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Thursday 2nd

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  • Thursday 2nd

    Morning all, cold but dry here. Been in and out of the garden depends on what direction the wind is coming from. Started off okay then all of a sudden froze got in side quickly.

    Grocery delivery today, some items missing some subs but so grateful for what we have got.

    Got the new design of a pin cushion and scissor holder ready. Similar to a mini door stop. Have to wait for the poly pellets but should be here for the weekend, so I can finish. thought if I get the embroidery part done, the filling and hand sewing will not take long.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, cool and breezy. Might get a light shower of rain early evening, and strong gusts of wind predicted for most of the daylight hours.

    Yesterday, rang a couple of the neighbours to make sure they are OK, otherwise it was a lot of nothing much carried out in and from the armchair.

    Today, have been out to the local town in eastward direction, as heard the pound shop type premises are open and needed a couple of bits of toiletries and dishwasher stuff. Got more cat food as they had a good supply of the right sort, got toiletries, dishwasher stuff and a couple more food bits. It seems cooking oil is the new toilet roll, as none to be found - just as OH keeps rabbiting on about replacing the oil in the chip pan; I'm trying to deter him for a few more days as it will take almost all the oil I have in house. About a 30 mile round trip, but the car needed a good run and it was pleasant to be out without too much traffic around. Not sure what else to do today.

    Caroline - sounds like you've managed to deal with your recent wobble and getting creative again.
    Mo - how did the stock room sort out go? Find any little forgotten treasures?
    Dave - managing to find things to keep you occupied? Any more cuts planned?
    Shelley - saw the cards on fb yesterday and liked them. They look beautiful all boxed up How did you get on with the flowers?



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      Morning all....
      Keeps going bright then dull but its dry and mild.
      Got to go and pick up the quiche and Victoria sponge today, also need to go to the greengrocers. I’ll pick up a box of assorted veg but drop by the old couple four doors down and see if they want anything from it, he is high risk, she has to walk everywhere, the shop is a mile away so if it helps, got to do an egg run soon so I’ll grab a few trays, old couple can have some and I grab Julie next door a tray, she’s a paediatric nurse at the Princess Royal Hospital so its the least I can do.

      Yes Linda, new cut on the go, forgotten I’d got it, it was sent to me from Rebecka at Utah after I’d done the other three, ladies faces, loads of hair? She’s called
      “Winter Solstice”....who cares, nothing else is “ normal” either at the minute 🤷🏻‍♂️😆
      Apart from all that, nothing else going on..
      Have a goodun’ all, stay safe...



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        Morning all.

        Lovely sunny day at the moment and not too cold.

        Had a call first thing from my doctor to ask if I could go in for a blood test at 10am. She said they were having the calm before the predicted storm and wanted to do as much non Covid stuff as they could when they had a minute. One in the lobby, knock on the door, nurse comes out to test your temperature then sit on one of the 4 chairs spread around reception as far apart as they could. Lots of sanitiser used at every turn. No hanging about though which was nice and I was back in time for the morning conference call.

        All paid staff have to dial in for another call at one o'clock today. Sure they will Furlough us all but I think legally they have to discuss it with us directly before they implement it. No point in making anyone redundant while the government is paying the wages. Will see what they say.

        Clear out of the stockroom was a job well done. Have so much more room in there now, not because we threw so much away, although there were some casualties, but because we tidied up everything and put it all back where it belonged. At the end of the event season the last thing you want to do is sort through everything so it's always a job for the new year before the first show which would have been in five weeks.

        All done now except for a bag of jewellery I have been ignoring for years. I either need to sell in a destash or strip it down saving the silver for recycling and the beads for future use. Probably get more for the silver scrap then I paid for it originally it was made so long ago. Some I might just keep and wear. Also found jewellery stands I will never use again and a few other bits and pieces. Think this could be by job this afternoon.

        See you have your mojo back Caroline and Dave is still cutting.

        We have cooking oil but still no Flour or J Cloths. Seems to be different which ever town you go to. Having done my one trip out to the shops a week I didn't want to trail around the supermarkets again so went straight back home this morning.

