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Friday 24th

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  • Friday 24th

    Morning all

    Lost track of days again! Lee thought today was Saturday planning his bacon sandwich for breakfast.

    Baking James Martins Blackberry sponge with duck eggs today, Lee saw it on his latest programme Highlands to Islands along with a pollock dish. Cannot get pollock atm so he is slumming it with the cake. All ingredients arrived yesterday including 6 beautiful duck eggs. Going to be a large cake. Then he moans because he has put on weight!

    Finished the organza dog infinity scarves yesterday will take some pics today. These will go in the fair box that is if we are allowed out.

    A brave call yesterday at 10am to Bordon Buddies to see if someone could collect my prescriptions. No problem got them within an hour. Said I got the details from a webpage our MP has set up as an extra on his page. He has been so good listing where we can get deliveries of food etc, he has called it Feed East Hants. Anyway she said he was there packing food boxes last week and due again this week. He even went to PMQ's on Wednesday. He can be seen frequently walking round the villages and checking everyone is okay. I suppose not having a city in his patch, the largest is Petersfield he is happy to be out and about. My sister is moaning that her MP has done diddly squat, thinking of starting a page for her where is Jeremy Hunt! no sign of him in parliament or round her areas.

    Today card making for me, trying to get ahead with the B'day cards for the rest of the year. Thinking of making my friend a vintage style blouse with a sweetheart neckline. Have plenty of a sage green with pink roses. with some choccies that would be her B'Day gift sorted.

    So much to think about and so much time, lol.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, due to last all day, but still got an easterly breeze so that's dropping the real temperature.

    Yesterday, pottered around again: potted up some tiny tomato seedlings that had, surprisingly, sprouted from the seeds of a tomato I chopped up for a meal a couple of weeks ago and shoved in some compost! Also have a couple of pepper seedlings coming through from some seeds from commercial fruit. Farm shop delivery arrived, so I took a walk round the corner to deliver the eggs to G&G - back had had enough by the time I got home so spent most of the afternoon in the chair. Did a bit of sewing up on the cardigan, more FT, and quite a bit of knitting.

    Today, need to take car round the corner to the tyre place as I've noticed the front tyre looks very low pressure again (wondered if it's my paranoia, but looks very low this morning). Will do more on the cardigan, FT, and debating about modifying some of those bags I sewed out of old fabric to make them a flat bottomed, gusseted style rather than tote bag style; should be fairly easy, just need to be accurate with the measuring and stitching.

    Caroline - creativity and activity still flowing well Well done to your MP for efforts - never did rate Jeremy Hunt when he was Minister for Health when I was working in NHS
    Dave - got that sorting and decluttering done yet, or have you been working on mandalas?
    Mo - have you got settled into a routine yet? Good news that the carer is happy to resume duties; it will relieve a lot of the stress.
    Shelley - sorry about the drain problem yesterday, but glad it got sorted. Hate it when what looks like a 10 minute job ends up taking half a day or more and loads of dirt and mess involved too

    Watched Sewing Bee and agree with you ladies about the face fuzz - better without. Glad to see the other one's dress sense seems to have toned down a bit (hope that's not just for the first programme!) Yes, there were some interesting concoctions in the third challenge, and I quite liked most of them. A good range of personalities in the line up - could be an interesting series



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      Morning all...

      Bright and sunny again today.
      No Linda, no de-cluttering, yes got stuck into cutting the mandala. I think today might be the last, one line to go, I think I cut it into something like 18 or 20 segments which was a bit nuts for a first one but looks ok considering I just waggled the curser around to make it up 😂

      Just saw on the news that two hospital doctors have reported the government to the HSE for not supplying enough or sufficient quality PPE for them to do their job safely.

      When I worked it was the same, no PPE, no job done, all had to be approved for use, we had spot checks by the HSE without warning to check on things like asbestos protection equipment, date, not ripped bags etc, if we failed we could be open to huge fines, registration or certification issues etc using your own tools or equipment was strictly forbidden, the government are actually in breach of “Duty of Care” towards NHS workers by supplying not enough or poor quality equipment...this was only a matter of time and I think it will cause a landslide.
      Might wash the cars today, we’ll see.

      Have a goodun’ all


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        Good morning all.

        Another lovely sunny day ahead.

        Yesterday was really a lot of nothing. Made a little slide show for Faceache and did a bit of research.

        Have you heard that excuse for a human being, Trump, has suggested people can inject themselves with disinfectant to cure the virus !!!!!!!!!!! There are some numskulls that will actually do this. Surely there has got to be a way of removing this idiot other than shooting him which someone will do eventually.

        Tuned in to the Shaw Trust weekly call at 10.30 as I haven't been on it for two weeks. Boss wanted a report on the viability of each shop reopening with social distancing in place. They have apparently ordered PPE for us ! Can't see it working in our small shop. Could only have two or max three people in the shop at once and can't see customers queuing up outside waiting their turn to get in. They would be dancing around to avoid each other and the shopping experience of randomly looking around would be difficult. Have to have someone on the locked door to let people in and out. Our back room where we do all the sorting, prep, hanging, tagging and steaming could only take one person at a time. With takings being further reduced by these measures we wouldn't be a viable business. Will see what comes back, redundancy would be good LOL

        In my head I know that I don't have to work all the time but I feel so guilty sitting about in the garden doing nothing but reading. When the weather turns again next week hope to feel more inclined to go into my workroom and do something positive. Must stop making so many cakes, putting on weight again and cut back on the alcohol.

        Everyone seems fully occupied. Glad the drains got sorted Shelley.

        Have a good day all.

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