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Saturday 4th

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  • Saturday 4th

    Morning all! Bright and sunny with very little breeze, but still cool at the moment.

    Yesterday, got on with the craft decluttering and got through another two or three boxes and baskets. Now have another box of stuff for the school and still more to sort, and a bit of space appearing on the shelves. Also cleaned the windows and windowsills upstairs at the front, so satisfied I'd done enough h/work LOL! Learned a new trick as bank card reader informed me "battery low" so investigated and discovered how to change the batteries. Usual stuff on laptop and more knitting.

    Today, hoping to get outside and do some more tidying and clearing of vegetation. Have finished knitting all the bits of the cardigan so some blocking to do before I start stitching, but only if I feel like doing it. Rest of the day will be a go with the flow day.

    Caroline - hope you're OK today and nothing untoward stopped your early posting
    Mo - agree it's totally immoral to ask those still doing their usual work (plus any extra because of the current situation) to take a pay cut - especially as they're likely to be on low income anyway.
    Dave - got a routine established with dog walking, helping neighbours and cutting? Hope all are well in your neck of the woods.
    Shelley - glad your food supply situation appears to be getting sorted and you have got an online delivery lined up. We'll need to go to Barton for milk in the next day or so (only the small Tesco there that stocks the preferred sort of milk).

    HAGO & BBL

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    Good morning all.

    The sun is finally breaking through, it's still a bit nippy though.

    We live in a very quiet spot in general and love it but I have noticed how extra quiet it is. Never really registered that there was background noise from the road which is some way away from the house and the boys in the factory next door are mostly working indoors and certainly not at full tilt. Probably no one in there today and it's silent bar the birds twittering away. It's very restful sometimes but if I am on my own I have the radio on I don't like it absolutely silent in the house, Pete prefers silence all the time.

    Glad you got your shopping organised Shelley, must be such a relief to you. We are trying to stay to a routine, even if it's a bit more relaxed. Getting up at a reasonable hour most days, showering, getting dressed, perfume, hair may miss off the makeup unless I'm going out to the shops or docs. Never been the sort to slop around in PJ's or have a duvet day.

    We are both going to work on computer stuff today. Sorting photos, making a slide show and starting on some more promotion. I sorted out the jewellery yesterday and there are some really nice pieces there so may try and have a destash sale on line when I can get some photos done. It's all stirling silver with handmade lampwork or semi-precious stones so not cheap but willing to get my money back for materials as I'm never going to be resurrecting the jewellery business and a bit of extra income would be nice, or I will wear it myself LOL Took apart the pieces I thought were not worth it and saved the silver and components.

    We have a weekly dial in at Shaw Trust or those that need to ask anything, require help or just need to chat with someone. Not compulsory but they will also update us on the business.

    Well done on the decluttering Linda and enjoy the nice weather .......... sun's gone in here now, boooo.

    Have a good day all stay safe.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all

      Totally forgot to post this morning, did all the catch up then got distracted. I am fine thank you Linda.

      Have just finished 4 pin cushions plus the one from yesterday. Should have been 6 but had a disarsster and only enough fabric for 1. Still will wait and see if they go then can always do some more. Waiting for the pellets.

      Had no post for 2 days and a lot of things should have been delivered in the past week. Will see if we get anything today, wait until Monday then have to contact the sorting office. Don't want to ask the suppliers just in case sitting somewhere. Could be the Jubilee centre in Guildford. Know have something coming today as got a text but could only be the van.

      Sister is driving me mad about shopping orders. She is over 80 so gets priority but finding the supplies hard. She thought she may have a delivery from Iceland but they do not delivery to Godalming (the dogs eat fish cooked daily). suggested that she ask her son in Horsham if she can have it delivered there and Martha, wife who is still at work could drop off the next day. She only works down the road from my sister. So have a headache after 6 phone calls yesterday. Just waiting for them to start today. I know she is panicking as running out of stuff but has a delivery on Monday from Waitrose, suggested she add some things to that but thinks they may question what she is spending. Oh the joys of getting old, her husband has got annoyed with her so muggins here has to deal with it.

      Pleased about your money situation Mo although not enough as you said better than nothing. We got paid end of the month, worried that they may not send but BT have it on automatic and can be checked by the finance people from home.

      Keeping busy Dave?

      Shelley pleased about your shopping just take it easy and no more attempts at arson.

      HAGO and BBL x


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        Afternoon all, sunny here but there’s a cool breeze....

        Catching up on the local group, everyone has noticed how much traffic we have, even general business vans, one that was a mobile dog wash, one that fits blinds??...what lockdown!
        Nothing much more to report, bit of cutting later on, walked the dog, Amy has done her usual Facetime....even in lockdown there’s no getting rid of these kids...and their kids 😆😆
        I’m like you Mo, need some noise when I’m working, usually put Bluetooth headphones on and listen to Absolute 60’s so I don’t bother Sue...good news on the money front, something is better than nothing, times like this bring the resourcefulness out of people.
        Right, got a nurse cut to start from Sara at Wildchild, in the style of the girl in the “We can do this” poster.



