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Wednesday 1st

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  • Wednesday 1st

    Good Morning and welcome to April.

    Had a major wobble yesterday could not get down to anything, took project boxes out, put them back. Nothing inspired me, no knitting done just slobbed in front of the tv or played games on the iPad. Lee has an upset tummy which is not helping as worried about him, what a time for his IBS to flare up! Did run the dog round and round the garden, he had the zoomies and a good way to burn off the energy, slept for the rest of the afternoon.

    Am I being bad should I be making or just go with the flow. Could not even be bothered to get my journals out but did go through my Pinterest boards for inspiration. Ordered some A4 pieces of crushed velvet, hoping when they arrive they inspire to make some vintage lavender hearts with flowers. even got my inchies box out which is full of flowers, beads, lace etc but no nothing was hitting the spot.

    Got some magazines to read which I have not yet opened may take a look at them, so bad as hate not feeling like doing anything.

    Sorry for the ramble maybe putting it in writing will get me moving. Pin in my kidney area today do not think I drank enough yesterday.

    After all that I hope you are all well and fighting fit, what are you all up to?

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Weather cloudy but dry, little breeze and warmer than near icy temperatures.

    Yesterday took much longer than normal to do shopping, couldn't get everything, had to go to village co-op for the last couple of bits for "my couple". Tripped over a gate brace (painted black and at ground level) as I was entering their premises, landed up on the ground Felt exhausted by the time I got home and sorted stuff out/packed away, so did lots of nothing for the rest of the day. Had a couple of hours soak in a hot bath in the afternoon. Had one of July's events cancelled (was a weekend do and very good for me last year). No gardening, little bit of knitting in the evening.

    Today, bit stiff and bruised in a number of places as a result of yesterday, standing around in queues with no support has triggered my back weakness problems, bruises and abrasions from yesterday's fall are now evident - all minor but could do without them. Nothing specific to do today, just make sure I move around enough to stop everything seizing up. Expect it will be another armchair day.

    Caroline - sorry you had another wobble day - know how you feel - it will pass. Not good about the kidney pain; make sure you have plenty of "through-flow" today and take it steady. Don't feel guilty - everybody needs a break from everything now and again, and while you were doing nothing creative your body was working hard to keep itself in good working order.
    Dave - people are strange creatures, but feel so sorry for those small local businesses wearing themselves to a frazzle to help other carry on and getting no appreciation for it. Thankfully, so far, all the local businesses working 18 hour days and weekends round here are appreciated in a very public way.
    Mo - Glad to hear your foray out into the world went OK and you managed to get most things. In the stock room today - hope it's not too bad to get sorted and rearranged and all completed today.
    Shelley - did you get the boxes finished? Much progress on archiving the paperwork and clearing the filing cabinet? I know it's sad, but I quite enjoy that kind of work - couldn't do it all the time, but always happy to get in the archives at work and do sorting/clearing as it gave me some time on my own LOL!



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      Morning all...

      Overcast here but dry. Had to let dog out at about 3.30am, obviously been eating that she shouldn’t they do...and needed to “chuck it up again” 😩🙄 and it was surprisingly mild outside 🤷🏻‍♂️.
      Didn’t know what to do for tea but remembered Jamie Olivers vid on making a quick minestrone type soup with tomatoes, cannelloni beans, butter beans, greens, celery, carrots, pasta etc so did a huge pan of that, was great, enough left for some today.
      Last year I bought Sue a lightweight Barbour coat for her birthday, noticed last month that it was letting damp through as the shoulders where her bag and seatbelt had rubbed, it had worn away the wax so it needed rewaxing.....did the whole thing, that was an experience, soon got the hang of it, mine to do next.

      Take care all


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        Good morning all.

        Dull, overcast and still a bit chilly. Enjoyed our walk yesterday though in the sunshine. Need to do it more often.

        Day off today !! No phone in for me. Logged on the computer and nothing important there to read. Maybe something later if they decide to furlough us all.

