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Wednesday 8th

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  • Wednesday 8th

    Morning all

    Another beautiful day and I will be stuck in the stock room sorting my stock boxes and doing a stock take. Going to clear the way first by unpacking pip boxes and clearing away ones I have hung onto. Piles of cardboard ready for the recycled bin today and even have a box at the side full, hope they collect. The planters arrived packed in large boxes plus another box inside.

    Going to put some of my older stock on fleabay mainly because want the room. Folksy has gone very quiet.

    Loads of post yesterday still have a few overdue items but only a couple of days not a full week as the others that arrived.

    Hugs to anyone that needs it, take care x

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    Morning all....
    Bright and sunny here again so far, forecast good.

    Not much doing today. Got the grass cut yesterday and the edges strimmed.
    Went to the park with the dog we go there every second day but go on the football field at the top, no one else goes there. On the way down we drop by Carols, the old dear a couple of doors down to see if she or her husband need the shop as we are passing it. Usually a loaf or “The Sun” paper, she always leaves the money in a jar on the step, it stays there, if we can’t pay for a small loaf or newspaper every couple of days for someone elderly who is obviously not flush.....what world are we living in? Before this we’d pass in the street, swap pleasantries, only since we’ve given the door a knock do we know her name is Carol, after 25 years, sad but true, anyway, a couple of us look out for them each day at some point so it matters not.

    Cut a few more nurse cuts, one went to the girl next door, a paediatric nurse at the local hospital, one to a nurse in a hospital at Stoke.The image is getting out to various parts of the country by various group members on t shirts, drinking flasks, framed etc so that’s a good thing to be part of.

    Have a goodun all, stay safe


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      Morning all! Dry, still, quite warm but no sunshine yet. Forecast is for cloudy most of the day with a few hours of sun early afternoon.

      Yesterday - took 2½ hours to do the shopping instead of the usual 40 minutes or so, but at least it's done. Standing outside Boots for 35 minutes, then 10 minutes inside while they searched for my requirement (lady serving not a regular at the shop and unfamiliar with layout) aggravated the back muscles. Supermarket shopping was surprisingly quick, but still had to go to the local village Co-op for one of the items for my quarantined couple. Went upstairs to sort through a last small pile of papers for school donations and ended up doing another couple of hours clearing boxes, shifting stuff, sorting, repacking, moving small bits of furniture and storage around. Now have another half a dozen files of calligraphy stuff, four or five files of cross stitch patterns, likewise lace patterns and prickings and a large number of files of complementary therapy course work and notes to be sorted and cleared.

      Today - back is still complaining about the amount of strain it had yesterday, so a day off from standing, moving and handling and will do things from the armchair. Will likely start on clearing some of the files I turfed out yesterday, I expect the cross stitch files will result in a new project or two so I'll end up with yet more WIP to clutter up the area near my chair! Had to laugh when tv news reported someone was saying cats should be kept in now - they obviously don't know cats! Need to learn to keep the kids and the moronic, selfish so and so's in first!

      Caroline - hope your stocktaking is straightforward and doesn't take too long; take care of your back. Glad the planters arrived - we need pictures when they are in position and planted up.
      Mo - glad you managed a decent walk yesterday; with this current lovely weather it's great to be able to enjoy the countryside and wildlife without the normal pressures of work and other time constraints.
      Dave - how did your day go? Assuming you got everything done - grass, nurses, dog walk etc.
      Hope the "bit rough" feeling didn't return and no signs of any respiratory probs today.
      See you posted while I was bashing the keyboard and all is well -
      Shelley - another busy day for you yesterday but now you have a lovely garden where you can relax and enjoy the spring weather. Hope you got everything done and enjoyed the beans on toast.



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        Morning all.

        Overcast at the moment but the clouds are trying to disperse and the sun is trying it's best to poke through. Good forecast maybe 22 deg yay.

        Got the ingredients out for meatloaf tonight, will do us a couple of days. Might have a go at some bread this morning now I have the flour. Will do a few photos of some bowls for Pete to get on line.

        Any shopping trip is somewhat extended now Linda but it's not too bad here. A couple of the supermarkets make you queue up outside and the Chemists. Heard today that Boots want to restrict prescription collections to one at a time per person so that people collecting for several people have to get one then go to the back of the queue again. How bonkers is that ? One person collecting 5 has to be quicker than 5 people collecting one each. Those poor people who are doing the community a favour by collecting for the housebound and elderly are going to be there all day. Big outcry on the radio so maybe they will change their minds or think of a another way around it.

        Feeling the lack of exercise. As much as the shop was too much physically sometimes, on my feet for 8/ 9 hours a day, lifting heavy bags, up and down ladders etc I have too little now mostly sat at the computer or my desk doing stuff. Makes my back ache just as much so enjoy the hour or so walks we do. Maybe I need to some stretching exercises every morning as well, but by the time I remember I'm up, showered and dressed and the opportunity seems to pass me by. Need to be more strict with myself.

        The strain of covid that animals have had for ages doesn't transmit to humans apparently, just another scare, fake news story to add to the worries of the scared.

        You are really bashing out the cuts there Dave. Well done for looking after that elderly lady.

        Hope the stock take goes well Caroline and you manage to enjoy a bit of the nice weather.

        Stay safe everyone.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening all,

          Its been another beautiful day here, high of 24, hardly any breeze. Laundry out on the line - sheets and pillowcases - dried in 3 hours.

          Glad to see everyone has been up to the usual.

          Caroline you must of seen some of the good weather in and out of the garage? Tomorrow promises to be just as good if not better, maybe a chance for you to get out then.

          Well done Dave, nice to know there are still some gooduns out there. Glad your still finding time for more cutting.

          And you Linda, well done for doing your bit with the shopping for your quarantined couple. You deserve a day in the armchair.

          Mo getting used to the swing of things now I sure hope the meatloaf was loaf shaped, that monstrosity on FB was horrible

          Today another afternoon in the garden, pottering about, now just little bits and pieces to do. Lounger cushions found and aired, ready for tomorrow. I should be doing some HW but it can wait till it rains

          Take care all and stay home and stay safe.