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Friday 20th

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  • Friday 20th

    Morning all

    Bad night kept having weird disjointed dreams, could not even tell you what they were about. So tired but determined to do some Easter treat bags. Finished the 2 orders yesterday and posted.

    We ordered a Vivid Arts fox and her cub for the garden on Wednesday, arrived yesterday! now that is what I call service from a garden centre in Colchester. Spending money on the garden this year as think that is the only place we will be going. Lee mows the front lawn and next door send her housekeeper out to mow hers. She is 86 and so sweet in a blooming big house! Spent most of her life in France, hair long and always in a bun. Will make her an Easter card as she does not get many visitors. Her daughter went off in a huff over a disagreement last October and has not been back. Life is too short for all this nonsense.

    Hope you are all keeping well, I have got to brave the chemist for repeats tomorrow, will give them a ring today as may be able to deliver.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, dry but cooler and more breeze expected.

    Yesterday - car sorted - a bit more costly than I'd anticipated so have had to raid the savings account to pay, but has to be done and I can be certain that it will have been done properly.
    Dashed over to Barton to try and get (usual) top up shop - like an alien world in the supermarket, no "plastic" milk but did have a dozen bottles of channel island which is what we have, no carbs in sight, little veg, no Felix cat food. Didn't look at anything else, just wanted to get out and get home.
    Am more than fed up with the behaviour of some people, and feel so sorry for those still working hard to keep the country going but can't even get food shopping because of others' greed.
    Also noticed a couple of groups of young people hanging around on the streets - that's going to become more prevalent with schools closing and nowhere else for them to go - social distancing won't be happening. We have a couple of generations who don't know what entertain yourself means, let alone how to do it.
    A couple more events cancelled, called off lunch with my friend next week, but good news that her husband's oncology appointment was nearly as good as they'd hoped, with another scan in 3 months to check.

    Today - don't know what to do, just so unsettled and wary of what the future brings. Still pottering on with crafting and family tree. If it stays sunny might have the enthusiasm to do a bit more tidying in the garden.

    Caroline - sorry you had such a bad night, hope it's a one off and will be better tonight. Do be wary of doing stuff that needs concentration if you are tired - we are all aware that it can be not the best thing to do (me especially; I am expert at making mistakes when I'm too tired).
    Mo - have you survived the day without blowing your top?
    Dave - great news about planning permission for Coracle Man - it will be competition for the Angel of the North!
    Shelley - car insurance not due until July and road tax was renewed last month, so no worries on that score, but fortunately I'm all legal now. Re fb group - it's very small and even less posting. If anyone blatantly defies the rules they're out and blocked immediately, if we think it's a memory slip/misunderstanding etc, we don't approve the post and then let them know they need to re-read the rules. Persistent offenders get two or three chances, depending on which side of bed we got out that morning!
    Pete - assuming you can still do your tuition sessions as one to one, and hope the prep for the online selling push is making progress and you've also had time to start on stock for events later in the year.



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      Morning all...

      Bright skies and glorious sunshine here over the bay.
      Not a soul on the beach, just me and mutty 😁
      Going home to face the mayhem on Sunday, check on the house, got to take mom to an appointment then we are back here ( I think)...then back home for a wedding ( if its still allowed to go on....🤷🏻‍♂️)
      The shop here is full of stuff, no panic buying, all nice and quiet.
      Started another cut, one of the bridge, the outlet closes tomorrow so I’ve got to remove my work, check them over, put them away for the next....
      Probably have to see the museum about the coracle man...
      Linda, Shelley re: fb groups...I admin on about 5, some are very busy, some less so, we mainly get people doing sales posts in the week when they know its weekends only so they get deleted, some never post but just post youtube links for “Clickbait”...they get booted, some raise NPCR (Not Paper Cutting Related) usually personal mental health stuff and they get deleted....we won’t carry that sort of post at all. Either on topic or nothing. The general opinion is to just keep deleting serial offenders posts for some reason, not me, the rules are there, I just pm them politely and reaffirm them, if they do it again its curtains 🤷🏻‍♂️...or chaos reigns.



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        Afternoon all.

        Hairdresser first thing and needed a couple of things in Sainsburys as well. Could get what I wanted except for yeast but I can live without that. If we run out of bread I will make soda bread. Hair do was a waste of time really windy and very cold, but at least it's cut again. Hairdresser said if he is forced to close he will go to peoples homes and cut their hair outdoors if necessary.

