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Tuesday 28th

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  • Tuesday 28th

    Morning All, almost the end of the month and we have had a pay rise doing a happy dance.

    Today clean upstairs, Lee hoovered yesterday, me dusting and glass and Lee is doing the glass wardrobe doors. Have a lot of dog snot at the bases, our dog is a sneezer!

    Still not started the blouse may leave until Thursday when nothing else to do. Yesterday Lee mowed the lawns and I put the after cut down. With the rain greener already. Have to keep an eye on my new climber rose planted last year, as growing so fast and has 20+ buds on already. The palest of pinks and the smell delicious. A David Austin rose, love his roses.

    Think may plan my project after the blouse that way can check I have everything.

    Had an email from a friend up the road yesterday she forgot to tell me about Rowans a charity shop in Waterlooville who only stock craft items, so guess where all my boxes are going? will take them after the lockdown. Will need a trolley as in a pedestrian area. May get Lee to go in as do not want to end up buying more supplies.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, cool, damp and light easterly breeze - had spring and no sign of summer yet

    Yesterday - another "umm! what did I do?" day! Did get rid of another half a dozen small bankers boxes of craft stuff to the school - hopefully that's the bulk of the card and paper stuff gone. Finished sewing up the cardigan - not happy with it as not really long enough despite me adding extra length. Am seriously toying with the idea of picking up stitches from the cast on edge and knitting length downwards. Still pinning and tacking the fabric bags to make them into box bottomed rather than tote bags, must make a start on machining them. Bit more to the crochet blanket and dipping into the family tree and that was about it.

    Today - shopping day - lady round the corner has asked for flour, but had to warn her Tesco haven't had any for over a month and I'm not sure I can get any locally. Normally I'd drive around trying different shops, but not sure that's "essential" travel these days as it would mean going to several different towns and villages and some rural places until I found it. Will have to go and get fuel for the car though and as the filling station is on the same site as Lidl might try there if it's not too busy. First thing (nearly) I did this morning was accidentally drop the ceramic tooth mug in the washbasin, so yet another serious chip in the edge and it has to go in the bin. Hope that's the three things as electric can opener gave up the ghost last week and kettle broke at the weekend

    Caroline - I had notification of a pension pay rise, but in the same letter they told me they were taking tax off the payments this year (presumably because I now get state pension) which means I'm actually going to be down by just under £10 a month, so a reduction overall.
    Dave - did you get started on the exercise routine? Don't go mad at it and do yourself some damage
    Mo - how did the paperwork sorting go? Hopefully you've managed to clear enough for the drawers to close easily now
    Shelley - looking forward to seeing pictures of the butterflies - using the rainbow colours of card are a great idea . Bummer about the dishwasher!

    HAGO & BBL


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      Enjoy the flour hunt, have been searching. Squires Kitchen the cake baking shop in Farnham have some but £8.55 for 4kgs normally pay 90p per 1.5kgs.

      Not on state pension yet this was my BT one.


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        Not on state pension yet this was my BT one.
        It was my occupational pension too Caroline, but with nearly 5% of that pension being taken in tax it was a bit of a surprise. I qualified for state pension late last year and once I've had a full year of that it will put me just over the limit for the tax free personal allowance. I'm pretty sure it will all even out when I do the relevant tax return and I either won't owe the tax man very much or there might even be a small refund depending on what happens. Not going to worry about it as I have enough savings to keep me in bread and milk!



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          Good morning all.

          We have rain, lots of it and the garden is breathing a sigh of relief. Temperature well down too just 8 deg. The heating came on this morning and I'm back to wearing a jumper and trousers. Mustn't complain we have had a fabulous run of sunshine and we now look out on tress in full leaf, blossom and flowers. We have a wisteria that's growing all along below our windows and the smell is divine in the house with the windows open.The flowers on our white wisteria tree haven't quite opened up yet.

          Linda the Lidl's here seem to have flour most days now. I did bake again yesterday but instead of one large cake I made them into muffins so there is some portion control. 12 individual cakes instead of 6 enormous slices to one cake LOL Needed to use up the bananas again !! Next one will be a seed cake as Pete really liked that last time I made it but need more butter when we shop this week. Hope that's the last of the breakages for you.

          Made a start on the paperwork but really need a shredder as so much of it has personal information on. Have to get a cheap one from Wilco as we have in the shop.

