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Thursday 26th

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  • Thursday 26th

    Morning all

    Delivery today of groceries, out of certain items my crackers, do not eat bread so that could be a problem. Subs for other items. Still grateful for what we are getting.

    Finished the lemon towel toppers yesterday just deciding whether to add a strip of the lemon polka dot across the bottom of the towel, may do as would take away the white.

    Have a project all set up ready for the off today some cards of cute but quick to stitch dog, cat and fox. Found a load of 6 X 6" white cards and envelopes, ordered some bags then found a load. Must get these rooms sorted as think have far more than I can remember.

    Stay safe all x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, a very heavy damp and cool mist when I got up, but is clearing now. Looking promising for a few pleasant spring hours during the middle of the day.

    Yesterday, OH did reasonably well with the shopping except for the cat food - before he went out I sent him to look at the boxes we have so he knew what to look for, told him specifically what not to get and said if they don't have the right stuff then don't get anything, we have a bit in house; so he came back with two boxes of of stuff the cats don't like! Did get an hour outside so more tidying and clearing done, had a long luxurious soak in the bath and a read of some lightweight chick lit type stuff, more family tree and more knitting.

    Today, once all the mist has cleared and it's warmed up a bit will try and get another hour outside, also have a few little jobs which have been building up while I've struggled to do anything other than real essentials during the last few days. And if I have time and inclination start sorting some of the paper, card, envelopes etc to pass on to school for the children.

    Caroline - sounds like you are back on form with the production line; hope the food delivery arrives and has what you want.
    Mo - Hope your day off was a pleasure and the garden is looking better. As for HO suggesting you go out into the community - are they not listening to the Government directives and expert opinion! National organisations have been set up to coordinate matters and for people to volunteer to provide assistance in the community; individuals defying the general rules will only increase danger to all and extend the country's recovery time.
    Dave - hope you're keeping busy, certainly sounds like you've got plenty to do on the cuts one way and another.
    Shelley - sorry you had such a rubbish day yesterday. Hope you've had a better night's sleep and today is more structured and productive for you.

    Take care everyone


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      Good morning all.

      Beautiful sunny day here again but could be a little cooler.

      Spent a lovely day in the garden clearing up moving pots about so the ones that need it more get the sun. Topped up compost in some of the pots as we still had a bag in the shed. Unfortunately I don't have any feed which they could do with at the moment. Cleaned the seating and the mass of leaves that had collected under it all. To early to put out the cushions as much as I want to. We have a few things in the greenhouse which are doing well so should have some geraniums and fuschias for the hanging baskets next month. Have the last third to do and might be able to get out there after lunch depending on the outcome of this mornings conference call. Only one a day now at 10.30. makes far more sense.

      I need to create a Faceache page for the shop, it shows willing. I am being paid still so need to do as much as I can practically do work wise. Paper work is up to date which is about all there is for a shop manager without a shop.

      Glad you are still getting deliveries Caroline. Care home on the radio this morning which doesn't have enough food for its 23 residents, shocking when all these people are hoarding still.

      Hope you find your MoJo again Linda.

      Enjoy the lovely weather if you can, always cheers us up a bit of sunshine.


      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all...

        Another bright sunny one, frosty this morning.
        Thought I might as well get a few jobs done so after walking the dog I scrubbed then re-stained the the decking.
        Next job, the conservatory roof was looking a bit green so I climbed up, cleaned out the gutters and scrubbed and washed 16 panels and the white struts, the finials across the top had to stay green, couldn’t reach them.
        Bit of cutting done then teatime as that lot took up most of the day.
        Apart from that, nothing more to say as can’t do a lot to comment on.
        Mo, if I was told to go out into the community it would be a big fat no. If they think its such a good idea, they can do it! Glad I retired from it all, a certain company cared less about its workforce then, that’s why I threw the towel in, nothing has changed now apparently after talking to my mates 🤷🏻‍♂️
        Keep safe all...



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          Evening all,

          Another lovely day, sun shining and mild.

          Caroline, time for a general sort and tidy from the sounds of things, you never know what you might find. You have had a couple of pleasant surprises already. A good time to take stock.

          Linda, oh my I don't know why, it goes in one ear and out the other. Oh well more for the charities, probably not getting much at the moment.

          Thats why I never send Simon shopping, he has no idea what we have. I would have to send him out with a pictorial list, its no good just saying buy bread, I have to described it in depth and where abouts in the shop to find it. Its a good thing our corner shop is small and is the only place I send him, he can cope with one or two bits at a time. I was really hoping to use online shopping but no slots for weeks.

          Mo you are also going to have a lovely garden for the summer. Looking forward to this summer like no other in my life, we should be over the worst of the virus and the bad behaviour that is making things worse.

          Dave wow you powered through those jobs, just goes to show me how much stamina I have lost, I couldn't even do one of those jobs in a whole day. There might come a day when you run out of jobs to do??

          Today my delivery of garden bird food arrived, just in the nick of time, so cleaned and refilled all the feeders. Pottered about in the garden making a start and planning how to sort it. Then just sat in the sun for 10 minutes.

          Our garden is right in the middle of the city but so isolated you could be in a country village. No overlooking neighbours unless they go out of their way to peer over the wall or crane out of their windows. From the kitchen window all I can see is the garden and trees. No buildings at all. We have on three sides 6-7ft brick garden walls and then the end of the house. So very much a courtyard garden, a bit of lawn, fruit trees and lots of pots. Its these pots I am going to sort this spring. Simon is going to try and rebuild my garden bench but might just get a new one if its beyond it. It got squashed by the teepee poles falling over.

          More card making continues, nearly finished the cards, then need to make the boxes. Not sure when she will collect them but they will be here when she does. Would rather have them done and waiting than have her surprise me.

          Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.



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            Shelley....there will never be a day that I run out of jobs as long as Sue is around😩😆...” Now you’ve cleaned the roof, do you think those windows look a bit grubby?”😂😂...add that to also weeding the front garden and a bit of cutting.....😁😁