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Tuesday 31st

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  • Tuesday 31st

    Morning all

    Dull and cold here, same as yesterday. Had a good nights sleep and certainly feel better for it. May get more done today.

    How are you all keeping, have a lady on Folksy who has had the covid but getting better now, 2 more days and she should be back to normal. Trying to avoid the news atm but very hard as addictive to watch.

    Not sure what I am doing today, will just go with the flow. Got some Christmas toppers through, yes I did mention the 'C' word may make some tags with them as not too taxing.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright but still cool although not as breezy. Looks like a mixture of cloudy/not cloudy all day.

    Yesterday, erm! hanging around all morning, couldn't settle. Farm shop delivery arrived pm - price of broccoli has doubled since last week, lady from the school had forgotten about collecting craft stuff, but came after I messaged her. Had contact from Parish Clerk re the Mutual Aid group to help a couple round the corner with their shopping; both elderly and self-isolating, and she has serious underlying health conditions; they don't do computer so life difficult for them, have had basic survival box but doesn't contain everything they need. Spoke to the lady by phone and have a list of requirements.
    Craft-wise - did a bit more on the Christmas baubles and some knitting.

    Today, laundry in machine, kitchen and cooker top cleaned, getting ready for this morning's "jaunt" out; Tesco for both lots of shopping, hoping I can get everything there - haven't been since the queuing/one way system started so not sure what to expect other than a wait to get in the shop; butcher's on the way home to collect order; very minor detour in that village to drop off cat food for the rescued cats; local Co-op if necessary; drop off shopping round the corner and sort payment. Will see what temperature outside and my energy levels are like this pm and might do a bit more tidying in the garden.

    Caroline - glad you had a better night's sleep and are feeling much better today.
    Dave - must have had a busy day yesterday as didn't see you post on the thread.
    Mo - phone in again this morning no doubt, made any progress with a faceache page for the shop?
    Shelley - think everyone here is surviving the stay at home much better than many, simply because we have indoor hobbies and don't normally go out all that much anyway. We're lucky that we have quite a bit of space around us so can get fresh air without having to interact with others.



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      Morning all.

      Sunny but cold again and due to warm up to 15 / 16 deg by the weekend, yay !

      Conference call at 10.30 then I have to go into work for the pickup. Need to get a couple of phone numbers too. Post office to get some orders off and Sainsburys run then home again, gloves at the ready.

      Can't get into creating the faceache page, probably because it seems pointless when I'm convinced we will be shut down. There's not exactly a lot to post on it anyway.

      Contacted my volunteers yesterday and had a chat. Sadly one of them, her mother has to go for a lug cancer scan tomorrow, which is very worrying for them both. If they found something untoward you wonder how good the treatment would be for an elderly lady at the moment.

      A good nights sleep can work wonders Caroline. I slept better too. This week I don't feel so unsettled so that is probably helping.

      I do need to get some exercise, spending too much time on the computer. It's my 'day off' tomorrow so we have set it aside to clear out the stockroom and get it all organised and ready for when this is all over, whenever that may be.

      Better get ready for the phone in.

      Have a good day and stay safe and well.

      Mo XX

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all...

        Dull here, very quiet...

        Yes Linda, busy day yesterday. Had read on the local FB group that a shop at the other end of the village, a greengrocery was selling fruit and veg boxes. The usual big display boxes but full of fruit and veg. They were doing deliveries to self isolators if you ordered but as they had gone to many, no one in, some that only wanted half a box because “ Hubby has been out and bought some of it”....they decided to stop the service as people obviously weren’t self isolating.
        Take advantage of people working damned hard to provide a free delivery service trying to help out and you will lose it!
        I went to the shop expecting, just four people in there, packed to the roof with produce. I grabbed a box for a tenner, bag of spuds, carrots, spring cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, bananas, oranges....
        I asked how come the shop was half empty of customers, full of stuff, obviously good value but the Co-op had queues and half empty of produce?.....”That’s all processed food, easier to stockpile regardless of cost, they’d rather that that fresh produce 🤷🏻‍♂️“says it all!
        The girls at 86’D where they ran the “ Stitch n bitch” have started making food to order so for Thursday we’ve ordered a huge butternut squash and goats cheese quiche and a whopping 3 layer Victoria sponge 😆😆..we’ll cut them up and freeze most of it.

        On top of that, had a local contact me for a zodiac sign, framed so that was cut along with “The Plague Doctor” to be picked up today.

        Don’t know what today holds, dog walk is a given, outside of that, might go into the woods at the back and cut the new overgrowth from the fence.
        Keep safe all...



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          Afternoon all,

          Grey with sunny patches but cold and windy.

          Caroline glad to hear you got a good night's sleep,good news about the recovering Folksy person. I have found out someone I know but haven't seen for at least 2 years is in hospital on a ventilator with it. Don't know anymore yet. I did notice they were galavanting around Wales as late as the 17th March, and plant shopping even later, (one of those people who records their life on FB) don't know if that has anything to do with it.
          I am sure the xmas tags will be lovely and by then we should be back to normal and what a good opportunity to build up stock.

          Linda I hope your juant out went well and you took all sensible precautions, don't go putting yourself at risk. Enjoy sometime in the garden.

          Mo, did your run into town for work and groceries go well? Sad news about your volunteer's mum.

          Dave busy again, it does seem thing are rather uncoordinated, some of those fruit and veg would have been gratefully appreciated in the bigger towns and cities. Enjoy your overgrowth chopping.

          Today not much planned, did 2 of the 3 boxes, finishing the last one today. Then I need to spend some time on shop paperwork, end of the month stuff. New tax year tomorrow so will spend tomorrow clearing the filing cabinet and put last years accounts into storage and ready it for this coming year.
          Hope to get it done before the good weather arrives at the weekend, more work on the garden then.

          Take care - stay home and stay safe.



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            Afternoon all.

            Conference call this morning was 25mins about zilch. Think tomorrow they will be talking about Furloughing us. Big bosses having a meeting about it today. 80% of our salary is better than being laid off and having nothing at all. Think the wine will have to stop though LOL

            Collector picked up on time and the trip to the post office and Sainsburys was fine. Orderly queue in the car park all stood behind our 6ft markers, one out, one in. Toilet rolls no problem, but flour and yeast was non existent as were J-cloths. You can't buy more than three of any one thing either which is great so you get most of the essentials you need. People were in various stages of protection. Lots of gloves, as I did, and some with face masks. Two had face masks but no gloves ? Trying to remember to put on some hand cream every time I wash my hands all this soap is playing havoc with my skin.

            We went for a walk in the grounds this afternoon which was just lovely, only about an hour but my hips were starting to protest. We have 60 acres here which we really should make more use of and my hips would get used to it with any luck.

            Day off tomorrow so a day of clearing out the stock room.

            Hope you get the paperwork done Shelley before the weekend. Looking forward to the warmer weather too but supposed to rain next week as well. Can't have it all ways I suppose.

            Have a good evening all.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.