          Can't decide what to do today. Feeling inspired by the book that Pete bought me, Beginners guide to Carving Netsuke. Think we have a couple of tiny chisels Pete used to make dolls house furniture with and only need small scraps of wood. I could get the patchwork out, not seen the light of day for more than a year, try some metal work I have on my to do list, sort my patterns out all 12 boxes of them, probably 150 or more or continue with a clear out, just about anywhere could do with it to be honest. First though I think I must wash the kitchen floor and flick a duster around.

          Not even thinking about what this global situation is doing to my pension investments right now, it will only depress me as I am due my private pension at the end of January and was hoping to retire then using a little of the lump sum option to tie me over till the following year when I get my state one too. Nothing I can do about it just have to trust the brokers to do their best.

          How is the new routine going Dave. Have a good restrained food day yesterday and hoping to keep it up now to lose these extra pounds. So much easier to put on than get off.

          Looking forward to seeing all these lovely things you are making Shelley.

          Have a good day all.


          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Morning all...

            Wet and dreary here, dog walk will have to wait.
            Sue has two company pensions and state. She had a rise on one and they’ve taken more tax on another, can’t win. I’ve got another 11 years before I get state pension.

            Exercise was ok, did 2,000 steps on the dog walk, another 3000 on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the exercise bike, how people knock up 10,000 a day not working, god knows. I’m certainly not walking on the spot to rattle more up!

            Had a designer send me four to cut so at least I’ve got new templates to have a go at, all swirly fonty quotes.

            We have a flour mill around 15 miles away, a small independent that is producing for locals to make bread etc...we don’t use much as we rarely bake but useful for those that do.

            The David Austin nursery is about ten miles away from me in Albrighton, my daughter knows one of his sons, she used to work in her aunts restaurant near the nursery.

            Things to do, posts tidied up ...again 🙄

            Have a goodun all
            Dave. 😎


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              Happy Dance. Just sold our latest pyro and ink Koi Pond piece. It's my current favourite so may do a bigger one. No two are ever the same though.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Wet and grey all day here.

                Caroline, I understand your battle with the tide line on the mirrors, the cats manage to leave a grubby line at head height on all the doors inside as they push them open A charity shop in Waterlooville that only does craft goodies? Might have to pay a visit after the craziness, not far from us.

                Linda, did you decide about the knitting? Good luck with the flour hunt, apparently we have all gone baking mad during the lockdown, it may scupper my cake attempts this week if I can't get any.
                I put my electric can opener in the cupboard and over the years it has moved to the back and I haven't used it for 10 years or more, I never get cans that need it anymore. I did have to buy a new toaster last month just before the lockdown, it just stopped but I was happy becuase it was only a 2 slice and I bought a nice square 4 slice. Now we can have 2 slices each at the same time

                Mo been busy, had productive day?

                Dave usual busy, busy?

                Wonder if our posts have crossed?
                Yes our post did cross.

                Dave don't over do it at first, build it up slowly, I can make 2000 steps on a good day. Lovely swirly swirly cuts to do.

                Mo oh well done, mind you I am not surprised it sold, it was beautiful. You sound like you have a few things to keep you busy, maybe use the Dremal tool for the carving or is that cheating

                Today up at the usual time to be down for 10am waiting for the post, needed to be there for a parcel. Usual morning things, then the early part of the afternoon spent an hour or so washing everything out of the dishwasher, had to use a steel wool scrubby to remove the residue. Put it all back in the now cleaned and serviced dishwasher, load done and all perfect and sparkly

                Spent the later part of the afternoon making a start on my rainbow butterflies and flowers, lots of changing of my plans but have now settled on one. It will take a while, 6 butterflies and 6 big origami flowers. Made the purple one yesterday with my new triple layer die, looks lovely.

                Just waiting for a loaf of bread to be delivered by Lily our repair engineer/university student who has been fab about running errands to Sainsburys for me. They didn't have any in my delivery Friday.
                I need to book another slot this evening and start the shop to get it by the weekend.

                We got a rise too, state pension, PIP and pension credit always go up in April by the rate of inflation.

                Take care everyone. Stay home - Stay safe.


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                  Originally posted by MornieG Jewellery View Post
                  Happy Dance. Just sold our latest pyro and ink Koi Pond piece. It's my current favourite so may do a bigger one. No two are ever the same though.

                  Brilliant news



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                    Well done Mo & Pete x