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Saturday 28th

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  • Saturday 28th

    Morning all, nippy and dull here today. Have to help Lee later holding the pot of paint whilst he paints the trellis at the top of the fence.

    Made another stitched card yesterday, set up the machine for the fox design. Half way through broke the needle, changed and did not realise the machine had thrown the hoop out so out of alignment. So annoying and gave up at that point.

    Today make Lee's Birthday card, he keeps on and on about it, have I done it yet! At least I can ban him from the sewing room.

    Not much else to report, a fellow Folksy lady now has Covid 19 she works in the admin of an NHS trust. She feels okay just a bit off and the cough is annoying her. Getting worse the news you have to watch but then wish you hadn't.

    HAGD x

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    Morning all....

    Bright-ish here today.
    Washed and waxed both cars yesterday. My neighbour had a parcel delivery, came out with his gloves on to receive his cardboard box..which he made the courier dump on the drive then back away, good idea....”Dave, did you just cough?” ..”Yeah, swallowed a fly” 🙄...random comment but understandable I suppose under the circumstances but to be fair I was about 20ft away 😂

    Did a bit more gardening, couldn’t get Sue a birthday card because only the Co-op was open and have poor cards as it is so had to download a template and get inventive, I hate making birthday cards, much prefer to buy those, was going to get an original painting bespoke framed for her birthday, gallery is closed, florists closed.....we’ll do it all later, not the same thing....
    Hey-ho, day can only get better.

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      Morning all! Well, it was bright and sunny, if cold and breezy when I got up, then it clouded over for quite a while, now it's brightening up again.

      Yesterday, I managed to get 2/3 of the kitchen floor scrubbed, but just couldn't manage the rest as knees, shoulders and wrists started complaining. It's quite a large area, but I'll try and get the last bit finiished today. Had quite a lengthy "rest" in the chair - caught up with emails, did family tree stuff etc - then went upstairs to sort some more paper/card stuff. Messaged a couple of ladies I know at the school to see if they were interested and they are delighted to accept; one of them will collect from me on Monday, so have time to sort some more. They will also make up some packs to go to the children being home schooled, and I have told them there is more stuff to come. Also messaged the farm shop to put in an order for next week.

      Today, not enthusiastic about the kitchen floor, but will get it done. Remembered we have dozens and dozens of pencils in the house, so collecting up handfuls to put in the stuff for school (might have to teach the kids what they are though!). Just remembered I have a big bottle of PVA glue upstairs too, so will pass that on as I'm unlikely to need it. Message from farm shop, they will deliver on Monday pm, debating whether to contact butchers to order or leave it for a few days - we still have adequate stuff in the freezer.

      Caroline - it seems your sewing isn't going as smoothly as it should recently, must be very frustrating, but hope you can get Lee's card made without a hitch.
      Dave - I'm sure you will make Sue a lovely birthday card and she will be delighted with it. Please put a picture on fb when you can, as I'm not likely to get any cards for my birthday next month, so it will be nice to see a special one (hope Sue doesn't mind sharing! )
      Mo - you were right about scrubbing the floor, but it has to be done, so I'll rest up for the next couple of days. Loving the koi design on the needle case and hope someone loves it enough to purchase.
      Shelley - glad you managed to get your shopping done and hope it didn't take too much out of you. Sounds like a satisfying day on the whole and I hope you've had a good night's sleep.

      HAGO & BBL


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        Good morning all.

        Bright and sunny at the moment but the wind is getting up as forecast and there are clouds coming over.

        I will have to go into the shop either Monday or Tuesday to let a driver in to collect the stuff we have put by as instructed last Monday. Housewares for setting up young people in accommodation, apparently there are lots who are not able to go back to their parents and are being given temporary places to stay. Kitchen wares, bedding, cushions etc for them along with toys and games for the kids. Quick open up and close down, apparently allowed as it's charitable work directly linked to the problems caused by the virus. Could do our shopping at the same time to save a journey.

        How annoying Caroline, how dare the machine do that !!

        I have one lady say she would like it so will get it finished and send her a photo. Only one negative comment from a turner in the US saying can't see anyone paying £27.50 for a needle case. Explained this would be the top end as a hand painted collectable and we have other less expensive ones in the shop. Pete has made one longer and narrower as a love letter case for me to decorate, again as a collectable.

        Go on Dave make your dear wife a card, sure she will appreciate it far more than a bought one however lovely it may have been.

