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Saturday 2nd

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  • Saturday 2nd

    Morning all! Dull with a bit of breeze, but dry and slightly warmer. May get a light shower later on.

    Yesterday, spent much of the time playing online puzzle games, picked the wrong time to go to the supermarket, bit annoyed that a number of people seem to think the social distancing requirements have already been relaxed (including someone who I assume was a key worker pushing to the front of the queue outside without so much as an "excuse me" passing far too close to us patient people). Did finish the crochet pet blanket, but rest of the day was wasted.

    Today, probably going to be similar to yesterday, without the supermarket visit. Have some seedlings in a pot which need to be re-potted so hope there's a period dry and warm enough when I can go and hunt through the outhouse for pots and compost.

    Caroline - beaten you to it this morning. Perhaps you're out being taken for a drag round the village by a big white fluffy thing on four legs?
    Mo - think the carving is actually going quite well considering you don't have appropriate tools and the hand problems. Stick with it and I'm sure it won't be long before you'll make something you can be happy with.
    Shelley - still making progress with everything, including the jigsaw. Looking forward to seeing the completed butterflies
    Dave - still so impressed with the map cut, future editions will be fantastic!


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    Morning all....

    Glorious sun here so far, looks set for sunny spells all week.
    Bit concerned they are slacking off on the lockdown rules etc, apparently the census of opinion says we have peaked 🤷🏻‍♂️, lets hope it doesn’t surge again. We’ll be sticking to the rules until we are completely out of the woods.
    Nothing major to do today, jobs are all done.
    Hope everyones projects are going to plan, I’m in design “thinking cap” mode atm so its pen and paper time for me this afternoon I think...

    Have a goodun all
    Dave. 😎


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      Morning all.

      Sunshine and clouds today may get an odd shower too.

      Really must go for a walk sometime today not getting any exercise. Need to put out the window boxes but at least the pots won't need watering.

      A kind friend on facebook who gave up carving for turning, is sending me some small chisels to try. Wouldn't take any money for them as they need a bit of work before they can be used again but insisted on paying postage at least. How lovely of her. I can use the Dremel and have a fair choice of bits for it but the vibration is high and numbs my hand after a while and I have to stop. I am enjoying the experience but probably won't do 3D stuff again, but good learning curve.

      Don't know how they can say we have peaked when the death figures are up and down daily. We will undoubtably get a surge when they relax the lock down as people always go further than they should. When will they get it into their heads there isn't a cure, there isn't a vaccine and won't be for some time. Maybe they are just so selfish that they think all the weakest have been taken out in the first wave and if there is a second surge and they get it they are strong enough to ride the storm and s** everyone else.

      On a positive note I am settling down to this more relaxed way of life and don't feel quite so guilty if I end up doing very little on the work front. I bake more and do a bit more housework maybe but it's not stuff I have to do. I have been reading a lot more and that's good too. Count down to retirement when hopefully I will have all of this and the freedom to travel at will as well.

      Sure you will find something to amuse yourself Linda.

      Have a good day all and stay safe.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Afternoon all,

        Sun is shining and mild but there is a gentle breeze.

        Linda, I know what you mean, I went to the shop across the road and bought a few things, as I was putting them in my bag a youngish women seeing I had paid and was technically finished, tried barging into the space between me and the counter where my purchases were.
        To get them I would have had to be less than a foot from her face. I stepped back, stretched out my arm, put my hand (wearing latex gloves) sort of in front of her face and said "Move". She stopped babbling at the shop assistant, look at me as if I was nuts but did move back. I picked up my things and left.

        Outside was crazy busy, group of loud young yobos, people running, walking, driving. It looked almost no different to normal. I decided I am not going to stress about it, I am safe in here, they can do what they like out there. The only trouble is if they don't behave either it will go on longer or harder or both.
        Sometimes a morning spent doing puzzles is just fine, I often while away a few hours with Sudoku, codeword, crossword, scrabble or solitaire or others, you did finish the pet blanket.

        Dave, hope the thinking cap is working and you have come up with a plan for the maps.

        Mo, the carving is looking good, maybe if 3D is too much, next time maybe try 3/4 relief on a panel. You can think of this time off as rehearsal for retirement.
        There does seem to be a general consensus that we don't need to be mega productive during lockdown just enough to keep ourselves sane and not descend in total chaos due to lack of housework. Getting up, getting dressed and feeding yourself is a good start.

        I think we are all lucky becuase we are all ready for staying in, we have materials, tools, the inclination and the ability to make, innovate, and create things. Not only keeps us entertained but stock building for when things get back to the new normal.

        Caroline, all ok? did you post and it got lost in the ether or just busy or have our posts crossed?

        This morning I got up to the sun shining and thought about sitting in the garden but its not quite warm enough for just sitting. So I am making more flowers, finished the butterflies. Simon cleaned the copper wire I am going to use to support the butterflies with, so its coming together.

        Food delivery yesterday only had one missing item - kitchen roll - I may have to see if they have any across the road, have some for the moment. So the fridge and cupboards are full. I do miss actually going shopping but its not too bad doing it online, don't mind not going out at the moment.

        So on with the flowers, pictures soon.

        Take care all and have a good day.

        Stay home - Stay safe.


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