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Friday 3rd

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  • Friday 3rd

    Morning all

    Good grief Shelley that could have been really bad, you must have both been so deep in what you were doing. At least you are both safe a rug is replaceable.

    Suddenly remembered yesterday my year end. Got everything printed and sorted just need to wait for the portal to open on the 6th, can enter the pathetic figures, submit and that is it for another year. Should get a rebate as had some ppi back and they deducted tax as not in the tax bracket I want it back as almost £500.

    Starting the sewing today, I promise. Have to pop to the post box before brekkie as had another order. Only a chip purse key ring but a sale.

    HAGD, stay safe & BBL x

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    Morning all! Cooler this morning, but dry and not much breeze. Bit of sunshine wouldn't come amiss, but thankful for small mercies.

    Yesterday, after my jaunt out for shopping in the morning the rest of the day was back to what has become the norm and I spent time in the armchair, on the laptop and watching rubbish TV. In the afternoon heard what I thought was a tractor racing down the road, but the noise didn't abate - turned out to be a chap on a motor mower cutting the grass verge outside our house - followed by another chap with one of those garden vacuum machines. Bit of a surprise as, although the land officially should be maintained by the Council, this is the first time in 21 years anyone in an official capacity has done the work. They were contractors rather than direct employees so can only assume they've been re-deployed from other work; they did an excellent job and OH went out to thank them.

    Today, I have cleaned the kitchen and pondering on what I can do today that might be productive - might try and do a bit more sorting and decluttering. Looking forward to a bit of warmth and sunshine at the weekend which might encourage me to go out and do a bit more in the garden. Went to the window and clapped again last night - there were a couple of pan bashers along the road, but didn't appear to be as many people taking part as last week.

    Caroline - the joys of a small business means it doesn't usually take long to do the end of year figures Hope you get your rebate from HMRC fairly quickly - always used to get mine within a few weeks of submitting the return.
    Mo - good job on sorting the stock room; I do mine on a regular basis, but after the end of the winter season of events I like to do a major deep clean and sort out. Agree that the silver is probably of more value as scrap than recycling/destash selling.
    Dave - not got to fb yet so haven't seen if you've finished the latest cut, but sure it won't be far off.
    Shelley - we do filter our chip pan cooking oil - it's just that OH seems to want to change it more frequently than I think necessary - and it's me that has to find it and buy it so I'm always aware that if I buy another bottle I need to cut back on something else that week. Must have been very scary to turn round and see flames from the fire! Glad you got it extinguished and there's no damage to people and little to furnishings. Do you have a fire guard you can use?



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      Good morning all.

      Overcast but not too chilly. Looking forward to the warmer weather at the weekend.

      Well we have been furloughed, not unexpected and seems it's just the front line retail. All the directors and upper management are having their salaries reduced by 20% too and they are asking the rest of the paid staff still employed to volunteer to do the same. I'm sure the directors can easily manage on 80% of their salary, some of their admin, care and support staff may not ! Whilst I'm grateful for not being laid off due to the government funding us, we are not actually working now and I think it's a cheek asking those still in work to have their income reduced. They are also asking them to reduce their hours or job share if possible. I had a wobble yesterday about it all but fine this morning again. Last conference call this morning for anyone to ask questions.

      I need to agree each day to do something positive and productive, go for a walk if possible and relax a bit more.

      OMG Shelley you were so lucky to catch the fire in time and most importantly no damage to you all. Hope the smoke hasn't impacted on your breathing.

      Another sale Caroline and an order for Dave, great news.

      Have a good day all and stay safe and well.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all.....
        Bright and sunny here...

        Just got back from walking the dog, went to the Co-op, shelves half empty but short staffed.
        Cutting again today, got a few to post out, no post offices locally as they are in shops that have closed due to the quarantine issue, not important, they'll wait.
        Fetched the quiche and Victoria sponge from 86’D yesterday, they are whoppers, now cut up and sitting in the freezer.
        Nothing more to report really, all very quiet here 🤷🏻‍♂️

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          Afternoon all,

          Its been mostly sunny here and milder.

          Caroline glad you remembered in time to do your paperwork, hope you get your rebate quickly, always worth having a boost to the income, even more so in these times.

          Linda, must have been a nice surprise to have the verge cut, wonder if they will keep it up? Your wish for better weather will be filled this weekend it supposed to be 18-19 c in the south with 16c further north. Its is going to be brilliant on sunday with rain late in the evening.

          Mo, well at least now you know whats going on and you can just relax with no phone calls or FB pages to do. I am guessing 80% of wages will go almost as far seeing as no petrol in the car or other work related costs. Enjoy They do say a routine is one of the best things at the moment, I am trying to keep to my normal routine especially when it come to going to bed and getting up, I could all too easily slip into the night owl cycle, which is ok but will be difficult to get back to normal.

          Dave, oh I get it now - ladies faces, with lots of hair, not the faces - the ladies, got it enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

          Today I finally managed to do an online shop, also the government delivered their food parcel and my repeats were delivered. At last the world is coming to my door
          The food parcel is not bad actually, some potatoes, carrots, apples and mandarins and bread fresh. Tins of tomato soup x 4, tins of beans x 2, sliced peaches x 1, corned beef x1, a tin of tuna and a large tin of mushy peas (yack). Some spaghetti, uncle ben rice, box of ready brek, and a jar of pasta sauce. A bag of assorted coffee and tea sachets and small packets of biscuits. Bars of soap and some liquid soap and joy of joys 2 rolls of loo roll.

          It took about 2 hours to do the online shop, mostly held up by the bank, they were so busy it took about 7 or 8 goes to verify the card, TSB have been having some outage problems. But sorted now and I have a delivery arriving between 9pm and 10pm on Sunday, it was cheaper and I would rather it was later instead of early. Sunday was the earliest, but with the food parcel and the cat food in the cupboard we will be ok. Cats will have have to go without their breakfast milk till then but they will be ok.
          I was going to go out this afternoon but not now, boy I am glad I checked to see if I had been given priority slots. So now I am sorted and won't have to go anywhere now. Happy dance here. I was feeling stressed about having to go to the shops, so now I can just relax.
          I have managed so far to avoid the bug and now as it peaks and the people are still out there milling about in groups and pairs I can stay safe and snug in our ARC ( the name of our business is ARC Electronics)

          Need to sort out some projects for the next few days, haven't made a start on the flowers yet, so thats probably on the list, more colouring, crochet, tapestry and whatever else takes my fancy.
          Gardening over the next few days too.

          Turnout for hand clapping was rubbish, one person up the road clapping, one other down the road banging a pot, some car horns and ships horns.

          Enjoy the rest of the day and have a good evening.



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            Shelley, 80% is miles better than being laid off and we are in a much better position than lots for which I'm very grateful but my salary no longer pays the rent, council tax or my phone. We use little fuel in general as I'm only about 6 miles from work and with no tuition, demonstrations or events things are tight but manageable. We will be less wasteful, not that we waste much, and more inventive with food for a start.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.