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Tuesday 5th

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  • Tuesday 5th

    Morning all, dry but chilly temps should start to rise from Thursday and 23 on Friday, having a heatwave!

    Completed the 2 toddler aprons yesterday. Have some photography to do today the pin cushions and the aprons. Will take my time and check the images look okay before moving on.

    Watched The Real Marigold Hotel, every time Blowers spoke could hear my Dad, spooky. He used the same phrases. He was a group captain in WWII and flew in the Battle of Britain and then volunteered for Burma.

    Not much else to report will watch the GBSB today and see if they make a mess of this one.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and dry but a rather chilly easterly breeze; temperature staying in single figures today.

    Yesterday - slight change of plans after I spent much of the morning wasting time on the laptop, sweet chilli sauce didn't happen as when I checked stuff in the freezer found I'd got lots of redcurrant pulp and pear pulp but very little apple juice and no crab apple juice. Found a recipe for spiced redcurrant sauce, so with a bit of adjustment made that up. As my version contains vinegar it needs to mature for a couple of months before tasting though. After that, and some back rest I went to finish the bags but had constant interruptions from the cats (room where I do the sewing is a long way from the kitchen and back door), so I gave up and did tea. Bit of knitting in the evening and that was the day gone.

    Today is shopping day - need to check with the quarantined couple if they need anything. As I have no idea how long the shopping will take, and I also could do with going to a couple of shops in Immingham which is a few miles from our village, but in the opposite direction to the supermarket I need to go to, I expect that will take most of the day one way or another. May try and finish the last dozen or so bags otherwise family tree work to see if the current free Ancestry access finds me any missing links or dates.

    Caroline - well done on completing the aprons - looking forward to seeing the pictures
    Dave - your various file types and things sound like a foreign language to me, and like others had never heard of a raster file so thanks for the explanation.
    Mo - loving the sound of the Japanese floral fabric - please post pictures when the screen is done. Did you get chance to try the carving tools you discovered during tidy up?
    I was delighted last year when a fellow crafter (beautiful hand stitched patchwork and quilting) gave me a large bag of fabric offcuts - I've got a few gift bags for the stall produce cut ready to sew, and the offcuts from those are what I am using for the Christmas decorations I'm making.
    Shelley - chilli sauce - morphed into spiced redcurrant sauce How did you get on with the flowers and butterflies?



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      Morning All.

      Windy and chilly here today.

      Sometimes photographing the stuff takes longer than making it Caroline. I always take far more photos than I need in the hope I get a couple of decent ones when I edit them.

      I found another lot of fabric for the screen which I think I like better. More generally oriental, heavier and more colourful than the original piece. Not something I am going to do soon or I'm in danger of having lots of different stuff half done. Need to finish the bunny, got the underside, sanding and texturing to do yet, going to take ages. Also have lots of pyro and ink stuff that's either penciled or pyrographed and needs painting.

      Hope you get all you need when shopping done Linda. Heard on the radio this morning that access to 'Ancestry' is free this week ?

      Hope you managed to sort your files Dave and get the clarity you need.

      How are the butterflies and flowers coming on Shelley ?

      Have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all....
        Was cold this morning, now bright sun.
        Yesterday we went for a long walk again. This time, again, only to within a mile or two away. We went up a track from our normal route toward the top of the gorge to a small area called “ The Rotunda” this is a seating area right at the highest point. From there you can see right over the tree canopies, to reach it you have to climb 150 steps but the view is spectacular! Only going up there now is the result of 25 years of being out 9,10,11 hours a day at work or looking after 6 kids when we were not, thoroughly enjoyable plus we found a whole network of tracks that ordinarily we just pass and don’t acknowledge....”Take time to smell the flowers!”

        Still nice yesterday afternoon so we mowed both lawns, weeded etc.

        As reported late yesterday, sorted out the graphics file, didn’t help that for ages I was looking for buttons on the wrong program 🙄 sussed it in the end, enlarged a 4mm cul de sac to fill a whole A4 page, still sharp and smooth 👍🏻

        Nothing much doing today, few designs to think about, need a mount board off cut clear out.

        Have a goodun’ all


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          need a mount board off cut clear out.
          If you've got no other prior options I'd suggest advertising the offcuts as a freebie on a local fb group or to a local primary school/childrens club - it's amazing what things can be used for.

          I had a large delivery of jars last year and they were all individually packed and separated by pieces of recycled cardboard (cereal packets etc). I offered the larger bits and the polystyrene to a local crafter in glass for packaging and his wife (sewing and cake decorating) grabbed the smaller pieces of card - as small as 2" x 2" for making fairy houses/doll houses/boxes etc.



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            Good idea Linda. The long thin pieces will go in the kindling box, anything A5 toA4 can go to the school at the bottom of the road for drawing, models etc..

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              Evening all,

              Its been sort of sunny and mild here, looking good for the next few days.

              Caroline, toddler aprons sound sweet and pin cushions are always useful.
              My Dad looked and sounded like Sean Connery, people would remark on it and with a twinkle in his eye and wry smile he would always say " Aye, but you know I am taller than him" that was true of most people, Dad was 6ft 5in tall so he was usually taller A fond memory.

              Linda , hope the shopping trip didn't take all day and you had some time to take advantage of free access. I take you had constant hussle from the cats becuase they were always on the wrong side of the door We put flaps on the outside back door and the other 2 internal doors so that they can get out with our help.

              Mo, your photographs are very professional, mine are adequate, I must practise editing them, thing is there isn't much you can do becuase it needs to be well lit and square on. I try being artistic but then you can't see the details or it just looks funny. What I am going to try and do is include my logo and some business details. Bunny is looking good if a bit eyeless

              Dave, The Rotunda walk sound excellent, especially right on your doorstep in these times, maybe it was meant to be a wonderful surprise for you in your "time of need" when you have the time to appreciate it.
              Glad you sorted the scaling, lots of fab work to come

              A late one for me today, just seemed to get engrossed in what I was doing, which was trying to get to grips with flower arranging, I know what I wanted but can I get the blooming things to stay where I put them, can I heck. So I have now made out of foam a semi circle arc to hold them. Just waiting overnight for the glue to definitely dry then I will have another go.
              I also had to rearrange under my desk to let me have somewhere to put my legs up, getting slightly swollen ankles again, 20 minutes up and it mostly goes away. They are fine in the morning, so not worried.
              I shall be sitting in the garden with my legs up on the lounger for next 3 days I suspect. I might buy myself a lounger that let you put your legs up without having to put the back down, which is what I have now, I did have the other sort and prefer it.

              Take care everyone and have a good evening.