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Wednesday 29th

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  • Wednesday 29th

    Morning all, sun is shining but not for long as due rain later. Lee is itching to get into the garden and turn the beds plus prep an area for grass seed. I am not convinced as under trees and mainly grows as moss. The moss got killed with the weed and feed. Will let him give it a go but have said if this does not work he can dig a bed and will plant up when we can get out.

    Looks like you and I will be the last let out Shelley, heard a report last night could be Feb 2021! Which means no craft fair in November. Oh well never mind if Marcia (Crafty friend) goes she may be able to take some of my stock for me.

    Do not know what I am doing today, went to make some more biccies but no unsalted butter or Stork. Fingers crossed I get some delivered tomorrow.

    The pump bag I posted off on the 15th has still not arrived, may make another and if she gets 2 she has one spare. Would not charge for the 2nd one (Lee's 2nd cousin).

    Oh well hard boiled eggs for breakfast, then dust downstairs, afterwards?.......... to be continued.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, cool and damp here today. Heavy rain expected this afternoon. Not inspiring weather

    Yesterday, not much achieved - by the time I'd done the shopping trip out, combined with other chores most of the day was done! Didn't go out until after the 1 minute silence and OH was vertical and just about with it! Dropped egg and fruit boxes off at farm shop for re-use; Tesco - no flour or caster sugar; Lidl, got sugar, but not happy in the shop as people milling around all over the place and lots not taking any care about distancing, OH went and filled car with fuel at same time; Co-op in next village no flour and declined the bedding for cutting up for NHS scrubs etc after I'd queued as only one person on till, and she assumed I was collecting not donating; wouldn't mind but last week they were screaming out for donations. Finally went to the Co-op in our village, said I was shopping for someone who was quarantined and they let me have a bag of flour from the stash in the back they keep for such situations; guess where I'll go first next time! Also managed to pass on the slow cooker to someone, so apart from a bit of crochet and family tree that was it.

    Today, back a bit worse this morning and struggling to get the muscles to ease - may have to resort to anti-inflammatory. Have brought in the tomato seedlings as doubt they'd cope with this afternoon's rain and they can't stay in the outhouse all day without some light. Not sure what else, but plenty of hand crafting and other work I can do from the chair as long as I get up and move around from time to time.

    Caroline - Blimey! Feb 2021 seems a long time to be cooped up - I know you're lucky to have a garden etc, but if anyone is in that position without any outside space or contact with other people they'll go crazy! Very annoying about the pump bag - have to say post to and from here seems to be flowing as normal and very efficiently.
    Dave - glad you managed a few thousand steps yesterday, and now you've got some new cutting projects to keep you busy for a while - look forward to seeing the pictures of those
    Mo - did you get to try any carving, or did the pattern sorting win? Must be very hard work trying to keep to a strict eating regime when you are at home all day, but I'm sure you'll get it sorted and the weight reduction will be noticeable very soon.
    Shelley - cardigan is waiting to be washed, so "out of sight, out of mind!" I gave up baking years ago - the birds were getting 95% of it, but yes, I did eventually find some flour for my quarantined couple. Looking forward to seeing your pictures when the butterflies etc are done.

    HAGO & BBL


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      Good morning all.

      Dull and wet and a bit chilly again and a strong breeze seems to have got up now as well.. A day of on and off showers but the farmers need it so no complaints here.

      I did made a start on the carving, determined to give it a bash but going to be a long process and might not work out in the end but at least I will have given it a go. Might have been better if I started with something simpler in 2D rather than a 3D animal, typical. Waiting for some new burrs for the Dremel which may make things easier as I'm hand carving at the moment having never used a carving chisel before. Pete made me a few scaled down tools as well.

      This morning has been getting the Craft in Focus on line event to replace RHS Wisley which should have been on this week up and running by promoting and linking what ever we can to it on social media. They are very good promoters themselves so will see if it brings in any sales. Always difficult selling what we do on line. People like to feel wood and see it from every angle before they buy. Despite putting dimensions on things it's also difficult to visualise the item in your home without it in front of you. Even if it just promotes us and future events it's worth while.

      I sold the latest Fish Pond offering which is going off in the post today, Royal Mail not chancing any of the couriers especially at the moment when they are extra busy with on line orders and less careful ( if that's possible ) Pete is going food shopping so can do that at the same time.

