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Monday 30th

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  • Monday 30th

    Morning all

    Not sure what happened yesterday started the Sunday thread with a long spiel of rubbish. Gone in a click of a button!

    Anyway did a lot of nothing yesterday, did clean the bathrooms and cloakroom just the dusting and glass to do this morning. First though going to defrost the top 2 shelves in the freezer. They are more blocks of ice than any useful space. Do not know why as the rest defrosts itself really well. Going to put some empty plastic boxes at the back of each shelf in the hope it discourages the iceberg forming. Cold in the workroom so the food will be safe and should only take about 30 minutes. Quick refreeze and back to normal.

    Dreadful night, awake most of it. Firstly could not get to sleep then when managed about 1:30 just cat napped. Woke up checked the clock 20 minutes you get the drift. Think may be tired today but trying not to dose off in the pm as think that could be half the problem. Will have to stand and open the casement door to get a blast of cold air to wake me up.

    Everyone round here is being good and not a soul on the roads. Had another sale on Saturday, posted yesterday early. Checked the local shop and very quiet did not go in so have no idea what the stock levels are but they are wearing masks and gloves to serve and fill shelves. May take a reccy on Thursday if I do not get my cream crackers, running low.

    Lights almost went off just now, oh joy a puff of wind and we end up in darkness. Better sign off before I lose this post.

    Hope you are all well, take care x

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    Morning all! Much brighter this morning and still dry, but also very chilly and quite breezy. Low probability of rain today and gusting winds have calmed down, so a bit more like spring.

    Yesterday, did do a bit more sorting of craft stuff and packed what I had in a couple of boxes ready for the school to collect this afternoon. Finished the decorative bit of a small cross stitch WIP and lots more knitting and crochet as well as the never ending family tree. Local butcher's messaged re my order and that's sorted (minus the chicken pies and scotch egg) for collection tomorrow.

    Today, OH has already gone off to Barton for shopping (announced late yesterday he was going to go shopping - after I had arranged a couple of delivery/collections for tomorrow). He has a detailed list and strict instructions to not bring any alternatives. I've got to go out tomorrow so will have to see what I can get if we're still short of stuff. School collection and farm shop delivery this afternoon. Plenty of needle and yarn stuff and family tree to keep me going.

    Caroline - was getting worried about you yesterday as saw you were here first thing, but no post; glad you're OK and it was technology playing up. Not sure cleaning bathrooms and cloakrooms counts as a lot of nothing! I know about those bad nights; hope that yours was a blip and you do much better tonight.
    Mo/Pete - minds teeming with creative ideas for new items or coping with tedious photographing and uploading to web site/online shops? Hope the effort brings in some sales.
    Dave - still getting out and about with Flo? How is Sue doing - does she have plenty to keep her occupied at home (apart from the never ending HW)?
    Shelley - sorry about the confusion I've completely lost it now I don't even get out regularly for the weekly shopping and the calendar is totally blank of appointments etc. The people who say just give the food to the cats and they'll eat it are obviously not cat carers; many years ago one of our gravely ill cats was at the vets for three weeks and wouldn't touch any of the food they gave him (soon got back to normal when he was home though!).

    HAGO & BBL


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      Morning all.

      Cold and overcast this morning but the sun is trying its best to come out, glad I'm indoors. Small chance of rain later.

      Shaw Trust day so logged on to computer and printed off my letter of authority to be out and about when I have to go in to let the stock collector do his bit. Should be today or tomorrow but the message this morning said things may change, what a surprise. Conference call at 10.30 can last up to an hour, thank goodness its a freephone number. Must check up on the volunteers today and may start the Faceache page.

      Pete did a supermarket run yesterday, few people in there and got most of what we needed. I will pick up the rest and go to the post when I have to call into work rather than make special journeys. Baked a couple of cakes yesterday, a seed cake and a banana, chocolate and walnut loaf. very delicious they were too. Had to have a taste as never made them before. Comfort food and not good for the diet. Think it's a case of trying to maintain my weight while I'm at home, at least the shop gave me exercise with all the lifting, bending and lugging stuff about.

      Sold two of the needle cases yesterday which was nice.

      On my day off Wednesday we are going to give the stock room a good clear out. It's something we would have had to do before the first show anyway so a good time to get ahead and organised. I'm sure there is lots of stuff we are never going to use and other stuff we have forgotten we had. It will take the two of us a day but then it's done for the rest of the year if we are a bit more careful and controlled with what we throw in there.

      That's so annoying Caroline when you lose a post. Happened to me a couple of times and I have no idea why. I managed to stay awake in front of the TV last night and slept better too. Hope you do better tonight.

      Hope your OH manages to get all you need Linda.

      Hope everyone is managing not to get too bored. We are luckier than most, there are so many people who work and then have no other outside interests apart from so******ing and shopping. Couldn't sit in front of the TV all day or watching unending DVD's. Having a practical interest is god for our brains too.

      Well better get ready for the phone in.

      Stay safe and well all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Afternoon all,

        Grey, windy and cold here.

        Caroline, I thought it odd not to hear from you, glad you are ok and it was just a techno glitch. Cleaning the bathrooms and cloakrooms is not a lot of nothing. Hope your boxes in the freezer trick works. Well done on the sale.

        Linda, no problem, was just surprised to see no Caroline and two posts from you, one from the future and the clocks went forward, so it was all together confusing.
        Its so annoying when they don't stop to think you may have plans and just swan off on their own agenda, today Simon was up early (for him) threw my plans out, will have to go and clean the bathrooms after this. Was going to do them while he was asleep, but not now.

        Years ago one of our cats had to have fairly major surgery 3 times in a year or so (broken leg, torn cruciate ligament and then his bladder) I had to go to the vets every evening with his chicken that I cooked for him. He would eat gocat most of the time but had one meal of chicken a day as did 2 other of the 6 cats we had at the time. I would just cook a whole chicken once a week, chop it up and keep it in the fridge. £3 or 4 a week to feed 3 cats is not actually too bad, just the effort needed. You do what is needed.

        Mo, wow a letter of authority to be out, didn't know we needed them yet So true, us crafters are secretly rubbing our hands and thinking about how to use all this free time. Apart from shopping I don't go out much anyway so inside these 4 walls its not much different, feels like a Monday everyday.
        Well done on the sales, not surprised they flew out the door, they are gorgeous.

        Dave busy? hope you are both well.

        Today not much planned, bathrooms to clean, some laundry to do. Made a start on the boxes, hopefully finish those today. Going to do some more crochet and/or tapestry sat in a comfy chair, feet up in front of the fire later.

        Today had the first of this years fledglings, a baby collared dove and one adult on the bird feeders, brought a smile to my face, all downy baby feathers and adult ones too, looked liked a typical scruffy teenager

        Take care all, stay home, stay safe.