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Friday 17th

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  • Friday 17th

    Morning all! Cloudy, cool, bit of breeze but dry.

    Yesterday was comparatively busy - various bits of shopping done and delivered where needed, couple of other minor tasks done whilst out passing by/close to target area, butcher's delivery received and everything sorted, packed and put in freezer. Also noticed the dandelions are going crazy again, so despite not planning to do any more honey/jelly this year I picked a small bowlful, prepared the heads and put in freezer - plenty of flowers left for the bees. OH finally got the big mower out did a first cut of the grass so it's now at a level where we can see the cats when they're out on the area! He hasn't done the edges or the corners etc that are too small for the big mower to get into, but at least it looks like a garden and I can get to the washing line. Didn't go outside for the clapping as someone let off some loud fireworks again which put youngest cat on edge, so I stayed in to keep him calm and clapped inside the house.

    Today, no major plans, might go out in the garden for half an hour if it warms up, back still sore from the standing yesterday, so will see how I feel and what crops up.

    Caroline - see you've signed on while I've been typing this missive. Hope we don't both post!
    Dave - how goes it? Any new cutting designs landed that you can't wait to get done?
    Mo - hope things are well with you and you're adjusting to revised situation.
    Shelley - didn't see a post from you yesterday, so hope all is well.

    HAGO and BBL

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    oh ho! Double posted - I'll continue on Caroline's thread.