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Sunday 26th

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  • Sunday 26th

    Morning all, another beautiful day.

    The cake was delicious even though I say so myself, sat in the garden room with the casement doors wide, coffee slice of cake and a good book. Bliss.

    Hope you are all well, I had a dreadful night, nightmare after nightmare. Dreamt Lee was being carted off to hospital this could be because of the 2 ambulances that appeared in our road yesterday. They were at No. 6 for about 2 hours then went off with lights on but no sirens.

    No. 9 came round last night they are having a social distancing party in our own front gardens for VE day on the May BH. Starts at 2pm with a toast at 3pm. Not sure we will be out there all the time but certainly at 3pm. got to make some bunting for the porch now.

    Found out Christines size can now cut out her blouse and start stitching. Did not have enough of the sage and roses but found some Rose & Hubble ivory with pink roses, very vintage and pretty. Also had some flower shaped buttons.

    Cleaning the bathrooms today as they take longer which will leave Upstairs tomorrow and downstairs Tuesday. I know how to live, rofl.

    Stay safe and HAGD, BBL

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    Morning all! Cloudy and cool this morning, might get a glimpse of sunshine later, followed by light rain.

    Yesterday - collected slow cooker (it's in immaculate condition) and left a couple of jars of preserves as a thank you. Drove home the long way round the village so the car engine at least got warmed up! More sewing up on the cardigan - done the fiddly bits round the neck, just one sleeve seam to do and both sleeves to set in; finished the knitted pet blanket and sewed squares together, did a bit more on the crochet version (had to wait until the knitted version done as I needed the same yarn and it's on a cone), bit of FT and general pottering around.

    Today - late up as I had a very disturbed night - thankfully no nightmares. Got our slow cooker out of the store room ready to put on the fb page, try and finish the cardigan sewing up, see how much yarn left and find a pattern to use it. Had thought I might try another half hour in the garden as weeds are getting hold between the paving slabs again, but will need to warm up a bit before I go out; crochet, sewing, pottering around.

    Caroline - don't go mad with the cleaning, you need to look after your back. Hope the blouse making goes without a hitch - used to love R&H fabric when I was dressmaking, but couldn't afford it very often.
    Mo - I have a few tomato plants which have grown from seeds from commercially bought salad tomatoes - I'm not a grower so keeping fingers crossed they survive to become decent plants. Bummer about the shop lease Maybe they'll just let the lease run its course but not bother to open the shop again (gotta hope!).
    Dave - the new walk with Flo sounds idyllic! I'm sure you'll be using it regularly. Will mandalas be your new subject of the moment for cuts? Would small ones which could be strung together and used as mobiles would be atrractive to customers - especially if in metallic or rainbow card?
    Shelley - I don't think, apart from school uniform, I had any commercially made outer clothes until I was well into adulthood (Mum used to make our clothes until I was old enough to make my own). Even when we were first married I made all my clothes and a lot of his shirts and even jeans. I used the first slow cooker we had quite a lot, but eventually the bowl cracked, the current one is just far too big for us and nowhere to have it out on the worktop. New one is much smaller and with a bit of rearrangement I can find room on the worktop for it.



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      Good morning all.

      Washing on, first Tai Chi lesson done and now doing some photos for the website.

      We have a Zoom meet up with some friends later this afternoon, it's their 50th wedding anniversary.

      Beautiful day again. The garden is looking lovely except I seem to have killed a small Acer with kindness by over watering it. Hoping it's just going to lose it's leaves as Pete repotted it in fresh, just damp compost but doesn't look hopeful.

      Have to pop in to town later to check the bank balance and see what ST haven't paid us this month and top up to make sure there is enough for the standing orders. Will do a quick check on the shop while I'm in there to make sure there are no leaks or rubbish piled outside.

      Sounds like you had a bargain there Linda. We have a larger one but always use it for more than one meal and do things liked pulled pork in it, wouldn't be without be though especially in the winter. Some people cook cakes and bread in them but not tried that.