      That's the trouble with backs, hurt if you stand, hurt if you sit, hurt if you lie down too long, same with my hips. Hope it eases off soon. Sometimes better to take some meds to be a bit more comfortable.

      Yikes, locked in till February Caroline. Can't see many people, unless they are very vulnerable, sticking to that over Christmas ! We have two weeks home then they are taking a view on opening up again with PPE provided. Think they are bonkers and should at least leave it till the end of May.

      Hope you can all keep yourselves occupied.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        We have two weeks home then they are taking a view on opening up again with PPE provided.

        What!!!!!! Where are these people coming from? The country is still in full lockdown and absolutely no idea when any relaxation of restrictions might be possible. I suppose they'll be sat in their isolated offices away from any danger of contact with the great British public! Selfish, inconsiderate, ignorant, uncaring, stupid nincompoops.



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          You said it perfectly Linda. Germany tried it now lockdowned again. Far too early.


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            I’d say “I’ve risk assessed it and I’m not coming in”...surely a charity shop is non essential 🤷🏻‍♂️



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              Originally posted by 3dDave View Post
              I’d say “I’ve risk assessed it and I’m not coming in”...surely a charity shop is non essential 🤷🏻‍♂️

              Neither are a lot of businesses that are open like furniture making companies, builders still doing extensions, installers etc. The Charity's argument would be that the shops are funding the charitable works in schools, children's homes, young offenders institutions, care homes and prisons. It only accounts for 20% actually, the rest is through winning government contracts, but they are struggling anyway. If we were told they were reopening and refused to go back, unless we had a proven medical reason such as high risk, we wouldn't get paid. If you had a medical reason you get sick pay for a while then only government statuary sick pay.

              Nothing is decided yet, so just have to wait and see.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Afternoon all,

                Rain, rain and overcast here. A bit cold too.

                Caroline, shame the pump bag has gone off on a journey, maybe its being auctioned off I don't think there is going to be much gardening time for the next few days, Lee will just have find something else to do
                Next February?? Well much as I don't mind not going out, that's a bit much, I would really like to do my own food shopping, its all very well getting deliveries but I much prefer choosing my own food, and wondering around the shop can prompt me to get this I need but hadn't put on the mental list - like dishwasher salt

                Linda, no flour here either, will try again on the next order which I shall start in a minute. Hope the back eases up and you have a peaceful afternoon with some hand work and maybe a lapcat? Must admit the birds don't get a look in here when it comes to cake, but we are terrible with bread and very fussy about it being fresh and will abandon the last few slices in a bag as they get too stale, then the birds get them.

                Mo, hope the online event goes well. Working in 3d is challenging, I remember when I was about 10 - 12 i was sent to afterschool art classes as I was always creating and my parents like to encourage me, we got given a large briese block to carve, it was good becuase it was soft enough to be easy but like stone. I created an abstract piece with a hole through ala Henry Moore. Went on to do other 3d projects at these classes, great fun, one was two ballerinas out of wire, and an old man on a bench out of posh plasticine.
                Well done again on the quick sale, but i am not surprised, it is beautiful.

                I am not sure its a good idea if they reopen, not only and most importantly your safety and everyone else, but it will encourage people to go out, they will see you are open and it will make it all feel more like normal when really its not - yet. I hope they see sense and wait, its not costing them to pay you so it shouldn't be losing them too much money staying closed.

                I would say places like factories don't tend to come into much contact with the general public and they can arrange their own safety regimes. Builders and similar should not be doing anything but essential work, fixing leaks in roofs, heating systems and making sure properties are secure.

                I agree with Dave, I am not coming in.

                Today not much on, doing the food order is about the only important thing. Working on the butterflies for the rest of the day. Beef sandwiches for supper mmmm.

                All my pictures have been deleted for me, so I can post some more, I will make sure they are not too big and not use my data up, should be good for about 400 pictures which is ok with me. They are just to share things with you guys

                Take care all and have a good evening.

                Stay home - stay safe.



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                  I understand Mo, all I’d say is that if the PPE is inadequate for the protection you believe you should be using, don’t take any chances because a) Its a contravention by your employer under the Health and Safety at Work Act fornot supplying the correct equipment and b) its also possibly RIDDOR reportable. (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences) near misses in the workplace in other words, again governed by the HSE. Just make sure Mo looks after number one please xx