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Saturday 21st

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  • Saturday 21st

    Morning all, looks like a beautiful day. Migraine yesterday again! only a mild one so cleared quickly with the meds. Trouble is they upset my tummy!

    Gardening later want to put down another piece of edging, made from recycled tyres and bends round curves. Told Lee only 1 a day to allow my back to recover, think have 2 more to go after this one.

    Messed up a bunny bag yesterday tried to correct but looked worse, so in the bin. Have some more cut out for this morning and must concentrate more. That will clear the white brushed cotton and some FQ's. At this rate with ideas my fabric stash will be depleted. Then I can buy some new pieces, lol.

    Welcome to the coffee/supper thread Anji.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny, supposed to stay dry but E/ESE strengthening wind is making it feel very cold.

    Yesterday, couldn't get my backside into gear so lots more family tree and quite a bit of knitting done. Have checked with local charity and making arrangements to take them the surplus cat food my mogs have designated as vile poison. Brother checked with elderly aunt and she seems to be OK, obviously can't totally self-isolate as no one to get her shopping for her, but she was glad to be warned about the growing number of ****s emerging, especially as she was taken in with sizeable loss a couple of years ago. Like so many she's unlikely to know about these things as no computer or internet, is deaf so doesn't watch TV much and doesn't get a newspaper.

    Today, I'm feeling much the same, struggling to get my head round doing anything useful. Too cold to go out in the garden, and as no events to do no prep to get sorted. Must get OH to ring his Mum, but she has cleaner and carers and other support so not too worried about her.

    Caroline - sorry you had a bad day again yesterday and the sewing went wrong, hope things are better today and you get the garden work done as well.
    Mo - relief from the dreaded workplace again - chance to get some work done at home and a bit of relaxation
    Pete - Glad that your pupil was happy to come for her lesson with you. Hope the photos and work for the online are continuing smoothly
    Dave - Stock of cuts will build up well over the next few weeks. Hope the pieces from the outlet are in good shape when you collect them.
    Shelley - "real hit and miss with cats and new foods, one pouch goes down eagerly, but the subsequent box you buy sits at the back of the cupboard" so true, hence why several times a year I take a large carrier bag of food to the local cat rescue charity
    Anj - welcome to the thread. Don't be afraid to ask questions - all the regulars are of the "no such thing as a silly question" school of thought

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      Morning all...

      Another lovely day here, clear, nippy, gorgeous sunset last night.
      Not a lot doing today, probably go for a walk around the bay then get stuff ready to go.

      Had a message from Amy, the college where she teaches and assesses has closed and her partner might not be doing his job either, as they are both self employed, things have suddenly got real!

      Nice to see Anj on the thread, hope she’ll become a regular.

      Mo, don’t know about your shop ( unless I’ve missed it) but the Sams shop where Sue helps out has closed..
      Shelley, no idea about cat food but our Flo is a bit choosy what she eats sometimes, our last Staffie eat anything that stood still long enough....🙄
      Caroline in the wars again...
      Linda, I’m the same with outlets and events....all in limbo, I’m just getting more produced for when it all lifts....



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        Morning all,

        Sunny, dry and not too cold in the sun, bit breezy.

        Caroline, never mind its only a bit of material, this is what I tell myself when a card needs recycling - its only a bit of paper. You are going to enjoy the next few days, definitely garden weather. Even I am going to get out and get to grips with the disarray that my garden has been in since my friends dumped their garden in mine. As they are not going to be coming back for the foreseeable future ie months and months I am not going to wait any longer and will incorporate their bits with mine and tidy it up. When and if she ever collects we will sort it out then.

        Linda, I have a feeling there will be many more days of just flopping around the house with no direction. I am trying to maintain a routine and get at up at my usual time and not get into bad habits. Hope your Aunt and MIL are ok. I have no older relatives in the UK, only an elderly aunt in the states, I can't do anything for her so I am not going to stress about it. She has her 5 kids and their kids so she's well looked after.

        Dave you have had your dose of reality, welcome to the real world its going to get stranger. I hope you can pick up some sales online now all the outlets have closed.

        Mo our posts must of crossed yesterday. I am surprised you will be opening at all from now on. Its really gone into lock down here. Your employer can claim 80% of your wages from the government, no need to work. There is also help for the self employed and others now so need to put yourself in harms way. I hope you keep safe.

        We had a coal delivery today, at least people aren't panic buying that So should be good for awhile now as it warms up and we only have fire in the evening. I have my electric fan heater in the office so keeps chill at bay, but now the shop is shut it stays warmer for longer.

        I am going to put an order in online even it won't arrive for awhile it will be something to look forward to, in the meantime I am discovering the delights of the tins at the back of the cupboard and going through the freezer.

        Still busy with the cards.

        Have had no business enquiries since Tuesday, so next week will feel comfortable about not being tied to the office and will spend more time in the other parts of the house and garden and get on with cleaning and sorting. I am going to start at the top of the house and give the snooker room a good clean and tidy and then work my way down and through the house. But going to concentrate on the garden for a few days to take advantage of the weather.

        Take care everyone and stay safe. Have a good day.



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          Hi all.

          Sunny but bitterly cold, nice to see the sun though.

          This morning was spent with Mum to let Dad go to dialysis as there were no carers available, they were with end of life patients. I shut the shop my parents are far more important. Mum has been getting aggressive and threatened a carer with a knife. She is very frail and unsteady on her feet so you could knock her over with a feather but that's not the point. Apparently she has also started hitting Dad too. We need to look at full time residential care, she will hate it, Dad is very against it but he can't cope on his own. If she threatens anyone again the carers will stop coming and neither my Sister nor I can be there enough for him.

          Had a message this afternoon that Shaw Trust are shutting the shop to the public from 5pm today. We will have to go in a do our normal hours between Monday and Friday, so I will have to be there four days in the week but will have Saturday off. We have to deep clean the shop and await further instructions on Monday with a conference call on Wednesday. Goodness knows what they are expecting us to do with the time, watch this space ..............

          Popped into Lidl on the way back this afternoon and apart from no toilet rolls and the frozen foods and fresh meet were very depleted I could get everything I needed like Milk and yoghurt. Plenty of fresh bread, tinned food, vegetables and fruit. Maybe the hoarders are all hoarded out. Only a dozen people in there shopping at 1.30pm.

          Agree with you Shelley we need to keep a routine going, I could easily waste a complete day otherwise.

          Maybe you need a break Caroline and the migraine didn't help your concentration.

          Keep safe all

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Oh well I suppose thats something Mo, you will be spared contact from the probably by now very few shoppers. maybe you could take some sort of crafting into the shop and hide out the back?

            Sorry to hear about your Mum, not the best in these bad times.

            I am going to go out on Monday and see if there is anything to eat in the shops. Maybe as you say they will be all hoarded out.

            Take care all.