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Friday 27th

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  • Friday 27th

    Morning all, hope you are all well. Hayfever allergies have now hit me and back to the inhalers again. Our Doc's are doing facetime, skype or telephone consultations from their homes. Can understand as they may be needed in the future.

    Enjoying the time in the garden even though coughing and my eyes are watering, sore and itchy not letting that stop me.

    The bunny bag I published yesterday morning has sold already, Lee went round the post box for me. Published the last one today only 2 remaining. Thinking of maybe doing some more of the face scrubbies as you cannot get cotton wool pads for love nor money apparently. May make some in plain cotton and stick on fleabay and Folksy cheaper than the patterned ones.

    Not much else to report, keep your heads up x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny and dry again today, but decidedly cool. Very noticeable frost all round the house.

    Yesterday, had a couple of hours in the garden and got some more weeds and overgrowth cleared, had one of the May selling events postponed but fortunately I am able to go on the new dates, made a start on clearing and sorting some of the various bits of card etc from my paper crafting days - sadly had to bin about half of my acrylic paints and a couple of calligraphy inks as they are far too old to rescue even for kiddies to use. Came over extremely tired about 6.30pm (but that could have been due to the very large glass of vino I consumed) so was in bed before 7. However, I got up just before 8 and went to the front of the house to add my clapping to the rest; very thin noise-wise on the street (only about 20 properties) but could hear whoops and cheers from the village centre.

    Today, back and hips complaining about the amount of exercise I did so combined with cooler temperature think I will give the garden a miss today. Looking at the kitchen floor, I think that might be my big project for today - textured surface on the flooring so have to get down there with a scrubbing brush every so often.

    Caroline - must be a huge annoyance for hayfever sufferers now with symptoms starting up and needing medication, but glad you're enjoying the garden time. And well done on the sale of the bunny bag - people obviously thinking ahead for Easter.
    Mo - hope you managed to get your garden tidying finished as well as doing some work work. One phone call a day is definitely more sensible in the current situation.
    Dave - glad Sue is finding jobs to keep you occupied! There are always plenty of jobs to be done, but not always the motivation to get on with it!
    Shelley - charity is always grateful for food contributions - I dropped off a bagful on Sunday and understand they are managing OK for the moment, but I'll keep in touch with them. I usually only ask OH to get stuff that he eats/uses so he knows what to look for, and try and keep a reasonable stock of everything else in house so we don't run out, but in these times and when we have to travel 5 miles to get to a supermarket needs must! Sounds like you had a better day yesterday than Wednesday, and your garden sounds delightful



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      Morning all...

      Bright and sunny again.
      Nothing to do today, all jobs done.
      Got to go on our daily ramble to walk the dog, we tend to go through the woods, see no one.
      Was out last night at 8pm, so was half the village, clapping, car horns, trumpets, banging saucepans, fireworks, real good show of support.
      Got to tax the car later by internet, that’s the highlight for today 😆

      Stay safe,


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        Good morning all.

        Daily conference call at 10.30 this morning. Logged onto the computer to check standard emails re virus and they are upgrading access to training and info sites. Got to read through those later, gives us something to be doing and the appearance of working.

        I did go out and finish clearing up the garden, even gave the area outside the workshop a clear up, pulling up weeds and sweeping up old leaves, very satisfying to see it all tidy and ready for the spring and summer. No plant feed so they will have to manage for the moment unless I see a bit in one of the larger supermarkets when we go food shopping.

        Well done on the sale Caroline. I have a bit of hayfever too but not bad enough for medication just over the counter stuff if I must. Just give people a scare when I'm shopping and sneeze LOL

        We are way out of the village but I could hear clapping etc and some fireworks at 8pm. Was sad to see on the TV people out on the streets in groups doing all this, how irresponsible. We were supposed to be at windows, doors, balconies etc not having a street party. Seems you can't legislate for stupid.

        Having quite a bit of trouble with my hips and back, probably not helped by gardening for three days so going to have a lighter day and maybe get some design work or painting done.

        Made a pan of Mopourri soup last night so as not to waste veg. Lunch for the next couple of days and the rest can go in the freezer. We joke about Pete's ability to make a meal from what I see as nothing and we call it a Petepourri. This situation is making us less wasteful I think, well certainly me anyway, and a couple of friends have said the same.

        Not sure scrubbing the floor is going to be much better than gardening Linda LOL take care.

        Sure you will find something to do Dave, or Sue will.

        Hope you managed to get enough fresh food in Shelley and can enjoy your isolation in the garden and crafting to your hearts content.

        Stay safe, stay well all.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening all,

          It was sunny but chillier today.

          Caroline, well done, a sale in these times must be rare. It was sweet, I can see why it went. Hope your hayfear abates somewhat in the next few days as the rain returns.

          Linda hope doing the floor didn't aggravate your hips and back. Well done for rousing yourself to join in the clapping. I went out at 8, not a soul about which considering how many of the silly so and sos were out and about earlier in the sunshine was disappointing. No one near me clapped but could hear the ships in the docks blowing their horns. So I gave a quick clap and came back in.

          Dave so nice to be able to have a ramble with the dog, makes it less like a lock down. Nothing to do eh, thought that wouldn't happen Well done on the pot banging.

          Mo glad you had another nice day in the garden, hope you are recovered from your gardening. I have to agree, social distancing my foot. The ones I saw on the news, kids running around, neighbours less than 2 metres and some had obviously been out setting stuff up during the day. Follow the rules guys, it not difficult.

          I managed to get out and shop this morning, at 8am I was at Sainsburys.

          I parked in the disabled bay by the entrance (yes, I have a Blue badge) The queue went all round the carpark, really long becuase of the 2 metre rule. I am limited how far I can walk and it was at my limit nearly, I thought about driving to the end of the queue and sitting in my car till my turn, I also wouldn't be able to stand for an hour even with my stick, my legs give up on me after 10 minutes.

          I saw there was a man directing people in and out of the shop so I was going to ask him if there was some way I could sit till it was my turn, but as I approached he smiled at me and waved me in, "come on, your next." I didn't need to be asked twice, smiled back and went on in. No one complained, or even seemed to notice.

          They had blocked off the bread aisle so you had wait and shop assistant would get what you asked for. The lady next to me was served and left so I started to say "Could I have..." when a grumpy man next to said " there is a queue, thats the end there. You jumped the other queue too." Oh I said sorry didn't realise there was a queue ( meaning the bread, but I think he thought I meant the other one) so I waited for him to get his loaf and then it was my turn.

          It was odd that obviously someone had noticed but no one said anything till I had made the higher transgression of trying to jump the precious bread queue

          I came home and happily filled the cupboards and felt happier than I have for a few days. I also found out that Sainsburys and Waitrose will be getting the Government list of officially vulnerable people, so if you got a letter you will be given priority delivery slots, yeah They will contact us in the week. So thats fine I am good for more than a week now so it should be all good for the rest of my 12 week lockdown.

          I did some laundry and then some pottering around the house till about 12ish and then spent the afternoon die cutting the bits for the rest of the 2 cards. So tomorrow it will be sitting happily putting them all together. Then start on the boxes.

          So a good day today for me, a bit tired, had to get up in the middle of the night (7:30) but worth it, will sleep doubly well.

          Have a good evening all and sleep well.