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          Afternoon all,

          Sunny and warm with a cool breeze here.

          Linda well done on the decluttering and its always good to learn something new Hope you get out and potter around in the garden. We can only get gold top at sainsburys too, but sometimes he has to make do with blue milk as he calls it cos its sad it has no cream, funny man

          Mo, glad to hear life will not be too difficult now you are on furlough, there's a word most of us have probably never used till now. Life is definitely different nowadays. It is quieter here too but still too much traffic for my liking out there, mostly vans and trucks, but still a lot of cars. The wood shop nextdoor has electric saws, planes and other noisey tools, that have gone, the industrial estate behind us and down about 30 ft is also gone quiet, there were some manufacturing units. Birds singing and a bit of traffic now.
          Hope the computer work goes well and you can sell some silver bits.

          Caroline, pin cushions sound lovely and useful. Sorry to hear about your sisters problems with the online shopping, it can be frustrating if you aren't sure whats going on. Many a time I have been thankful that I jumped on the computer bandwagon all those years ago and so can do almost everything online and use the computer for other things too.
          Hope your deliveries arrive.

          Definitely no more fire starting here!! We do have a spark guard but only tend to use it with wood, never usually have a problem with coal. Might have to start using it again for a bit till the shock has worn off

          The weather here is calling me out into the garden, I will go and make a start in a minute. Start off with a small bit and see how I go. Filled the bird feeders earlier and although the sun was warm the breeze although gentle wasn't warm.
          My new statement butterfly die arrived, going to have good look later, they are similar to the big one I use for my butterfly cards but it is a triple layer one, so it has more possibilities.

          No real plans for later in the day, will just see how it goes, have several projects to choose from, something simple for dinner and then feet up maybe with a movie and some crochet.

          Have a good day everyone and enjoy the sun if you can, stay safe.



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            Evening all.

            Sunny eventually but not as warm we expected today, hoping for better tomorrow.

            We have spent the entire day working on the computers. Pete has made a video for the Craft in Focus Virtual Wisley Craft Exhibition, huge learning curve. I had a go the other day and it was pants LOL I have had a day of organising a few thousand photos, moving them into files I can recognise, deleting duplicate and old files and generally tidying them up. Hopefully now I can find what I want. It was rather like me having my 45 drawer craft chest and when I wanted to put something away I randomly pulled out a drawer and chucked it in. Still a fair bit to do but so much better than it was. Now have aching shoulders, back and a numb bum. Some good has come from being furloughed though.

            Tomorrow I'm having a day off. We need bread and milk so may have to pop out.

            A parcel arrived this afternoon. Our dear daughter has sent her 'Ma' ( that's me ) a bag of wholemeal flour and some dried yeast, bless her. Can't get flour anywhere. Have half a bag of white, plain and SR, but that's it. Plenty of toilet roll around now, but just can't shread it fine enough to bake with !!!!

            Have a good evening all.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Video MO mentioned
              "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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                Mo, saw your "food parcel" on FB, bread on the go?

                I did that the other day with my card pictures, made a file ALLCARDSHERE and scoured my PC for card pictures and put them all in one place. Then another file called CARDABC because some I have cropped or otherwise manipulated and so have given a name instead of the generic one the camera gives, as there were doubles I put all the named cards in this file. Now I can lay my hand on any card quickly. A few more to crop, etc and move there, but the majority done.

                I did a couple of hours in the garden, it was quite warm in the sun and the breeze had warm up. I managed to do about half of what needs to be done so not bad. Going to get Simon to help with a couple of heavy bits in a minute then tomorrow I can carry on with the other bits.

                I had a sit in the sun to have a break about half way through and was amazed how many birds and a squirrel came to visit the feeders, as long as I sat still they didn't seem to mind.

                I turned over a biggish patch of ground and now the sparrows are picking it over.

                Have a good evening all.



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                  Thats excellent Mo and Pete, well done. It should attract business. Is just generic music or someone you know?


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                    Well, it sounds like everyone has had busy and productive days. Mine was so busy I completely forgot to say that yesterday I had a text message arrive out of the blue from a very satisfied customer and saying she hoped to purchase more chutney later in the year as she was just finishing a jar of beetroot & Carolina Reaper chilli with her cottage cheese wrap for lunch. I don't know the lady, so to get that praise put a big smile on my face



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                      Oh bravo Linda, nothing better than unsolicited praise out of the blue from a stranger.

                      I have just come in from the final stint in the garden with Simon helping lift and move the heavy stuff, need to think about some food, these first few evening after the clocks go forward always catch me out and we end up eating a bit late.




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                        Originally posted by Lilly42 View Post
                        Thats excellent Mo and Pete, well done. It should attract business. Is just generic music or someone you know?
                        Generic, so many tracks to choose from on this site, Lumen5.

                        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.