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Saturday 25th

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  • Saturday 25th

    Morning All, another beautiful day could get some rain Monday. Having to water as everything is drying up quite quickly. The farm shop are back to delivering will ring Monday for the compost and pea gravel. Lee keeps on and on about it, anything to get him to shut up!

    Made 4 cards yesterday another 2 to go, then will make on my friends blouse for her Birthday in October.

    I could not believe that video of Trump on Sky News, what is he on. The lady Doctor's face said it all but now she is no longer invited as she dissed his suggestion afterwards. Some of the US Ladies on FB think he is the next saviour and he knows what he is talking about, other's think he is a lunatic and dangerous. They have already had some people die because they took the malaria drug he suggested. Now seems they are trying to stop his podium waffle, would be much better for the country if they did.

    This virus is unknown no one understands how to kill it or prevent it yet. Hope our vaccine works they are trialling and those people giving it a go are very brave.

    Bacon sandwich then crafting, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Overcast this morning, but breeze not too strong although still easterly. Might get a bit of sunshine this afternoon.

    Yesterday - took car to tyre place; left the car with them as not urgent work; they called a couple of hours later to say it was done, so went and collected. They think there was a microscopic leak from the wheel rim/tyre edge, so have given it a super duper clean up and double checked it's all seated correctly. Wouldn't make a charge for the work (for the second time) so I left a couple of the brown notes on the desk as beer money. Brilliant local company . Otherwise did nothing much.

    Today - collecting a slow cooker in the village - lady has replaced with larger model, doesn't want payment. I have a larger model which I don't use as too big for us, so will offer that on the local give away site. Got to catch up with HW that I didn't do yesterday, but will work around back pain which is still giving me some trouble but eases off as the day goes on.

    Caroline - Agree with you about the stuff that Trump spouts in his speeches - as for this latest - when did he do any medical training to be instructing people to do stupid things like that! Sadly there are people stupid enough to do it! See they're now trying to convince the rest of the world he was being sarcastic! That's another thing that's not appropriate to be doing by someone who is a political leader when making a speech that's going to be broadcast across the world.
    Still productive on the creative front Bacon sandwich sounds a good idea
    Dave - that mandala is eye boggling! You must have thought you were going cross-eyed working on it
    Mo - loving the new bowl, you are just super at doing the koi, and they're so calming to look at
    Shelley - hope everything is OK with you? Did you get lots of crafting done yesterday; how is the jigsaw progressing?



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      Pleased you got your tyre sorted Linda, anything to do with the car when you live in a rural area is a worry.


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        Morning all.

        Lovely and sunny here with no wind. Just checked the green house to see if anything needed a bit if water. Tomato seedlings coming up from a couple of tomato slices that Pete buried in some compost, some basil and some rocket.

        Need to finish the fish bowl today and there is a bit of mending to do apart from that no ides what I'm up to. Ah looking across the glass worktop I think I need to do a bit of dusting. Cleaned it twice already this week. Glass tops are horrid, you can clean them in the morning and within two hours they need doing again, its the static attraction.

        Found out yesterday that I was misinformed by my previous area manager and the lease doesn't run out on the shop till next year, boo hoo. Looks like I'm going to have to work till January, 9 months to go and counting. Did my report as requested on the viability of reopening with social distancing measures in place and they are not listening to me. The proof will be when we reopen I suppose. Reply to one point of only being able to have one person out the back ............ work outside in the yard !! I give up, what will be will be.

        Glad the car got sorted Linda.

        Dave you are going to have more stock than we have at this rate and it will all be for next year if they extend the social distancing to the end of the year. Hoping that at least we can do the last Christmas one of the year if they don't open the floodgates too early and we get a second wave of infection.

        Have a good day all. Enjoy the lovely weather it's supposed to cool off next week.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Oh no Mo, can you not misbehave, start a rebellion then they may let you go sooner and even pay to get rid of you, lol.


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            Morning all....
            Bright and sunny here again.

            Yesterday we took Flo out as usual but time we went to the top of the road to where the holding pond is. There is a long path trough the woods called “Loam hole dingle” where a stream flows into the holding pond. In 25 years, its only a mike away, we knew it was there but never walked it. Its a gorgeous walk through the woods, acres of wild garlic, it is everywhere here, we are notorious for having so much, just the noise of birdsong and stream babble. We followed it for a good while, it came out above the Darby houses where Abraham Darby’s family lived and the Quakers burial ground at the top, then a walk home through the woods on the other side, definitely one to do again.

