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Monday 20th

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  • Monday 20th

    Morning all

    Another beautiful day but the wind has a bite to it.

    Finished the green drawer sets yesterday and sorted through my books. Lee has agreed I can put the full boxes on the back seat of the car until collection/delivery is possible. Going to the chemist on Saturday will do it then.

    Baking toffee fudge muffins and lunette frambois biscuits today for Lee's Birthday tomorrow. He got a bit down as only had 1 card delivered so far. That was from my friend in Gloucester and she posted early just in case. will also flick a duster round.

    Got a friend yesterday from Christine (Gloucester) the first words where 'The novelty is wearing off now'. An hour later and she felt better, we had a good laugh at Trump, trouble is he is also dangerous.

    Not sure will get any decluttering done today but may move the laser printer in the sewing room to a new position.

    Hope you are all well and not going stir crazy.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny but still quite a noticeable easterly breeze. Forecast is for dry all day and maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday.

    Yesterday, struggled with my back all day, so cardigan pieces not done - only got back and fronts pinned out and had to have two sessions at that as couldn't stand for long. Had another go at the cross stitch piece, finished knitting the third square of four of a pet blanket and several goes at the family tree. Did clear out another file of course notes, and picked and prepared a few more dandelions for the freezer.

    Today, back no better - in fact it's worse and some muscles have gone into spasm; can't go to chiropractor so will have to struggle on with exercise, painkillers, and massage on the bits I can reach. May try and get the first bits of cardigan pressed, then see if I can stand long enough to get the sleeves pinned out. Yet another file of course notes to be cleared out, then only one more to go; but recycling box is full so will wait until after collection tomorrow to do the last bits.

    Caroline - you are a very busy bee at the moment what with sorting out and baking! I see HM has cancelled the gun salute for tomorrow - will Lee miss hearing that?
    Dave - sorry to hear Flo has lost a friend - has she started to come to terms with it? Think every one is in need of a haircut now - I am, but am liking the slightly longer length at the moment, just waiting for the fringe to get really annoying!
    Mo - hope you had a relaxing day yesterday and found time to do something for yourself around doing the essentials.
    Shelley - nice to hear you're keeping busy, but finding lots of time for crafting and things for yourself. Will Meimei keep to the agreement about jumping on the table? Our two certainly wouldn't

    HAGD all, BBL


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      Be careful with your back Linda, must admit mine took a beating yesterday walking up and downstairs with piles of books.

      Done the baking and back aching from that. Yes Linda Lee will miss the gun salute and he has now muted about a 2nd celebration in June!

      Take it easy, like me sitting in a chair relaxing. The HW can wait.


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        Yes Linda Lee will miss the gun salute and he has now muted about a 2nd celebration in June!



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          Good morning all.

          Weather is the same here beautiful sunshine but a chill wind at the moment. A couple of degrees higher than yesterday would be good for a bit more time lazing in the garden LOL

          Did some housework yesterday morning and spent a couple of hours in the garden with Pete potting stuff up, repotting others and making up the hanging baskets. Managed to pick up some compost when I was shopping for my parents in the village on Saturday so have plenty for the moment. We had managed to keep some fuchsias and geraniums from last year but could do with some 'filler' for the window boxes and baskets but may have to do with out them this year. It's lovely to see all the trees in leaf now. We have 5 Acers in pots of varying sizes and varieties and when they spring into life it feels as if summer is on its way. Honeysuckle is covered in flowers and so is the wisteria just waiting to burst out.

          Need to do some branding then not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the day. Christmas decorations maybe ?

          Sorry to see your back is still no better Linda and Caroline you obviously need to take care too.

          Dave hope Flo has stopped looking for her friend and accepted he won't be back.

          Nice to see you are relaxing Shelley and enjoying your free time.

          Have a good day all, enjoy the lovely weather and stay safe.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Morning all.....

            Bright and sunny here, just about to go for the daily walk.
            Seeing all of these mandalas in cutting groups, I’ve got three or four graphic design programs, took all night trying to figure out how to do one.
            Did a quick google “ 5 best free mandala apps”....downloaded one called “Spirality” (Windows laptop not Ipad) had a mandala done in about 5 minutes 🙄....Just need to vectorise it, fatten a few lines up and print and cut it.

            Flo has stopped running to the fence, finally got it that old Mozza isn’t there anymore, she’s also stopped gnashing at the mail basket on the front door. The postie used to go to theirs first, she’d hear him barking then run to the door for him to post the mail.

            Nothing much on, farm run for the eggs, they are changing the flock this month so I may have missed the cut until the end of May..then its double yolker time for a few months.

            Mo, I might invest in the pyro kit you and Pete suggested, might burn a few designs as well as cut them.

            Have a goodun’ all 😎


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              Evening all,

              Its been sunny,mild but still the nippy wind. Not sitting outside weather....yet

              Caroline glad you are making so much progress on your sorting and clearing out. You will be so ready when the world starts up again. Lee should consider himself lucky, Simon only got one card from me and no birthday cake as it at the start of the lockdown and the world bought everything and there were no eggs or sugar to be had.

              Linda sorry to hear your back is giving you problems, hope you get better soon, maybe a hot water bottle when you sit? I find it helps me. Well I think the deal with Meimei is a loose one but so far so good, did another bit of puzzle in the evening yesterday. There are a lot of course notes, when my friend who went to spain was here she spent about a week burning her course notes on the fire, as they were medical and had some patient notes she was glad to be able to destroy them.

              Mo, you are going to have a lovely garden as are we all I think with all this time to spend sorting them out ready for the summer. Hope you found something to do in the afternoon.

              Dave, it didn't take Flo long to figure it out. A new skill - pyro, i think we are all trying new things, hope it goes well.

              Today was office paper work day, paid all the bills, started the accounts for the VAT, so little has happened I have done half of it in an hour, usually would take a couple of days, I will finish it off tomorrow, might well get a VAT refund as have spent more than we have taken, thats rare for us.

              More crochet this evening, its the edging so easy to do in front of the telly. Waiting for my xyron refills to arrive then I will start some cards with the new butterfly dies.

              Coal delivery tomorrow last this winter. its still chilly at night and in the early morning.

              Pukka pies for dinner, must go and check them.

              Take care everyone, stay home - stay safe.