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Easter Monday

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  • Easter Monday

    Morning all

    What a difference in the temperatures, northerly wind whipping round the house and cold brrr. At least will keep people away from the parks and beaches. Did you see the couple at Windsor Great Park, well they have no shame! Funny when the 2 police horses just stood there, lol.

    Doing a bit of dusting today, did the bathrooms yesterday and Lee did the hoovering upstairs. Not going to over exert myself as twisted my back when doing the shower, eek!

    Dog whinges when Lee goes out to the bin now, dread to think what he is going to be like when we do go out, out. He has got too used to us being here all the time, mind you never went far and normally back after a couple of hours.

    The box of craft stuff is still on the garden room sofa, must tackle that at least today. The stock/post room is looking so much better and can now walk into the garage with no obstructions.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! What a change! - cool, chilly breeze, overcast, but at least not raining.

    Yesterday, had about 90 minutes in the garden; cleared some more of the paving, cut back a few bits of the rampant hawthorn and bramble hedge on the public footpath side. Was lovely and quiet and peaceful when I went out, but after a while was like party time - we're on one of the main walk round the village routes and I think the whole village was out doing their daily exercise. A neighbour from along the road stopped for a quick chat on her way home from the dog walk. Spent the rest of the day digging around on Ancestry and finding enough information to fill a few gaps in the family tree.

    Today, back still complaining from the amount of gardening I've been doing; going to continue with the Ancestry searching as free access finishes today, but must remember to get up and move around every now and again to prevent muscles stiffening up.

    Caroline - far too easy to damage backs, especially as we get older - take extra care today. Hope you get the craft stuff sorted, and well done on getting the stock/post room tidied.
    Dave - running out of DIY jobs yet? Hope you've got plenty of materials in to do whatever projects are lined up for action.
    Mo - hope you managed to achieve something yesterday - plenty of sunshine around to enjoy the garden. Different story today
    Shelley - glad to hear all is well with you and you've been enjoying time in the great outdoors. Today is a day for doing indoor stuff and look forward to warmth and sunshine later in the week.



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      Good morning all.

      Yes very different weather today. My phone says currently 8 deg feels like 4 deg after 25 deg for the last couple of days, brrrrrrrr. The temperatures are going to increase again towards the middle / end of the week but nothing like we have been having just average for the time of year. Heating came back on this morning.

      Did a lot of nothing yesterday. Bit of housework, washing and drying but that's done by the machine to be fair. Sat in the garden with a sketch pad and book for the afternoon then went for an amble around the gardens here for half an hour before dinner, my leg can't manage an hour or more over rough ground and up and down hills.

      Being indoors today may get a bit more enthused about doing something constructive.

      Take care of the backs ladies.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all....

        Bright sun, cloudless sky, says highs of 11 degrees, bit nippy but will be warmer than that,
        Had a rumble of thunder last night, just one...
        Should finish “ Winter solstice” today, I’ve got about six to frame and only two frames, I think I have one or two christmas ones, can use those frames.
        Nothing else on DIY wise, might go over the back and chop so e vegetation back, had a rat last night run the length of the fence then jump into next doors garden. They are commonplace around the sheds, usually a hole or two to grt in, some people keep bird seed in theirs or seed all over the place from bird feeders, its “the sticks”, it’s what happens. Flo has dispatched a fair few, next door neighbour and his dog are both scared of them so no doubt its “ Party time” that side 😆😆

        Yesterday and today were noticeably last.
        In our village there is a chap, 30, he has a fleet of supercars, he drives round in a turquoise Lamborghini, very loud but it is by design. He has always had a lot of bad press in the local group, again people say he zooms through the village, he doesn’t, just sounds like he does. He’s in the group, never posts. He’s been out and about again lately so got slated again. He asked everyone to stop moaning, he is self made through hard work, organises events, concerts, etc, doesn’t speed, uses his cars to raise a profile, then uses his profile to raise money for needy causes. He posted snaps of his minibus that he and his group of people use to take essentials to the local hospital just for nurses and workers and has organised all sorts of things to help the NHS by forming groups, getting donations for the from suppliers etc......never judge a book by its cover!

        Apart from all that, need to mow the back, nothing more to be done.

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          Evening all,

          Must be 10 degrees cooler today although the sun was still bright and out of the wind it wasn't too bad.

          Caroline, the funny thing about that couple was the policemen on horseback were telling them off for lack of social distancing not the obvious. One wonders what on earth was going through their brains - oh of course they probably didn't think anything
          I think there are going to be quite a few pets who are going to get a shock when their owners go back to work. At least it won't be so bad for Shiloh.

          Linda that sounds idyllic, so much space around you, no near neighbours? Its nice to see nature as it is meant to be well more or less, its all quite manicured in the UK. The birds and wildlife must be entertaining. Hope you made good use of the free access and added many branches to the family tree.

          Mo hope you had a more productive day and not too worried about tomorrow, hope it goes well and you have a safe journey.

          Dave, that is just magnificent, I see what you mean by lots of hair. You are just so skilled and patient.
          Its amazing what people do when they are affected by the green eyed monster. It is often that that cause people to not be please for someone doing well for themselves. Hope his good works show some who he really is.

          Today not much planned, I did sort the laundry and got a load ready to wash and hang out tomorrow, its perfect drying weather. Cleaned the bathrooms, made the bed, cleaned all the litter boxes and the surrounding areas thoroughly, blitzed the kitchen counter tops and tidied it up a bit. Did some supper and then waited for the food delivery at 8pm, which arrived promptly at 8pm, put that all away, discovered they forgot his chocolate puds, on the receipt and paid for so shall have to ring them in the morning, did the cats suppers and then sat for a bit.

          Tomorrow its laundry and the kitchen floor, then go with the flow, more crochet, making good progress.

          Take care all, stay home and stay safe.

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            Afternoon all,

            The weather is very strange and unpredictable. But, at least, no drizzle.
            We finally started gardening. Planted out some flowers today, but found a cat laying right there in a hour afterwards! Hope they'll survive, they are just very young. Why would it lay on the wet anyway?) Funny one.