        Stay safe enjoy any good weather you may have in your area.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening all,

          Dry, dull but not too cold here today.

          Caroline, see, it didn't take you long before you were off and running again Glad to see your ideas mill is running again and your deliveries have been reasonably normal.
          I am still waiting for a priority delivery slot from Sainsburys, I am eligible just waiting for my text message to get the ball rolling. I have my letter in fact they sent me another one this morning, I have registered on the Government's site to say I am vulnerable, so have fulfilled the requirements.
          I am going to have to go out again tomorrow at 8am for some bits. I have spoken to the chemists and my repeats will be delivered.

          Linda glad you got your supplies in. If you have some coffee filters or a jelly bag (mind you It might never be the same again) you can filter the oil, I do this 2 or 3 times with mine as it takes 3 litres to fill it from scratch. If you filter it you can then just top it up with fresh.

          Dave you are doing well for scrummy food. It might be me, (easily confused) but I am at a loss as to what lady's facial hair, the solstice, a new cut and normality have to do with each other.
          Well done on the deliveries, I am sure they are much appreciated.

          Mo glad to hear your docs is doing their best to keep up with things. Good to hear your stockroom sorting went well, sadly I think stripping it down would be the best, you could just sell it for the value of the silver which must have risen so not a complete loss and you will have some lovely beads and findings which might be useful.
          How did the one o'clock dial in go? On paid furlough?

          Today slept a bit late, got up an hour later than usual, I have been trying to keep to my routine so its not so hard when we get back to normal, but once in a while is ok.
          Then Simon surprised me by getting up earlier than normal, so I took the opportunity to get in to the bedroom and sort out the laundry and make the bed.
          After that I went into my craft room and started on sorting it out, finally put the last bits of xmas away under the stairs. Then tidied and sorted lots of bits and pieces that were just piled up on my desk, now you can see my desk and the floor. There was a huge birds nest of tapestry wools, embroidery cottons and soft embroidery threads. Once my desk was cleared i just tipped them all out and sorted them. I have 64 drawers about 4-5 inches square that they live in so put them in their drawers arranged by colour and type.

          Only thing left to do is sort and file a pile of papers, but will do that when I finish the paperwork for the VAT at the end of April, so next week or so.

          Easy supper tonite, some left over spag bol, pitta bread and cheese.

          I found a pattern for face masks and sorted out a nice bright piece of tie dye (from my friend who dyes it) and will make a start on making myself a face mask. There is new evidence that it does make a difference, which I thought was obvious. So thats my project for tonight, ready to wear to the shops tomorrow.

          Take care everyone, stay home, stay safe.



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            Oh yes forgot about the most exciting and scary thing that happened yesterday evening. Simon and I were both sat at our desks, on our PCs when I turned around to look at him, we sit sort of side by side one in each corner. I saw the most extraordinary thing, well scary really. I took a double take, the hearth rug was on fire.

            So I shouted Simon, Fire and rushed out of the room to the kitchen, emptied the recycle bin on the floor and put some water in it and came back and threw it on the floor. Simon had used the foot stool upside down to put the worst out and the water did the trick. We then bundled the rug up and put it in the metal recycle bin and put it outside.

            The smoke and the smell was horrendous, it was a sheepskin rug, so it was burning hair. About 2 square feet of it was burning. We both couldn't understand how it got so bad without us noticing sooner, just the smell was bad enough. We had to freeze for half an hour with all the windows and doors open to clear the air enough to be bearable.

            Must have been a spark or a lit coal that fell out of the fire, we will never know.

            So now we have no hearth rug but we are ok and the carpet underneath is ok, a tiny bit scorched, mostly wet but dry now. The footstool hasn't fared too well, I will have to recover it. I had planned to with a bit of leather I have that matches the sofa and chairs. So another project to keep me busy.

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              No Shelley, she is one from a set of ladies faces, no facial hair, just lots of the regular stuff and a “Winter solstice” cut at the beginning of spring isn’t the most topical thing I could have done really...that said though, someone has also just asked for a witch in a broomstick...hardly halloween season either....none so funny as folk!