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Wednesday 25th

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  • Wednesday 25th

    Morning all, woken to another beautiful day.

    Had a wobble yesterday but gave myself a good talking to and have decided to have a weekly schedule to follow. Even putting in a decluttering day, lol. Will have to store stuff in the garage until the charity shops open again. At least the house will be clear and clutter free.

    Sister asked if I would go up into the loft and send her some jigsaws, err NO! Explained that I would have to go into the PO and not happening. As not using MyHermes any longer and closed my account in a hissy fit that avenue is closed.

    Very quiet round here, everyone is complying with the rules shame on that 75 yo woman from Gosport, so selfish. She said she would rather die than s/i. Her husband is recovering from a stroke, the government are idiots and you can get over it!!!! Hope she is arrested and fined.

    Cleaning the fish tank today, not a full water change but have found out that Maidenhead Aquatics are open for fish essentials so we can them special tank water they luxuriate in.

    Hope you are all well, HAGD and BBL to check up on your news x

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    Morning All! A lovely sunny day again, dry not feeling too cold, but little breeze so when that picks up no doubt temperature will drop.

    Yesterday, got backside out of the chair and did a bit of tidying up in a very small area outside the back door - at least I got some fresh air and exercise Decided no need to feel guilty about sitting and doing family tree stuff but Ancestry threw a wobbly and I couldn't get to the info I needed for a few hours. Phoned elderly aunt who is OK, someone getting food essentials for her, she's spending some time in the garden area of the complex and providing assistance to other residents who are fragile - this from a 90yr old! Did some more on the Christmas baubles and some knitting until Ancestry back online.

    Today - OH been up and about for hours - disrupted my routine, but he headed off to supermarket in Barton with shopping list just after 7.00am. Apparently we both count as elderly for the reserved shopping period because we are over 65. Not long before the expected phone call querying something (I thought alternatives were obvious from what I'd written, but ........... ). If it stays warm enough I'll try and get outside to do a bit more tidying up for half an hour, and after that back to the usual armchair hobbies

    Caroline - you won't be on your own having a wobble, I'm sure, but excellent that you recognised it and have done something to try and prevent further episodes. A routine is always good.
    Mo - hope today doesn't feel quite so strange as yesterday and that the 4.00pm call wasn't as protracted a waste of time as the morning one. Do you have to do two calls every day?
    Dave - Always some surprises - 17 instead of the expected 9! You'll have to slow down on the cutting or you'll run out of storage space LOL!
    Shelley - thank you - not a notable anniversary this year - 47. How goes the food situation? I do hope you've managed to get alternatives and some fresh produce. Idiots - why are so many treating this as a holiday and thinking they can carry on with their lives and wander into restricted places at will. How do we get it into thick heads that they are risking their own lives and those of everyone else!

    HAGO and BBL


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      Morning all...

      Bright and sunny today
      Got 90% of the gardening done yesterday, just need to do the front today, not much to it.
      Got two cuts finished yesterday, started another.
      Need to sort all of the cut work out while I’m stuck in, might as well make a list of what is going where, I’ve got about 45 to go through now they are all back here.
      Only the Co-op open at the bottom of the road, couple of reports of ladies coming out, being pushed over and shopping stolen so locals are offering to escort at a safe distance, other reports of school kids swimming in the river and groups of them in parks etc 🤷🏻‍♂️....this is what happens when you don’t enforce things, we will all end up completely locked inside thanks to idiots like these!

      Have a goodun’ all.


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        couple of reports of ladies coming out, being pushed over and shopping stolen so locals are offering to escort at a safe distance, other reports of school kids swimming in the river and groups of them in parks etc 🤷🏻‍♂️....this is what happens when you don’t enforce things, we will all end up completely locked inside thanks to idiots like these!
        Similar going on here and everywhere Dave. People treating it as holiday time without a care in the world for others, just makes it worse for everyone and much more dangerous for those in vulnerable groups. Reports of groups of kids out playing in the street, groups of teenagers hanging around on street corners etc - they've nowhere else to go now and parents don't seem to care.

        Just seen a report that we have at least one police officer on foot patrol in the village - hope this is effective. Also seen a headline that police won't hesitate to use new regulations against people flouting them (but can't open the link to see details). Personally I wouldn't object to seeing army personnel out on the streets, but I hope it doesn't come to that.



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          Good morning all.

          Day off today so I don't have to dial into the conference calls, that's Jens job. We don't have to work weekends so I have a single day off in the week and work my 4 days around it.

          Going to treat it like a day off as the weather is beautiful so after lunch when it's warmed up a bit, we had frost first thing, I will work in the garden again. Haven't decided what to do this morning but need to shut this down by 10am and do something positive.

          We have to dial into a conference call twice a day Linda, 10am and 4pm. I'm sure it's about seeing to be keeping us working so they can claim the 80% of our wages from the government. If they lay us off they won't get anything and have no staff when it's all over so would go under as they are still trying to recover from the events of the last two years mismanagement. There are certainly some things we can do. All the managers have their laptops at home so you can catch up on paperwork, mine was already done. I will set up a webpage for the shop, should have done it a year ago or more but no time. Probably just creating a job but it's something. HO are trying to get together something positive for us to do, suggested we go out into the community and see if we can help the elderly and vulnerable !!!! There is no way I'm risking bringing anything home to him or to my parents if I have to do an emergency carer dash again. Essential trips out for food only and one of us at a time.

