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Thursday 23rd

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  • Thursday 23rd

    Morning all, hope you are all well able to buy groceries etc. I finally got my priority confirmation through from Waitrose, no problems with booking a slot now, breathe. Just need to sort out the meds from the ********. Talking about lockdown for over 60's until 2021 now hope not but will do as I am told. Just read that kidney failure is a symptom with covid and as have one that is dodgy behaving myself.

    Sewing today, yes I did say sewing. Still have some drawers to sort but as hidden will do piece meal. Some dog print organza into infinity scarves, planning on keeping these for the fair if I can go as going to have a theme of pink, gold, taupe and rose gold this year. Always used to do themes and it went down well.

    Linda family tree?

    Dave shredding?

    Mo burning stuff?

    Shelley butterflies?

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Happy St George's Day!
    Sun shining, dry, breeze considerably less evident than yesterday but now north easterly.

    Yesterday, pottered around, did make a start on sewing up the cardigan, but so far only got the front edgings attached. Decided that with all the payments by card I've been making, plus buying for others, paying by BACS etc, I needed to sort out the bank balance - took a while to do but got there in the end. Weekly shopping done - went at tea time again and didn't have to queue (still took a book with me in case, as the one time I didn't take reading matter I ended up queueing for over half an hour, so treating it as a talisman ) Family tree (still tidying, but laptop program seems to have a glitch and keeps shutting down so taking longer), bit of knitting and lots of getting up and walking around and exercises to try and keep back muscles loosened up.

    Today, struggling to get back moving this morning, but have dealt with the laundry I put in the machine last night and done first lot of exercises. Not sure what else, but expecting farm shop delivery this afternoon so will have a walk round the corner with the eggs ordered for the quarantined couple, as my daily exercise.

    Did anyone watch Sewing Bee last night? Any good? Hopefully, I've got it recorded but I see there's a repeat on at the weekend.

    Caroline - family tree is such a mess it's taking a lot of tidying and correlating info (too many very large families, repeated and commonly used first names caused duplicate parentage, and wrong generations or family connections etc, coupled with lots of moving round the country, immigration and emigration, plus two of the surnames are nearly as common as Smith and until I have time and money to get certificates I'm unlikely to get anywhere). One line of the family goes back as far as 1545, but that's only one person - thanks to a distant cousin who did the research and kindly shared the information with me. Sounds like you've got a routine sorted out with household stuff now, and have plenty to keep you occupied during the day.

    Mo - hope your parents are OK with visits and carer attendance running smoothly.
    Dave - got lost in the cuttiing room?
    Shelley - paperwork sorted? How is the crochet going?

    HAGO & BBL


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      Morning all...

      Another bright, sunny warm one.
      Forgot to put the bins out, usual mad dash as I heard them practically next door and I was still in bed 😆

      The “Coracle man” takes a step further to completion, they have changed companies cutting the design, don’t know why, that bit isn’t my department but its on target for May completion so that’s good.

      Still chipping away, I designed a quick mandala and printed it out A3, about another day or two on that I think. I’ve had to put board across the velux windows as the afternoon sun comes directly through so its very bright and very hot. The paper warps if I get too hot and my hands sweat.
      No jobs to do, did the grocery run yesterday, eggs are finished, missed the cut until the end of May.
      Nothing more to report, sods law the weather is great and Wales is out of bounds but it’ll still be there when this lot has gone.

      Have a goodun’ all


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        Good morning all.

        Lovely sunny day again.

        Must admit did a lot of nothing yesterday except finish my latest book. Never read so many books in such a short space of time. Going to have to start on Pete's collection soon. Pratted around with a couple of ideas which came to nothing.

        Watched the Sewing Bee last night, goodness what a mess Patrick looked, needed a good shave. The stubble look doesn't work on middle aged men makes them look like down and outs. Won't spoil it for you Linda but there were some interesting concoctions for the third challenge. I couldn't make anything in the time scale they are given. Somebody said on line that they are not totally strict with the timings in actual fact and base it more on how far people have managed to get to. Suppose if time is up and no one has finished they add another half hour on to get a result. It does make me want to get the sewing machine out again in the near future maybe.

        Well, social distancing till the end of the year !! That's all our events cancelled and I can't see charity shops reopening. No one is going to stand outside in the rain to gain entry. We could only have two people in our shop at once to maintain it and just have one person working in the sorting and prep room it's so small. Someone else would have to be on the door to let people in and out as well. Even larger shops will have problems.

        Carer back in today Linda but Mum is much calmer now so hopefully all is well. Good luck ploughing through the family tree.

        Enjoy getting back to sewing Caroline.

        I work in our small conservatory Dave and it gets too hot at times even with the door and window opened.

        Hope the crochet is going well Shelley.

        Enjoy your day all.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Morning all,

          Sun glorious sun here, 22c and climbing.

          Caroline glad to hear you sewing again and have left yourself some sorting for later. The infinity scarf is very beautiful, lovely colours.

          Linda hope your back improves through the day, funny how things are like that, I remember many, many years ago when I still smoked and so did almost everyone I knew did, we pick one of us at a bus stop to lite up as a way to make the bus arrive becuase it seemed as soon as you decided you would have time for smoko and you lit up, the bus would arrive and you weren't allowed to smoke on the bus.
          Enjoy your walk delivering eggs.

          Dave saw the coracle man pictures, looking fab and a snap of the great man himself at work, yes you Looking forward to seeing the mandala, like that sort of geometric design.

          Mo, glad your Mum's routine at home with your Dad can continue, it must be really hard to be without your life partner, especially at that time of life when not much else is important.
          Did they say social distancing till the end of the year? or just for the next 3 weeks and then reassess, but I do think there won't be much option until there is a vaccine or effect treatment. I think they are going to have to come up with a plan, the country can't go on indefinitely in complete lockdown.

          Yesterday was a day of two halves, first half went well, can't say the same about the second half.
          It started well, fairly productive, got the last load of laundry from this batch out on the line, got the empty bins in to the garden to sort out and move the full ones. Simon helped me move the bins and then we discovered the kitchen drain was blocked.

          So it it was out with the fatberg busting wear, rubber gloves, bin bags up to the shoulder with rubber bands round. I had to boil 2 kettles of water and he had to get down on the ground and put his arm up to his elbow and a bit to dig out the fatberg.

          Luckily the pipe from the drain to the main sewer is only about 2 feet long. It was because the main sewer runs along the back of all the shops and buildings that prevented me from having a bigger kitchen, we were not allowed to build closer than 2ft from the sewer.

          So he managed to get it clear, then decided to go into the kitchen to wash up, can't blame him, but then I no longer had a clean kitchen floor or the rug which literally came off the line and went down clean the day before. Yacky mud all over, so rug hanging out to dry, then brushed the mud off, will wash again next load. Floor needed cleaning again as did the sink.
          By the time I did all that I collapsed in the chair and regained my breath.

          Spent the rest of the afternoon trying sort out why one of the cameras had stopped working, sorted then more recovery. Then something quick for supper and watched the repair shop, TGBSB, and then the news. All the while doing some crochet. Pottered off to bed around one.

          I did enjoy the Sewing Bee, won't tell you much, won't spoil it for you Linda, but I do agree the beard needs to go. It looks like being entertaining and I think a few bright sparks are standing out already.

          Today plan to sit in the garden, my wool dispenser arrived so that will make it easier to crochet outside as well as in, no balls of wool running away. My other orders arrived too, so ready for card making too when the weather turns. I also bought a neat little tool called a Yarn Cutter Pendant made by Clover

          Have a good day everyone and stay home, stay safe.

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