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Thursday 16th

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  • Thursday 16th

    Morning all a beautiful day with temperature just about right.

    My blue fabric arrived and made up the pump bag yesterday, all wrapped ready to go off in the post today. along with an R40 to the tax office. Have had an email saying I no longer need to file a tax return, yay! Will keep my book but but may digitise them rather than keeping hard copies.

    Off for a walk in the middle of the road to the post box with mutt. We walk round the road as the pathways are all sharp corners and want to keep our distance. No traffic so not a problem.

    Did well with the sorting yesterday and actually enjoying it now, yes I am odd. Think it is to do with can see the difference already and finding things I had forgotten about or lost. Got a 12 x 12 pad of beautiful papers with the theme of bees, that should keep me happy for a while. going to do another sort at the end again just to see if can be more ruthless, then the clothes!

    Hope you are all well. My hayfever is playing havoc and the anti-hystamines are struggling, keep feeling as if someone has belted me in the face.

    No sign of a lockdown yet think they have got to be careful. What I do not understand is they were talking about sending kids back to school but what if the teachers are older and still at risk they could be seriously understaffed. Perhaps it should be the older children first who are doing exams and get them working through the summer holiday to catch up and sit the exams.

    We are still in lockdown, saw the Postie yesterday, he is better and says no one in the village has caught it yet, he is from Bordon not Lindford.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    On this day in 1935, The Eastman Kodak Company launches Kodachrome. The photographic film was one of the most popular media used by professional and hobby photographers around the world. The product was discontinued in 2009 because of the advent of digital photography.


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      Morning all....

      Bit dull here but its still early.
      Not much on as per...cut the grass probably and wash the cars.
      Definitely less cars around this week. Seemed less queues at the shops too.
      The grocer at the end of the village always posts on their FB page when they have new produce in, milk, bread, new boxes of mixed fruit and veg, all from small producers and the 3 times per week when the “Meat man” has been etc. Good for us because we know the produce that we need is actually there, good for them as it gets bought.

      Caroline...talking about sending kids back to school....madness! CV knows no bounds, I don’t agree with kids going back, I don’t really agree with kids being at school while frontline parents work but at least having considerably less kids to look after they can police the distancing more easily, a school full? chance, exams can wait and with all the revision time they’ve had, no excuses for failing when they take them!

      Right, time for a cuppa.
      Have a goodun all



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        I wonder how many have been home schooling. My nephew has with both of his plus they have been having lessons from their teacher/professor via facetime at home. The kids at the back of ours have been sitting outside with Mum and Dad going through lessons with them.


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          Morning all! Bright and sunny, looking forward to another lovely spring day with wall to wall sunshine.

          Yesterday, didn't get any files decluttered, but did spend another 90 mins on the paving at the front of the house and fairly happy with most of it now, still plenty to do at the side and though. Farm shop delivery arrived - one lot for me and one lot for the couple round the corner. Did lots on the family tree again, and even managed a bit of knitting. Chaps out cutting the grass on the verge again - twice in a matter of weeks! Have discovered the parish council have taken over responsibility for this, and they're doing a much better job than N Lincs Council ever did!

          Today, Had a disturbed night and awake by 5.00am so out of the house just after 6.30am (temp 3.5 deg) for shopping. Round trip to drop off bits and bobs at a couple of places, couple of shops to try and get everything needed, back home just before 8.30am (temp 9.5 deg). Back muscles complaining from the standing in queues, so working from the armchair until things ease off. Unlikely to be doing anything in the garden today, but will need to go out and deliver the last couple of bits of shopping. Expecting delivery from butcher's later, so need to make sure I have room in the freezer for those bits.

          Caroline - sounds like you're back on track with things, and well done on the sorting and clearing.
          Mo - how are you feeling this morning? Hope you're recovering from the stress of the family situation and feeling calm enough to be able to concentrate on things.
          Dave - glad to hear it's a bit quieter traffic-wise at the moment. Enjoy the sunshine while you're cutting grass and washing cars (mine could do with a bucket of water thrown over it if you're bored! )
          Shelley - hope the laundry dried well - nothing better than freshly laundry that has been dried in the sunshine Hope today is warm enough for you to be able to sit in the garden for a while.



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            Afternoon all,

            Sunny here but still a bit of a nip in the air, brilliant for laundry.

            Caroline glad your material arrived,and your sorting is going well, it is good to clear and organize. Not sure what you meant by
            No sign of a lockdown yet think they have got to be careful
            I agree the schools should stay closed, kids are the worst spreaders of germs on the planet, they might not get ill but they will make lots of other people sick.
            A lot of people have given up on actual schooling and are settling for just keeping them entertained. One couple I know have been homeschooling their only boy since he became of school age and only last September did he decide he wanted to go to secondary school, he did about 5 months at school and is now back into the old routine, obviously destined to be homeschooled. They are all set up for it and have just gone back to what would be normal

            Dave sounds like a good system with the grocer. Your grass must be super grass, mine still hasn't needed cutting yet, could you come round and wash our cars when your done They haven't moved for weeks and are really dusty, we haven't even had any rain. Due some in the next few days.

            Linda you had a productive morning, why not sit for a bit A change of regime apparently gets the grass cut regularly. Sounds like you are well stocked for food for awhile. Yes lovely fresh smelling laundry, more on the line as I type, then tomorrow a bed strip and then there will be more laundry.

            Mo, destressed a bit? Pete is turning out (sorry) some wonderful pieces, like the new finish on the bowl, the studs are a good finishing touch. Hope you both have peaceful day.

            Today much the same, more laundry on the line, more crochet, made a sale from FB for ARC, friends of ours, in fact the couple who I mentioned is homeschooling, wants some improved lighting for her room when doing video conference calls for work and something that can be used for party time too. Have agreed on some bits, some in stock, some to order. She will be here to collect some bits from the doorstep this evening.

            Yesterday evening Simon helped me get my jigsaw puzzles down off the top shelf in my craft room, there are about 45. I sorted out about 10 to keep. Will arrange collection from a group who are distributing games, puzzles etc to families. Going to get the card table out and start one of them this evening, just as something else to occupy us.
            In normal times I would offer them to people and happily post them but not at the moment and I think they would be appreciated by families.
            It also means I found 4 shoe boxes of old birthday and xmas cards given to us, no idea why I kept them all. I think I will just bin them, if I go through them it will take ages and I won't know how to decide which to keep, just all gone is best. I didn't even realise I had them and never felt the need to look at them in the last 40 years so won't miss them.

            This has cleared up a whole shelf and made it possible to get at my collection of old electronic valves which I want to use to make a spaceship. Made one years ago and a friend of mine liked it so much he begged for it, so I gave it to him with the plan to make another but never did, so now's the time

            Take care all Stay home, stay safe.

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              Lol. Meant no sign of reversing the lockdown.