        Hear on the news that alcohol sales are up by 22% last month. Presumably some of that is because the pubs and clubs are closed but it's so easy for it to creep up on you again. We had cut back a lot in February after the dry January but seems to have gone backwards since then. Must try harder.

        We should be good for 10 days or so for provisions apart from maybe milk and a bit of fresh veg, freezer is full anyway.

        We get conditioned to think we have to do or make something every day, having a 'weekend' shouldn't be a problem. If you don't feel like doing something and you force yourself just for the sake of it chances are you will make a hash of it as your heart isn't in it. Better to walk away and come back another day refreshed and inspired.

        Quite looking forward to our clear out of the stock room today. Wonder how much we will actually clear and not say 'well that might come in useful' and put it back LOL

        I can't see any events taking place before the end of August at the earliest Linda. Think most organisers are banking on a return over the August Bank Holiday. We have one in early July that hasn't been cancelled as yet but not holding my breath on it as that's only about 13 weeks away.

        Hope everyone is not too bored today. Important thing is to stay safe and well.

        Mo XX
        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Afternoon all,

          Its been bright but chilly here today.

          Caroline, we are all entitled to the odd day of just going with the flow, especially in these strange times. I am sure your mojo will return as it has done in the past, then you will go full steam ahead leaving us all in your wake. Drink plenty, don't stress, you will soon be back in saddle.

          Linda, oh my, I do hope you are ok and its not much more than a few bruises and bumps. Take it easy and get better soon. Good plan to have an armchair day. Maybe suggest to owners that they paint the gate stay bright orange

          Dave, at least she got you to let her out, the cats are not so well behaved, especially when they were all young and eating who knows what that they had hunted, your first knowledge they had been sick was often when you had stepped in it in barefoot in the middle of the night.
          Soup sounds good, I made spag bol yesterday with enough for today with rice as chili con carne. Is there a special wax, I imagine there is.

          Mo a day off, sounds funny. Hope the stockroom clearance has gone well, even if you don't throw stuff away you can rediscover and organize it. I would be wary of throwing much away at all, supplies may be slow to come through for non essentials in the future. My craft room sorting is partially for a journey of rediscovery and sorting, not necessarily for getting rid of.

          Today finished sorting the paperwork, I too quite enjoy the office work Linda when I am in the mood for it. I try to do when I am, sometimes though it just has to be done.
          Spent the early part of the afternoon photographing the butterfly cards, cropping and posting them on FB. I haven't posted them here becuase it says I have used up all my space aaarrrrrgggh. So head on over to my FB page to see the latest butterfly cards, similar to the others but different colours and embellishments.

          I got my colouring pencils out a while ago, when I bought the new pencil rolls. I found a picture I had started colouring in years ago and have started on it again for a change of pace. Very relaxing and mindful, they are Prismalo pencils and I got myself a waterbrush when I got the rolls so now its really easy to use the blending feature of the pencils.

          I am also going to work on my flowers that I was going to do before the order for the butterfly cards. So thats me sorted for a while with some tapestry and crochet for a change.

          Take care everyone, stay home - stay safe.


          P.S. Still far too many people out and about for my liking, my nextdoor neighbour who is a timber shop was there today taking in a large delivery and it seemed like he had customers. Looked far too normal for me.
          We have security cameras about the place and I can keep an eye on the outside world without moving from desk, there are just so many people and cars about.


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            Very little thrown away Shelley LOl. A few brooches that are not up to present day standards, some things that we can experiment on but overall mainly things that we really don't know why we saved in the beginning.

            "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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              Yes Shelley, its called “Thornproof wax” by Barbour, there are cheaper ones. You put the tin in red hot water, the wax melts, you dip a sponge in then rub the wax into the coat then you go over it with a hairdryer to give it an even sheen, supposed to do it annually.


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                That sounds sensible Pete, didn't really expect you to chuck loads out, just have a feeling that we need to hang on to what we've got as things might get difficult.

                Having said that I have actually spent money this evening and ordered a new set of dies - but its fab, a large statement triple layer butterfly. Will give me some variation on my butterfly cards. I have seen it about but until today not available in the UK so I jumped on it.

                Have a good evening all and sleep well.