        Take care Linda. I dosed myself up with paracetamol to top up the meds for my hips yesterday and managed a better nights sleep, 4 hours solid and another 1.5hours after. Feeling better this morning.

        Really must get into the habit of putting on hand cream after every hand wash my hands are starting to look like an old ladies..................oh yes I am an old lady LOL still need to give them a bit of help though.

        May do a bit more pyro and ink today. Much colder out but the conservatory stays warm in the sunshine.

        Glad you got plenty of groceries Shelley and most people were being sensible. You always get odd one where it's all about them, b***** everyone else.

        Have a good day all, don't go stir crazy.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Afternoon all,

          Sunny but windy and cold.

          Caroline, how frustrating, sometimes its best to just walk away, today is not the day to be sewing. Its a wise move sometimes to just put it off till tomorrow.
          Hope the painting went well, and you make good progress with Lee's card.
          Simon doesn't even think about asking, I have to remind its his birthday for the few days before. On the day he knows its his birthday and is happy with what ever I give him. This year due to the lack of eggs and sugar there was no cake

          Dave, good time for washing cars, just the weather for it. Swallowed a fly indeed I am sure Sue will like yours more than a shop bought one and understand the lack of a present.

          Linda, hope you finished the floor and it didn't take too much out of you. Well done on the contributions, if I had someone who would collect I would have loads of things to share. First thing thats going when its easier to get collections is my jigsaw puzzles, must be about 30 taking up space.

          Mo, good plan do your shopping then, saves journeys out. Thats one way to clear the shop of stuff, sounds even more like a possible closure coming.
          I wouldn't have responded to the complainer from the states, if they can't see the value, no amount of explaining will get it through their skull. Might of said something though just so they don't think you are ignoring them. People often underestimate their own worth when it comes to handcrafted.
          Enjoy time in the sun pyroing ( is that even a word?)

          Today wasted some time this morning getting irritated with the morons outside (you may have seen my FB post ) I had gone out to get the mail from the shop, looked out the windows ( nice big shop windows) the sun was warm so found myself standing watching the idiots behaving as if there was nothing wrong, really no difference. A couple of mums with pushchairs and kids strolling down the road together, young people ambling down the road chatting, a young couple holding hands (now they might live together but then they shouldn't be out anyway together) some young chap hanging around on the steps at the newsagents chatting on the phone. Cars going past in groups of 2 or 3 every 5 minutes. It looked just like a normal Saturday out there, it shouldn't have, should have been tumbleweed blowin down the road. Grrrrrr.

          Tidying up the kitchen linen drawers I found 3 almost full packets of paper napkins, so decided we will go posh and use napkins at dinner instead of the usual kitchen towel square which are getting low. All xmas themed red, green, and poinsettias but I am sure we can cope Sacrifices must be made

          Working on the cards, the fun bit today, putting it all together, although I do enjoy the cutting too, still feels like a bit of magic as it goes through the machine a piece of paper and comes out as something.

          Have a good day everyone, stay home and stay safe.



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            It wasn't a lot of stuff Shelley and all the shops have had to do it. We had to write down the price of each item and send in what amounted to an inventory ( invoice ) so I'm sure there is some sort of payback to the Charity for being so thoughtful ...........

            Mo. XX
            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Oh ok, so not so charitable....

              Read the FB post about the needle case, seems they did see sense and even thanked you for the inro info Good for you.



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                There you go, sorry about the odd colours folks, had to just go with what I’d got..😁..infilled a bit of colour because it was as flat as a pancake otherwise..she loved it.
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                  Well done Dave I am sure she will be happy with the card as handmade always means more than shop bought.


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                    Beautiful Dave, the colors actually work, so well done. I am sure she will love it.



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                      if I had someone who would collect I would have loads of things to share. First thing thats going when its easier to get collections is my jigsaw puzzles, must be about 30 taking up space
                      See if you can contact a local primary school, care home, hospice, orphanage, children's charity etc to offer anything you'd like to donate. Many of them have fb pages, so you could send a pm and if they want to take you up I'm sure they'd be able to arrange collection at some point. Many of the children being home-schooled at the moment are desperate for things to keep them occupied in the house, outside of formal schooling time.



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                        Yes there was one, but they have just stopped collections so I sort of gave up, I will have another look.



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                          Originally posted by 3dDave View Post
                          There you go, sorry about the odd colours folks, had to just go with what I’d got..😁..infilled a bit of colour because it was as flat as a pancake otherwise..she loved it.
                          Colours not odd at all - I think it works very well and love the card. Lucky Sue, and happy birthday to her