        Got home and started to make dinner as Pete has his regular student who was more than happy to still come for her lesson, but found we were out of mushrooms. Off to the farm shop I went leaving the flan in the oven, only be 15mins........................... Queue out the door, cars parked everywhere over the road and they had plenty of fresh veg. People there who never normally use the shop. One guy in front of me had 6 huge cauliflowers, don't want to be downwind from him next week !!! Got to the till with my mushrooms and chicory and wanted a bag of spuds for my neighbour, ''Is that all ?'' the teller said obviously surprised. Yes thanks I don't need anything else. They must be overjoyed with so much business coming in but you would never guess it from the sourpuss that owns the shop, don't think I have ever seen her smile. Took me 50 mins and when I got back the flan was a tad over cooked. They were very kind and said it tasted great LOL

        Popped in to see Jen and tell her about Saturday.She will put a notice on the door tonight saying closed due to unforseen circumstances and open again on Monday as usual. Cancelled the volunteer helper for tomorrow as well.

        Another event postponed yesterday in June, but this one is maybe moving to September. Cancelled the hotel.

        Need to get going with social media. The organisers of these events are going to try and get a virtual Craft Event going so work to do for that as well. Need to fill the shop so lots of photos needed.

        Sorry you had a bad night Caroline, hope you can recover soon and get back on track.

        Glad the car is sorted Linda.

        It's a hard life Dave, no queues, no panic buying LOL

        Hope you are getting lots of crafting done Shelley and keeping well.

        Have a good rest of the day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Afternoon all,

          Grey, dry and a bit chilly here today, sun for the next few days

          Caroline sorry you had a weird night's sleep, hope you have a better night tonight. Had to go and have a look at the Vivid site, very realistic looking animals. It will look good, wonder if it will attract the real thing? Hope the sewing went well.
          The chemist should deliver, ours does if you ask. Usually I don't mind going and collecting, gives me a chance to wander round the High st. shops, lots of charity shops, our wonderful hardware shop and now a £ shop too. I think I will be getting my next batch of repeats delivered.

          Linda, know what you mean, shelves empty, lots of things that are nice to have but nothing to make meals with. I don't have milk in my tea but Simon only has Channel island full fat creamy milk in his coffee and cereal and there was plenty of that. They did have Felix cat food, which is really odd becuase up until a week or so ago mine never ate it. But sadly a near neighbor lost his black cat to the road and donated his supplies to me, 3 boxes of Felix good as it looks, cat treats, some cat biscuits and a bag of the lowest quality cat litter I have ever seen, £1 for 4 litres but still not worth it, but I will put it away for emergencies.
          I thought I would give the Felix a go as I had it, went down really well, thought it might have just been a one off but no it is still being devoured for dinner. Quite good really as its often a real hit and miss with cats and new foods, one pouch goes down eagerly, but the subsequent box you buy sits at the back of the cupboard for emergencies, this way it cost me nothing to find out they like it.
          I am going to go across the road to our corner shop and see what they have, quite a lot yesterday, should have done my shopping there

          Dave you are really are lucky to have such a great getaway at a time like this. Yes, there are NCRs (Not Craft Related) aplenty on the groups I am on. Always some emotional mental health, love life problems or other personal stuff I have no interest in reading about from a complete stranger on the internet. People seem to forget that their FB friends are nothing more than random strangers behind a keyboard, could be anyone. Its different here becuase there are some real life interacts between some of you.
          I would really like it if geography and viruses allowed for a meetup somewhere neutral and see each other in person at least once in our lives, but now less likely for the foreseeable future

          I am going to see what I can get from across the road in a minute to make a meal with. Laundry on the go, waiting till tomorrow to take advantage of the sun to come out and do lots of laundry.

          Still making cards and will make a start on my sewing room later I think.

          Not much else planned so going with the flow.

          Have a good day all and stay safe.



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            Morning everyone Is this the coffee morning group of early rises you were telling me about Dave?


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              Morning Anj - Yes, this is the part of the forum Dave referred to. However, it's not just for early risers, we love it when people post at all times of the day (and night) and sometimes, more than one post from each person.

              We start a new thread each day, so if you check the latest activity you'll find one for today (Saturday) started by Caroline. It's often Caroline who starts the daily thread as she tends to get here before most of us, but it doesn't matter who makes the first post. If you check in anytime and can't see a post for the current day, just start one - I always look to see if there is one already before posting anything.