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Sunday 22nd

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  • Sunday 22nd

    Morning all, a beautiful day walk early back for an almond croissant and coffee. A bit of sewing and then out in the garden. Our new project is coming along the only problem will be the planting. May have to place an order online from Waitrose Garden or Crocus Garden.

    Still have one more bunny treat bag to stitch up, will get that done today and hated every minute of making them. My fault as did not keep checking the instructions. Had ears the wrong way roung to name just one error. Lee told me off as he says I am always like this, just dive in!

    Hope you are all keeping well. Notice a lot of the charity shops have closed Mo. JL and Selfridges have closed. Think it will end being just chemist and food shops along with Mo's shop in Wiltshire.

    Stay safe folks x

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    Morning all! Dry, bright and sunny again and should be like it all day, but very cool and gusting winds so feeling even colder.

    Yesterday did nothing apart from family tree, bit of stitching (did manage to finish the business card holder prototype for the sales table but that's not a lot of use at the moment), and some knitting.

    Today is looking like being much the same although I have folded and packed away the last lot of laundry and got another lot in the machine. Am going to pop out to one of the villages on the way to Grimsby to drop off some cat food for the rescue charity - gentleman where I drop off has a small porch which is always unlocked so I just leave the bag there and he'll take it to where it's needed in due course.

    Caroline - it's funny how we can really take against making something which initially looked like a great thing to do - think that's why some of us end up with so many WIPs
    Dave - hope you have a safe journey home and no problems when you arrive.
    Mo - so sorry to hear your Mum has deteriorated to that extent. My Mum got like that and it's frightening when they are so different to the loving, gentle character you have always known.
    Pete - how are the fingers and the eyes this morning? Will you get chance to get back to the lathe today?
    Shelley - a sense of freedom not being tied to the shop and office! Don't go mad with the cleaning/gardening and make yourself ill.
    Anj - if you pop in this morning - welcome, hope you have a good day



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      Morning all.
      Bright sun, clear skies here.

      Just got in with the dog. Packing up for the journey home soon.
      Just heard from my sister, my niece has had to postpone her wedding for the second time, first time the grooms mum passed away after an operation two weeks before, they rescheduled for April 5th, now the venue is open but hardly anyone would go due to self distancing etc so they’ve postponed again. I’d either do a quickie in the reg office or not bother, they’ve been together 11 years and got two kids🤷🏻‍♂️ I won’t have to do wedding cut version three 😆😆.
      Take it easy all, don't do anything risky..😁



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        Morning all.

        Beautiful bright and sunny morning if a bit chilly, but it feels very refreshing.

        Had a message that our shop is closed to the public as from close of play yesterday, we still have to go in though and work our agreed hours from Monday to Friday, so that's 4 days for me and three for Jen. We are supposed to deep clean the shop apparently. Well we will do the best we can with a crappy second hand dyson, a floor mop and bleach as I assume they are not hiring a steam cleaner. Our shop floors are cleaned and mopped daily anyway. The only way to deep clean would be to strip the shop out of stock, maybe they will want us to do that ? Apparently more info on Monday. At least there is no point in being there half an hour before we open or half an hour after we close which we never got paid for so it's 9 to 5 working with 30mins for lunch.

        With our lease running out in September I can see them closing us down anyway. Not such a bad thing except for the lack of salary to pay the rent and council tax, hey ho we will manage, better get the stock of wine in now LOL Read this morning someone posted,
        '' After all this I will either be 20lbs lighter, or 20lbs heavier and an alcoholic ''

        John Lewis has closed as well now Caroline.

        The house can be blitzed, we have a stack of projects we would like to try and I have piece of patchwork which is over 40 years old now and could do with finishing making into something if not the king size quilt I had in mind all those years ago !

        Reports of people crowding into holiday towns with camper vans and caravans. Social distancing seems to mean nothing to them. A friend of ours in Bala said it was ridiculous the small town was heaving with people, the beach and around the lake alive with people and dogs, the same in Brean yesterday apparently. The National Trust has now closed it's ground as well as social distancing wasn't working.

        Enjoy the lovely weather.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Anybody care to take a guess at some of the new phrases/words likely to be added to the OED next time the committee meet? ROFL!



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            Afternoon all,

            Sunny, but cold breeze.

            Caroline, you are as bad as me, dive in, thinking oh yes this is easy, I got it. Then to find myself tangled up in it thinking I should have followed the instructions. My worst mistake actually is doing the first one following the instructions to the letter and then jumping in without bothering, thinking I know this for the second one, then back to the instructions for the third one. Its also the same for recipes.
            Your garden is going to be glorious, good thing too, looks we are all going to be grounded for the summer.

            Linda well done on the cat food donations, I do that every so often and give it to our vets who pass it on to a cat charity who care for old and ill cats that their owners can't afford to pay the vets bills but don't qualify for the PDSA. Last time I also gave them all the pet pads and things I had for Pepper as she grew old, much appreciated.
            Hope your journey out and about went well. Did you see many about? Here its quiet but still people going round in groups of 2 or 3, often walking a dog. There is a rumor that people are borrowing dogs so they can go out for a walk. Maybe that will be a new phrase - dog borrowing- meaning flaunting the regulations by taking a dog for a walk or a new meaning for dogging?

            Dave, safe travels. I am not sure they will be able to even have a registry office one. I think this week will have even more restrictions because people are not following recommendations so now they will have to be rules and laws. The beaches had to be cleared, people just ignoring advice and all going down to the beach with no room for social distancing.

            Mo, at least that is some pressure off, not having to interact with the public, thats why I shut a week ago, couldn't risk it. Hope they see sense and close up completely, the government will help them pay 80% of your wages, not too bad for your health.

            It seems that the world will be left with sensible crafters who gladly stayed at home to finish years of WIPs and start on all the projects they could only dream of

            Today I wanted to get out into the garden but it too cold for me. I know I will do my back in being tense with cold. I am happy enough doing the cards. Finished one, starting on the next one, then there will be the boxes to make and the inserts to do. Keep me busy for awhile. Tomorrow going to tidy the upstairs understairs cupboard ready to start on my sewing/craft room.

            Take care all, have a good day.



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              So funny Shelley you have described me to a T. I read and worked the instructions on the first one, then thought I would remember. Have done 4 used up the brushed cotton then got bored and moved onto lemon towel toppers, lol.


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                Evening all.

                Had a day of doing photos of the new Inro boxes then I just had to get outside in the sunshine. Spent two hours clearing up the garden, still lots more to do, pruning plants, sweeping up leaves that have been about all winter but too soggy to go out to collect. Lovely seeing all the new buds and growth. Looking forward to our 5 Maples bursting forth all in various stages of growth from 12 inches high to 6 foot. My favourite small trees. The honeysuckle has had flower buds on sine before Christmas with few leaves but has gone mad now making loads of leaf in the last few days. Gave the box a haircut and swept up the patio. That's the most exercise I have had for months LOL Could be a tad stiff tomorrow from all the bending and twisting though.

                As we won't be opening to the public I don't have to be in work till 9am, the time I'm paid from. It will be interesting to read all the eamils that will be flying around and see what they have in mind to keep us occupied or close us down completely.

                Have a good evening all. Keep safe and well.

                Mo XX
                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.