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Tuesday 21st

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  • Tuesday 21st

    Morning All, another beautiful day weather wise although that northerly wind takes the warmth out of the sun.

    Decluttering going well only have the sewing table in the sewing room to do. That may take some time as has 24 drawers all with mini compartments, all the items are fiddly but will get it done. Got Lee on sorting charms and beads into clear top tins yesterday. Workroom drawers next then clothing. Loving the space on the sewing table as now all clear. Need to fold up the photo tents and tuck away, getting them out when needed as take up a lot of room.

    Buttermilk pancakes for breakfast before the special lunch.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, but still a strong cool easterly breeze, no sign of rain. Had phone conversation with a farming friend and he says it's difficult to dig the ground for crops as it is so dry on top it's almost dust but saturated clay in lower levels.

    Yesterday, pottered around, did manage to press some of the cardigan pieces, and ironed a jacket; plenty of family tree, sewed up the first few squares of the pet blanket, finished the cross stitch piece. Found a couple of exercises that ease the back muscles, coupled with painkillers, anti-inflammatories and regular movement throughout the day. Put farm shop order in, but not needed until Thursday - just wanted to give them plenty of time to sort as there's only the two of them and they have a farm to run and he has a job as well.

    Today, back bad again this morning after several hours of inactivity, same routine as yesterday to ease things and hopefully I'll be able to move around a bit more easily soon. Didn't get the cardigan sleeves done yesterday, so will try that today, otherwise will just be what I can manage.

    Happy birthday Lee, I'm sure there will be some tasty baked goods to help you celebrate the day.

    Caroline - you've certainly got into the swing of decluttering, and now you're noticing the spaces that are emerging it's encouragement to keep going.
    Dave - are you decluttering your cutting room now, sorting the mount board, clearing the stuff not useful to you? Any further thoughts on expanding your skills to include pyrography?
    Mo - Hope you managed to get some of the branding done. Would be nice if the wind dropped and you could spend some relaxation time in your lovely garden.
    Shelley - I've had to put some of my course notes in the shredding pile as they were case histories and/or included personal details, but the majority was general stuff. Well done on the paperwork - I haven't started any of mine as I figure until the events start again I'm going to have very little to do except for an expectionally large quantity of personal card payments and online transfers to sort out. Hope you enjoyed your time in front of the tv and got the crochet edging done.



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      Morning all....

      Bright sun, really warm here.
      Didn’t do the egg run, no answer to their phone, its a half hour drive so need to make sure there are some there and the flock hasn't gone yet.
      Part de-cluttered, it was red hot up there as the sun was pouring through the velux windows, will be same again today.
      Need to sort an exercise regime out, I’ve put on over a stone since finishing work, need to curb it.
      Yes Linda, just looking at my templates to see if they would work as templates and what I could pyro on to sell at the artisan fair etc as they could compliment my cuts maybe.
      Apart from that, nothing doing.



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        Afternoon all.

        Beautiful day if a bit breezy.

        Been Mum sitting today but better news, the tablets seem to be working and the lovely carer is back. She said she just couldn't stay away loves our Mum so much but she has to feel safe.

        Did the branding yesterday and a couple of designs on some bowls. One is at pyro stage waiting for inks and the other is all penciled in waiting for pyro. Might just skive off this afternoon and sit outside in the sunshine.

        Happy Birthday Lee, I know you will be spoilt rotten with Caroline's lovely food.

        Have you seen this guys work on Faceache Dave ? amazing work.

        Hope your back recovers soon Linda. Take care.

        Look forward to seeing the finished crochet, hope you had time to get it done yesterday.

        Have a good day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Glad to hear the change of medication seems to have been beneficial all round Mo. Must be quite a relief for everyone.

          Have you seen this guys work on Faceache Dave ? amazing work.
          Just had a quick look at this breathtaking work - blown away with the artistry and skill.
          I do wonder why the world is so full of mass produced tacky (and even non-tacky) stuff when there are so many skilled artists and crafters around producing works like this. "Never mind the quality, feel the width"!!!



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            Wow, had a look, brilliant! Too much “stack it high and sell it cheap” these days Linda, people tend to be satisfied with that instead of bespoke work which costs 🤷🏻‍♂️



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              Evening all,

              Sunshine all day and warm out of the breeze, laundry weather. Sitting weather tomorrow.

              Caroline did you manage to appease Lee with all sorts of tasty baked goodies? Happy Birthday Lee, hope you had a good a day as can be expected in these odd times. Caroline, you won't know what to do with yourself when its all sorted and cleared.

              Linda sorry to hear your back is still giving you trouble, hope you have managed to loosen it up today. How is the cardigan coming along?

              Dave, spend time de-cluttering in a hot loft, that will shift some pounds as you sweat it off
              Our velux opens, huge and wide, you can climb out of ours, part of the fire escape route, but also gives a lovely breeze especially when we open the round window opposite and the through draught start up. Acts like a chimney with the back door open and cools the whole house as the hot air rises up out of the loft.

              Mo, I am glad the pills are working and the carer has agreed to come back, let's hope it continues. Did you enjoy the garden? or did you do some pyro? It is going to be lovely over the next few days, enjoy.
              That chap has got some serious skills, a bit of a high bar you have set for Dave I am sure what Dave will create will be wonderful in his own style.

              Today last of the laundry done till I strip the bed and change the sheets on Friday. I also did the paperwork for the VAT and have done all the entering into the spreadsheet and have the numbers, just need to go online before the end of the month and submit the figures. As I suspected a very small amount to pay the VAT man, less than a tenner, I thought he might owe us but we must have done more business than I realized from the footfall.
              Cleaned the kitchen floor this morning, I put the little rug I stand on in front of the sink in the wash and saw the difference between the uncovered patch and the rest of the floor, so gave it a once over.

              More work on the crochet, still do the edging 5 left out of 16 so doing ok, not rushing at, just enjoying it. Once edged they will need assembling and joining and there will be another 4 x 4 piece to go with the other 3 done so far. It will then be half done.

              Managed to order some face masks, just some plain blue medical ones from our friends in the rainforest, supposed to be here by Friday, if thats the case then I suggest the NHS order it from them, but will wait and see if it comes back as not available. I would feel happier having a few for dealing with deliveries and other unavoidable contact with the outside world.

              They are saying that the masks don't help but if thats the case why is the world screaming for ppe? Masks must do something or they wouldn't want them. I think they are worried that if they tell people to wear them there will be a world shortage.

              Take care all, Stay home - Stay safe.



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                I think the point about face masks from what I can gather from my DIL who is an A&E nurse, 6ft distance minimum is as effective as not needing a mask, they use them for short periods of close proximity nursing, when you have breathed through them for half hour they get damp then do not work as your breath out and air in then goes out or through the sides not through the mask so you either keep changing them or use one for less than half hour. They work but only short term.



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                  Yes, Dave, thats what I want them for, those situations where I am not in 100% control about social distancing, or its just not possible. I wonder if the more sophisticated ones with replaceable filters are actually the best for nurses.