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Sunday 29th

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  • Sunday 29th

    Morning all! Popped in earlier, but Caroline was around, so left it for her to post. However, looks like she was thinking along similar lines LOL!

    Weather is blurrrgggghhhhhh! Cold, very gusty northerly wind, overcast and rain likely later.

    Yesterday, finished kitchen floor, but spent the rest of the day based in the armchair. Had to pull down the cardigan sleeves to start of top shaping as decrease figures just weren't right, bits of family tree, bit of crochet. Brother dropped off some boxes of cat food he'd found for me, and I arranged to drop off a bag of "uuurgghhh! that's poison" cat food sachets for a couple who rescue and look after strays/abandoned cats without charitable support.

    Today, discover OH has altered the central heating clock and the microwave clock (first time in years!) - central heating change isn't corresponding with my body's needs yet, so heating has gone on again. Clock on the cooker not done, and car won't have been done, we don't bother to do the one on the dining room wall (wedding present from my parents) as we rarely refer to it.
    Must do a bit more sorting of craft stuff and get it packed ready for collection tomorrow, probably won't stray too far from the armchair otherwise. Local butchers have posted on fb that they need orders 2-3 days in advance as they're struggling to keep up with things, so need to sort my order and get it in to them. Will also offer to bring back any orders for this part of the village - as I don't otherwise go into public areas to exercise, dropping off a bag or two can be incorporated with a walk down the street.

    Delighted to see in the news that one of the morons who spat at police officers claiming he had Covi-19 has been jailed for 12 months. Tests have proven he was wrong, and the officers concerned are not infected. Our frontline staff should not have to put up with such inhuman behaviour at any time.

    Caroline - hope you had a productive day yesterday
    Mo and Pete - loving the needle cases - sadly I already have several inherited from past generations so not needed here. Keep up the production and the new ideas
    Dave - what jobs have been found for you to do today? Still getting walks in/to the park with Flo?
    Shelley - hope you managed to stay isolated from the tangible world yesterday.

    HAGO & BBL

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    Good morning all.

    Sunny but very windy, says 5 deg but feels like 3 deg sounds about right. It's our day off !!!!!! We can't even holiday in a different room as we are open plan LOL Could get a bit of reading done or even some patchwork today. Dinner is yesterdays leftovers so not much to do there except reheat. I was going to make a carrot and banana cake to use up the fruit which is too ripe for me to eat. but low on butter till I can get out.

    Trying to keep busy with making stock in the week. Had lots of nice compliments about the needle cases and sold one straight away. I know the more expensive ones won't sell till we do the high end shows but it's nice to have a variety on line. Pete has made a little optional accessory for some of them, a thread reel and I have also photographed one as a trinket box. Will also do a longer one as a love letter keepsake and pyro something appropriate on it.

    Spoke to #2 daughter in Oman and they are on lockdown for the last three weeks. Two small girls are being home educated but the eldest boy at 18 thinks he can flout the rules and was sneaking out at night to meet his mates. Solution........... Mhairigh took away all his clothes except for his boxers and he won't go out like that and have to explain to his mates what happened. Sorted !

    Hope the sorting goes well Linda.

    Caroline having a day off crafting ?

    Hope you are not too bored Dave.

    Shelley enjoying the freedom to craft, look forward to seeing the end resuts.

    Have a chilled day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      eldest boy at 18 thinks he can flout the rules and was sneaking out at night to meet his mates. Solution........... Mhairigh took away all his clothes except for his boxers and he won't go out like that and have to explain to his mates what happened. Sorted !
      Brilliant! LOL!
      Talk about thinking outside the box!



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        Originally posted by craftdancer2 View Post

        Brilliant! LOL!
        Talk about thinking outside the box!

        Thinking outside the “ Boxers”😩...(Sorry 😁)



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          Afternoon all...

          Bright here but freezing cold...
          Tried to have a lie in, no chance, Flo jumping all over me to go out, thought it was was an hour later 😁
          Sue is hoovering the cars, I waxed them yesterday...
          Cutting today for a bit,
          Not much to report as not much going on. Kids dropped by yesterday to leave Sue’s gifts then went home and talked to her by Facetime...
          Ben and Kate have a new beagle puppy coming soon....already got a grown up one “ Ralph” who has eaten half the house....this one “ Rupert” will finish the other half 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄



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            Originally posted by 3dDave View Post
            Thinking outside the “ Boxers”😩...(Sorry 😁)

            Ha! Ha! I resisted that one - just!



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              Afternoon all,

              Bright and sunny but windy and cold.

              Linda, it was only an hour forward not 24 hours Talk about confusing me. Some of our clocks set themselves correctly, phones, PCs, tablets, etc. The others will get done over the next few days as it becomes more annoying. My car will be right now too, its so fiddly to change I don't bother.
              Glad you got the right cat food and found a home for the "how dare you give me that" poisonous food. People say just keep giving it to them when they are hungry they will eat it...oh no they don't, they will get a take away (mouse) or visit someone else's home for dinner. Or eat 2 mouthfuls and let the rest go off.
              Hope you get your meat order sorted and the craft supplies sorted.

              Mo enjoy your day off!! You will have to put up a room divider, then you can peer round and say hello It must be nice not to know which of the many things that you can do, is what you want to do.
              Smart daughter, that boxed him in The problem is that in the beginning they made such a thing about the young not being at risk of dying, but not mentioning that they can spread it like wildfire.

              Caroline, busy? Have our posts crossed?

              Dave, just goes to show that dogs and cats have got a good internal clock, it will adjust over the days, maybe a lie in next Sunday What a time to get a new puppy, mind you on the other hand 24/7 to train and look after it.

              Not much planned here, finished the cards, now to make the boxes. That is all I have on the order books as it were so I will have a bit of break from cardmaking tomorrow and sort out my craft room. Simon moved the 2 heavy boxes that were holding me up yesterday so full steam ahead.

              I will do some photos of the finished cards and boxes in the next few days and post them on FB.

              Take care everyone and stay in and safe.