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Thursday 9th

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  • Thursday 9th

    Morning all, grocery delivery this am a couple of things N/A and 1 sub but not moaning. At least I got my Hellmann's cannot live without a jar.

    Have a large bag of stuff from my workroom in my sewing room, think will sort that today and either have a box of things for keeping or rehome in my cabinets if I can. any charity donations will go in the boxes in the garage.

    Would love to go plant hunting but not going to happen. Did say when we collect the repeats 2 weeks Saturday may go into the farm shop if not too busy. From what is being said the stores are not as busy as they were. Wondering if people have run out of money to buy or still have so much stock to eat.

    Shiloh is loving running round the garden, we play ball with him and frisbee. Very quiet round here though no cars are moving and everyone seems to be behaving. No reports of Covid in the village.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, breezy and cool this morning, but still dry. Think we've got much the same all day in this area.

    Yesterday, sorted through more files of calligraphy stuff and managed to discard about 80% - either paper recycling or more for printing drafts and personal stuff (2 sides to A4 and if one hasn't been used the sheet goes in the draft printing pile). Still a couple of files to do but I think they are mainly card/paper for final versions. Also did one of the cross stitch pattern files but still a few more of those to do. Put the aromatherapy magazines on the local buy/sell fb group (giving away) and had an almost immediate taker. Delivery from farm shop, so plenty of fresh fruit and veg for the weekend. Phoned elderley aunt in Winchester and she's still doing quite well - a friend nearby is shopping for her, and she's spending time in the small garden area of the complex where she lives.

    Today, heading to supermarket in Barton for some milk and just trying to arrange approximate time to drop off the aromatherapy stuff as "buyer" lives near the supermarket. Doubt I'll do anything in the garden but probably get through some more of the files for sorting.

    Caroline - seems like we're all in sort out/clear out mode at the moment - it's nice to have the time to do it. Great to hear Shiloh is enjoying games in the garden
    Mo - any progress with the colouring etc? I saw the pictures of the bowls - beautiful as always, and such gorgeous pieces of wood.
    Dave - fabulous news that the nurse cut is "going viral"! And good on you for looking after those less fortunate in health and mobility
    Shelley - love it when laundry can go out on the line and a few hours later it's dry and smells of spring/summer Enjoy lots of time in the garden - I think your weather is likely to be much better than north east/east coast today



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      I think we are all up to the decluttering, the charity shops and dumps will have drop off queues when the lockdown is lifted.

      Just had a customer ask when I posted her order, rec'd 2/4 posted 2/4 box collection 3/4. Not yet received did suggest that there are huge delays in post atm as I have only just received orders from 31/3.

      Seriously thinking of shutting my shop for a while as not worth the hassle atm. May do me good as I can concentrate on decluttering rather than making.

      Hope your trip to Barton is not too stressful Linda.


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        Morning all...

        Bright, sunny warm.....😎
        Groups of people out and about, cars with the roofs down driving around.....full of people😡.
        Needed to post an A4 board backed envelope yesterday, tried four post boxes, wouldn’t fit, stood outside the Post office in the queue....noticed a post box on a pole....fitted 😩.
        Need to go again today, New Cross hospital in Wolves are in desperate need of clear plastic for visors, one of the suppliers I use for framing acetate, a specially made, food grade one, sent 2000 sheets of it to a hospital in Norwich, I saw the plea ad come through my feed, I’ve 10 x A3 sheets which could be 20, 30, 40 uses as this plastic (PETG) can be autoclaved ( sterilised) in the lab at a low level so can be reused again, 95% of their clear plastic donations are single use only due to it being craft acetate hence the shortage. Got to post it to no.1 son who works there so he can pass it on...

        Not much on today apart from the usual, can’t get out to do a lot 🤷🏻‍♂️
        Stay safe all.....catch a tan in the garden instead.



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          Afternoon all.

          Beautiful day here. Late night so not such and early morning.

          After a day of doing lots yesterday I can hardly get out of my own way today.