          Think everyone is going to have a wobble or two in the coming weeks / months. Heard a very sad story from one of our managers. A friend of hers committed suicide a couple of days ago. He had underlying health issues and couldn't see a way out of it, convinced he was going to die anyway so opted out. How very sad is that, that he had no one to talk to about it and felt so desperate. We all need to communicate with friends and families. We have so many ways of doing this and are much more fortunate than previous generations when even being able to phone someone was a luxury.

          Hope you get your shopping Linda and Shelley. We have a new farm shop a coupe of miles from us that is doing telephone orders and if you are outside the delivery area can collect from the front door and pay by card. They seem to be stocking a wide range of veg, fruit, dairy and meats. Typical farm shop prices but we need to eat less anyway.

          Heard on the news this morning we are still getting fruit and veg deliveries from Spain !!! I know our borders aren't closed but would have thought that's a bit risky. Don't suppose we have enough home grown with the weather we have had this winter as witnessed in the fields of our poor market gardeners around us here.

          Enjoy the sunshine while you can, supposed to betting colder towards the weekend but still mainly dry.

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          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            We need to get real, government needs to give its head a wobble and stop sound byting, anyone that is isn’t a key worker (which should be clearly defined, not the wishy-woshy tripe that’s posted at the minute) should be self isolating with the rest of us, stop public transport and anyone bending the rules should be spot fined otherwise measures to contain it won’t work and we will end up another Italy or Spain!



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              I got my text this morning, not to go out. Done through the Docs, they flag vulnerable people. So official now.


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                The furniture factory next door to us and in the main town are both still working. Hardly essential I would have thought.

                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                  Im just had what seems a general tewxt saying stay at home but no mention of being especially at risk. I am in the age group but have o health problems in fact probably healthier than many people younger than me.As far as I can make out everyone is being told to stay at home unless they have to go out to shop, health reasons or working in esential services.

                  "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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                    I know I am at risk group Pete although only 62 have to be careful. Got the general text then another one with more detail.


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                      Evening all,

                      Another lovely sunny day here.

                      Caroline glad you took yourself in hand and gave yourself a good talking to I do believe routine and creative or constructive activities helps the mind.

                      I heard that stupid ^%$£%* woman who thought it was all a waste of time and we should do what we like, "I am 72 she said, I have had my life I don't care if I die." Could not understand she would be giving it to other people including her poorly husband. The presenter hung up her, couldn't cope with that level of stupidity. I wonder if they can track her down and scare the living bejesus out of her by threatening her with arrest and more.

                      Linda hope OH didn't get under your feet too much, at least useful with a shopping list, I may have to train Simon, but I not sure what the point is if he goes and gets it, I will be just at much risk if not more than if I dart out myself during a vulnerable shopping hour. I will take many more precautions than Simon whose hand washing skills need brushing up. I will wear gloves, got boxes of latex ones.
                      Enjoy your "chair times" only too soon you will be back to normal levels of busyness.

                      Dave definitely a time to take stock and you have got some Stupid people, here they are walking around in groups, holding hands and just ignoring any common sense. The more they flaunt the rules the more likely we will get more draconian measures.

                      Mo, you two have certainly be using your time wisely, love the finials, best dressed fence in town Enjoy you time in the sun together.

                      Today was a complete loss. Didn't do anything I wanted to, no gardening, no shopping and no clearing my craft room. I had the worst nights sleep I have had for ages, didn't drop off till about 5am, then had continually disturbed sleep. Gave up the idea of getting up at 7:30am to go to the shops at 8am. Not going out and about on 3 hours sleep. Actually got up at 11am ish. The rest of the day was just a slow catch up.

                      I have plenty of cat food, tea, coffee, milk and sugar. I got some eggs yesterday at the newsagents across the road, got some cheese, onions and tinned spuds in the kitchen. So cheesy omelette and sauteed potatoes for dinner tonight. Tomato soup and crackers tomorrow and some snacks, maybe a bowl of cereal if peckish later. Then try again for the 8am vulnerable hour at Sainsburys on Friday. Its only Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 9am. 7:30 to 8am for NHS and key workers. Plan to get some sensible things in stock that last a while, got plenty of pasta and rice just nothing to go with it.

                      I had my text to tell me I was in the vulnerable group yesterday, so once I get the online deliveries sorted I will have no need to go anywhere. Not Simon, although 69, no health problems so thats probably why.

                      I did spend the afternoon making butterflies and relaxing.

                      Tomorrow another chance to get out in the garden, maybe the fresh air will help with my sleep patterns. I have been keeping to my normal hours so that my sleep patterns don't drift round the clock to silly hours. Also trying to answer the phone, emails and other enquiries so need to keep business hours.

                      Clocks go forward this weekend, that will cheer me up, always love the long light summer evenings in the garden.

                      Take care all and have a good evening.

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