say it looks more like a bunny than a hare at the moment. Whatever the end result I have no doubt it will be high quality work and very desirable.
    Shelley - yes, quite correct about the cat being on the wrong side of the door (just Bert, George was happily outside). They have always had a cat flap (small dog size so no excuse they can't squeeze through), but if the staff are around it is their job to open the door when needed, no matter what else is going on. Different story altogether when the staff are asleep upstairs. Worse than kids!



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      He is very good with trimming and shaping as hates anything out of place.


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        Morning all..bright sun here, feels a bit nippy but its early, was the same yesterday, soon warmed up.

        Nothing much to report. We’ll be going out later as usual to walk the dog. Through the park to the football fields, never anyone there, just an old chap chipping golf balls usually.

        No outstanding projects, might float a map this time, add another dimension, might add another road colour in, might cut the roads white instead of black but over a darker ground colour, might try a whole county with only main white, decisions, decisions 😆😆...might do none.
        Did a quick round up of offcuts and had a tidy, need to ease up, I’ve nearly 60 cuts up there now, 50 framed, almost tripping over them all.

        Yes Linda, the Rotunda is a lovely spot to get up to, Flo flies up about ten steps then waits for us, she’s seven years old so in her prime. I can get up quite easily, I’m fit, just not active, Sue struggles as she’s had two hip operations and the steps are steep in places but slowly she did it. We found a path to it from the other side of the gorge which is a more gradual rise and we’d go down the steps away from it instead of up to it.

        Apart from that, nothing else on today
        Have a goodun’ all



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          Good morning all.

          Lovely bright and sunny day here. Have to pop into town for some essentials and will take a look at the shop to make sure all is well, no leaks, breakins or rubbish left outside.

          Definitely a bunny Linda, much too fat to be a hare. I would have to completely recarve the sides and legs to make him thinner and couldn't go through that again LOL He has been released from the block so now have to carve his rear end, sand and add fur, then round his new ebony eyes off. Can't decide whether to stain the wood to make it more rabbit like or just leave it and polish. May have to do a final light sand as it gets grubby really quickly with all the handling.

          Had a message that the lady who bought the Fish Pond Vase was delighted, phew. Try to be as descriptive as possible but always worry that when they actually see something it's not what they were expecting.

          Poor George hope the meds work quickly for him.

          Great postal service Caroline especially considering how busy they all are with so many people buying on line.

          Enjoy the lovely weather all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Afternoon all,

            Sunny and warming up here.

            Caroline, we can't all be productive all of the time, when your sheeting arrives I am sure you will be back to the grindstone The video made me smile, a lot, I thought it would bring a smile to you too. They say there is something about Labs especially Goldens that make them just want to eat everything all the time.
            There was an agility competition on telly for young people and their dogs, one event was to run up a "pathway" lined with plates of sausages, biscuits , and other yummy treats. All the other dogs did it without looking sideways, the Golden managed to eat almost everything and bought the house down roaring with laughter as the poor lad tried to get the dog to leave the food alone.

            Linda, sorry to hear about poor old George, at least you were able to see someone.
            I just had a text from our vet yesterday saying that are now able to give appointments over the phone and if necessary to be seen by a vet. So thats a relief, they were completely shut for about month with a phone message directing only serious illness or accident to an emergency vet miles away. Luckily the girls have been fine.
            I wonder if the flour situation is improving, I need to check, I have just done this weeks orders, must go and add flour if possible. I want to bake a cake or 2.

            Dave you need to slow down, you won't be able to move for masterpieces. maybe time to think about online selling? The alternative route to the Rotunda sounds perfect for all.

            Mo, hope your trip into town went well, shop still intact?
            I think staining him would be nice, but its not up to me or at least a clear lacquer to stop him getting grubby.
            I am sure the lady was perfectly happy with her fish pond, it is beautiful. but its always nice when they go out of their way to tell you.

            Yesterday had an odd ending, without going into detail, Simon must have eaten something that disagreed with him and gave him no warning that it was returning. This was about 11pm, so I sent him off to bed and cleaned up. He seems ok today but is having a day in bed I think. We don't always eat the same thing becuase he eats things with nuts which I won't touch so its possible he had something iffy. He has a delicate tummy, always has, what some can eat with no problem, upsets him.

            So it was early to bed and up this morning to do a load of washing, at least we have the weather.
            I did the shopping, online of course. Also another bird food order from the RSPB. Apparently already dispatched.
            Need to go and pay a few bills, and the VAT.
            Still working on the butterflies and flowers, come up with a plan, just need to try it.

            Take care all and have a good evening.