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Wednesday 22nd

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  • Wednesday 22nd

    Morning all

    Not much to report, still decluttering but took some photos of items made a couple of weeks ago. Will put on Folksy later.

    FQ drawers today, I am getting throwing out mania now, just love the feel of space and having a place for everything. You never know may have another round later in the year. Start thinking of Birthday cards for the rest of the year, get those ready and then Christmas cards and ponder gift ideas.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, cool with a strong easterly breeze.

    Yesterday, got the cardigan sleeves blocked and pressed, lots of family tree again, bit of knitting, spoke to aged aunt in Winchester and neighbours along the road (all doing OK), phone call from quarantined couple needing some OTC medication so quick trip to Barton for that. Called round brother's while in town as I had something for him and he had something for me, then delivered medicines. Emptied the last course notes folder, so stuff in recycling and in bin and a bit more space upstairs. Plenty of moving around and a couple of sessions of exercising to keep back ache to bearable levels. Such an exciting life Discovered tea time is a good time to go to the supermarket - no queue outside, not many people in the store and only a very short wait for a till vacancy - all done in 15 minutes

    Today, hoping to make a start on sewing up cardigan, weekly shopping - planning on tea time trip and hope shop as clear as yesterday. Have discovered a family connection in the Canadian line, just from a throwaway comment on facebook - but it means I've joined up a family of four siblings and got the line back to a common ancestor. Otherwise bits of this, that and the other depending on how the back reacts.

    Caroline - your turbo power is up to full strength on the sorting and decluttering - it gets addicitive after a certain amount of hard work! Don't go too mad and overdo things.
    Mo - did you enjoy an afternoon in the garden sunshine? You're doing well in the creative work too, considering all the other things you are doing.
    Dave - any progress with your decluttering or was it too hot up there?
    Shelley - you've been busy too with all sorts and well done on the paperwork - it must be something in the air!

    HAGO & BBL


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      Morning Linda. You sound better but do not over do it.

      Just cleared 2 small drawer units and cut out some scarves ready for tomorrow to stitch up. The plan now is to do a drawer or 2 a day plus sewing or knitting.

      Your family tree sounds as if going great guns Linda, how far back have you gone? My cousins did my Dad’s side and got back to 1604 on the paternal side in Austria and 1608 on the maternal side in France. My paternal side changed their name when they left Austria from Otvay to Otway. So interesting and wonder if that is why I love Austria so much.