      Looking out the window into the orchard it looks as if it's snowing as the blossoms have gone over and the gentle breeze is making it fall. I used to think that summer was my favourite time of year but I think it's spring now. Maybe because I have had the time to appreciate it more this year being home.

      You seem to make a wide variety of fabulous cakes Caroline. I'm trying not to make so many, not good for the waistline and I'm hopeless at self control when it's there in front of me. Not good about the nightmares though. Hope you have a more settled night tonight.

      Better get on, catch up later.

      Have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Another sunny day here in the south.

        Caroline, glad you had such a wonderful time with the cake and book after your dreadful night. Do you know why the ambulances were in your road?Maybe it was not knowing that upset you, or if you did maybe that did it too. I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare or even a bad dream, sometimes they are completely crazy and unsettling but never really terrible. Simon has them now and again 9 times out of 10 he wakes up in fear that all his teeth have fallen out, we can't work out what this means, but it upsets him for most of the rest of the day.
        Interesting idea for VE day.

        Linda, you are making good progress on the cardy and the pet blanket. Hope the weeding, crochet and pottering around went well. Enjoy your new slow cooker, I have never got into using one.

        Mo, is this the first time you have done Tai Chi? Are you doing the short form or the long form, sometimes known as the yin or yang form. I have done both, first the short then the long. I really enjoy it and would love to do it again but no where big enough in the house to do it, I suppose now the weather is better I could do it in the garden, what a fab idea, think I will start tomorrow with a gentle warm up with some qi gong exercises. I have a couple of DVDs, I should copy them on to my tablet and then I could watch it as I go. Once you have learnt the moves and you don't have to concentrate on them it is like slow, moving meditation, wonderful for mind and body. Thanks for reminding me

        We have just finished with the first of the blossom snow flurries from the cherry trees, next will be the apple and pear flurries. Cherries are setting and it looks like being a good crop, although hard to say for certain yet.

        Dave busy? More mandalas?

        I think it might have been the fact I was brought up in Canada, homemade clothes were not appreciated the way they would be now, shop bought was all the rage. I have never been happy with anything I have made for me. I will crochet myself things, and embellish things with embroidery and repair and alter clothing. I will make curtains, cushion covers, bags and 2 tie dye doggy coats for my friend in Spain and other things like that, but not clothes although I am making the waistcoat so thats something.

        Today was all about the roast I bought a nice piece of beef in the last delivery and spent the day doing a roast dinner, with roast potatoes, parsnips and some broccoli (asked for brussels, got broccoli), carrots, cabbage and baked onions, with lovely rich gravy. We both stuffed ourselves, first proper dinner in awhile with all the uncertainties. We decided to treat ourselves to celebrate everything getting sorted.
        It also means dinner is sorted for the next few days, beef sandwiches and beef in gravy with bubble and squeak. Means I can get on with making a card or 2 during the week.

        Finished section 4 of the crochet rug, got the other sections out to put it with and checked the other bits and I think I have joined one set in mirror order, will need to unpick and redo, aaarrrgh. So put to one side for the moment, keen to make some cards now.

        Take care all, Stay home, stay safe.

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          Mo, Shelley, I did Qi gung for around 6 years, like Tai chi but your feet don’t move, usually sets of 18 postures done in sequence. I’ve not done it for about 5 years, I couldn’t get the hang of remembering the moves in Tai chi but this I got on with this.



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            Shelley really didn't get on with the video on the laptop for both of us to watch at the same time. Love the principle but the instructor was facing you all the time and some of the instructions seemed conflicting. I took dance classes for years and never had a problem following instructions but everyone was in front of you with their back towards you going in the same direction. Had a look at another video someone else recommended and it was so much better. The instructor broke down the moves and showed you both facing and in front of you which was much easier to follow. Put on hold for the time being and going back to walking. Pity I love the principle and may look at this other instructor on line and acquire his video.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.