          Tuned into the weekly ST call, mostly about staying safe and reminding us they have a well being dept for staff and volunteers if anyone needs it. They are trying to be a bit happy clappy which is not me. Calls aren't compulsory but they will be keeping us informed of any changes on there, although it would go in writing to us as well. They are looking at a hardship fund for the employees worst hit by being furloughed. Thankfully we can manage but I'm sure there are a lot who are struggling. Apparently 100 small charities went to the wall in the last week, not surprised. Small Charities, most of their income is from shops but for the larger ones the majority of it is from winning government contracts in the care and welfare sector. Our shops only generate about 20% of the funds annually. Phoned a couple of the volunteers, one put the phone down on me twice, probably because my personal number came up and she didn't recognise it, doh. The other lady with learning difficulties seemed to be coping ok. Spoke to all the others last week.

          Pete did set up the dremel for me to have a play with. Used it for 3/4hour then it took another 3/4 hours for my hand to stop tingling, rather like pins and needles. Played about with a bit of texturing, but couldn't really get into it.

          Dinner is yesterday leftovers so not much to do there tonight. Cake is half gone although i did give some to next door. Going to be the size of a house at the end of all this.

          Glad everyone seems to be keeping busy. Furious at the reports of hundreds of people flocking to the coast and countryside. St Maws in Cornwall is beseiged, what is wrong with people !!!! At least when the weather changes next week it will keep the b*****s indoors.

          Have a good evening and enjoy the nice weather in safety.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Afternoon all,

            Lovely sunny very warm weather here today. Warmer outside now than in the house

            Caroline glad you got your Hellmann's, wonderful stuff. Not a bad plan to close your shop, I thought you put it in holiday mode already. must have been wrong. I think people have realised there is a enough food to go round and are behaving a little bit more sensibly.

            Linda, hope your trip out went well and contact was made with the buyer and goods delivered. I do think we are all in clearout mode, DIY is the most popular activity apparently at the moment, poor men their "I will get to it when I have time" moment has arrived. My clearout has been in the garden.

            Dave, smart move testing all the post box slots, never thought they would be different. Donating acetate, acetate becoming scarce, what a world in only a month. I have 2 sheets of acetate, must be at least B1, with a protective film on both sides, if I knew where to give it, they could have it.

            Mo, yes, Dremal tingles, I have one of those and tried using it to sand some small bits of metal. I put back in the box and it has stayed there. Better off slow and steady by hand. Maybe try clamping it in a stand and moving the piece? Now there's an idea for using mine too, sometimes I just astound myself
            Hope your leftover dinner is yummy.

            I spent some time in the morning checking nothing urgent needed to be done in the office, nothing much so out in the garden in the afternoon more pottering about and sitting in the glorious sun.

            More of the same tomorrow, maybe no pottering and more sitting with some crochet.

            There are so many people out and about, not shopping, just strolling in groups in the sun. Couples in cars with the roof down cruising, more people being moved on for sunbathing. One thing that has surprised me is our next door neighbour is open, he has been open since last week every working day, he is a timber shop, can't see that is essential, he is just encouraging people to go out. 3 or 4 vans out the front at any one time this morning, cars this afternoon, all buying wood, I suppose its all the DIY going on, he can't resist the till ringing, oh well, I am glad we don't have to. Mind you he is eligible for a grant the same as we are.

            Sainsburys have said only one adult per household to shop, yeah, that would be one rule to keep, we would all get it done quicker.

            Right I think I am going of to make cauliflower cheese, then some relaxing in front of the telly and/or crochet. Or maybe something else crafty.

            Take care all, stay safe, stay home.



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              Shelley, I think a lot of hospitals make them up themselves, some people have been making frames with a 3d printer and donating them, then they cut the acetate to size and fit it in house, just call your local hospital and ask for the “physics and chemical engineering dept”....I dropped a note in the box too telling them to peel it then run it under the tap to kill the static first otherwise it will attract dust from the moon, they probably have something to do it so just in case 😁

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