            After I’d tried for days to draw a mandala then got an app to do it for me, the girl from about six doors up tells me she does loads digitally, has done for ages 🙄😂😂
            Yes Linda, it was a bit “boggling to cut”, you have to make sure each bit is cut pretty much bang on to the other bits of the same shape or it sticks out like a sore thumb, plus the repetitiveness of cutting each section the same, 20-ish in this case takes some getting used to....

            Yes Mo, loads of stock now, just short of frames and mount board so they are safely in a sticky page photo album until I can get more back in again.

            Have a goodun all



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              Afternoon all,

              Sunny and warm here again today.

              Caroline, keeping busy with the cards, making a blouse wow, I would never tackle something like that but then again I have never been keen on making clothes.
              I did home economics at school in Canada in the late 60s early 70s and we had to make a long gypsy style skirt with a double ruffle hem out of a heavily patterned cotton, we had to do french seams, ruffles and other techniques. Even with the help of the teacher and several attempts at some bits of it it still came out with a "home made" feel.
              I remember my mother making me a corduroy tunic when I was about 5, hated it, it was actually very good but even at that early age I had developed some sort of great dislike for homemade clothes, not handcrafted - homemade big difference. My mother wanted to take a picture of me in it, I did not want to, I was made to, the picture is hysterical, such an angry little puckered up face, tunic looks good. I have no idea where I got my dislike of homemade clothes at such an early age.

              Linda glad you got the car sorted and paid for with beer tokens well done. What a shame you didn't find each other sooner you could have just swapped slow cookers, never mind, someone will enjoy yours. I got given one about 15 years ago sat in the cupboard for 10 years then I gave it someone else.
              Take it easy on the HW give your back a rest.

              Mo, well done on the seedlings. The bowl is beautiful, the frog is sweet. You know if you don't feel safe becuase you can't social distance yourself, your employees or your customers, you can refuse to go into work. Hope it works out and you don't have to start until the furlough period at the of June ends.
              Pete like the amphora and the repaired bowl.

              Dave that walk sounds idyllic, perfect walking weather at the moment. Really like the mandala, the one you have done in black would look stunning on a crimson background or maybe a holographic background. I think cutting it out of holographic would be tricky as its a film coated paper, blunts blades in seconds.

              Yesterday was a washout, I got up in a rush as the food parcel was being delivered earlier than expected, felt weird then dizzy so went back to bed where I stayed all day feeling tired and occasionally dizzy, not so much dizzy as in room spinning but unstable on my feet. No temperature, no cough. Felt better by the evening, got up after the sainsbury delivery at about 9:30pm to help Simon put it away, did most of it, had something quick to eat, did the cats suppers and went back to bed. Asleep by midnight, slept through the alarm this morning and got up at lunchtime. Feel better, not sure what it was, might have overdone in in the garden, I get heatstroke really easily, might have spent too much time with my head in the sun. I didn't realise how warm it was, must dig out my sun hat.
              I am going to cancel the food parcel as now we have shopping slots, we are ok. Someone else can benefit from it.

              Today taking it easy, only thing needs doing is finish tidying up the kitchen and cook something for supper. More crochet too, only one more section to join then that bit is done, then start on the next 16 squares. I think I will start some cards next week, I went through my card stock and my sample books and ticked of what I had so I won't double up when I order some more. Looking at the card stock, dies and bits and pieces is good for generating ideas.

              What an idiot the US have for a president, I can't believe what that man said. The doctor sat to the side that he was speaking to looked like she wanted to fall through the floor. I wonder if anyone will actually try it, it wouldn't surprise me there are people who think he is god's messenger and believe every word he says.
              We might have Boris but at least he is under control and wouldn't say dumb things like that. Rather have him than Trump.

              Take care all, stay home, stay safe.



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                That made me laugh Shelley. My mother made all my clothes plus shirts etc for Dad. Made Christine some pj’s years ago and she still had them as so well made. Her shop bought ones have long gone. A simple top with cropped trousers. May make some and put on Folksy as have so much Rose & Hubble fabric.

                Just watched Joe Lycett on MYHERMES. They found a load of undeliverable mail, some in original boxes with the address on and return address at an auction house. The CEO is checking into the complaint. I don’t use them anymore since they said I had underweighed a box.