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Thursday 19th

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  • Thursday 19th

    Morning all

    Wet and cold hope dries up later for a walk.

    Did a lot in the garden yesterday, the fence painted silver birch looks fantastic and the new edging went in easier than expected, still mor to do of both but will get there. good to be in the fresh air. Shiloh decided he was going to sit on the sofa in the garden room and watch us, lazy good for nothing! He is getting worse.

    Today must get those peg bags done and posted off. Finding it hard atm to get going but apart from yesterday have had migraines for 2 days. Only mild ones but leave me feeling blrgh!

    Waitrose delivery today 4 subs and 5 things missing but cannot moan too much as surprised they have that much in. They now shut off amending your order by 12 noon the day before and then order as much as they can to fulfil orders. Think this though is the start of getting items you want will be more difficult. Did get loo rolls though!!!!!! and the joint of lamb for Easter.

    HAGD and BBL plus stay safe x

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    Good morning.

    Cold and damp not what was forecast for the end of this week but apparently the nicer weather will be next now.

    Heating has gone again this morning, still waiting for a new boiler pump, time to message the landlord.

    Schools closing tomorrow, complete lock down on it's way maybe. Will be interesting to see if there is a market today in town and what if anything is waiting for me by way of emails after yesterdays conference call.

    National Trust have shut down all their homes, shops and garden centres but opened up all the grounds and car parks free of charge so people can get out and about while distancing themselves from others, good on them. Also heard on the news Gary Neville ( wrong spelling ) has closed down his two hotels and handed them over to the NHS while promising to still pay all his workers full wages as long as this goes on for. There is some good coming out of all this.

    Stay safe all.

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    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Gary Neville Mo, do not normally like the Chuckle Brothers but a good thing to do.


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        Morning all! Much the same as yesterday here weather-wise, cool, dull, little breeze. Yesterday's forecast rain didn't materialise and none in the forecast for today.

        Yesterday - sold three jars of jam (yay!), decided I might as well finish the business accounts for the year as there won't be any more sales, so put that on the to do list. Friend who moved to Scotland a few years ago rang, rabbited on for nearly an hour about people I don't know/don't want to know, and other stuff. Tried knitting but hands really won't take it at the moment, didn't fancy stitching so started covering some polystyrene balls with fabric to make some <shhh!>
        Christmas</shhh!> decorations for the stall. Expect there will be more events than usual at the end of the year - along with sports, various festivals etc etc.

        Today - car has been collected by the garage, so hopefully all fixed and roadworthy by the time it comes back, large load of laundry done, clearing up done, calendars updated with cancellations etc. Not sure what else so will be another go with the flow day and no doubt some household stuff will get done, a bit of crafting will be done and another early night is on the cards. I co-admin a very small craft supplies fb group and was greeted this morning with a pm from one of the members, who I don't think has ever posted. The pm was just a link to a Covid-19 video of some sort - we have very strict rules in the group about subject matter,and members are frequently reminded about them along with the page header having a loud message. I hope these sort of actions aren't the next wave of ridiculousness to be taking up internet bandwidth.

        Caroline - glad you were able to get some fresh air yesterday, but sorry to hear you are suffering migraines. Had to smile about your description of Shiloh! Our cats are determined to be outside as much as possible, but it's a bit cold for them to stay out for any length of time so they are yo-yoing in and out
        Dave - how are things Welsh? Hopefully you and Flo are still enjoying quiet walks on the beach and Sue is keeping well.
        Mo - I am speechless! You must be absolutely fuming! What spineless, greedy, self-centred, ignorant morons! Hopefully the paid staff on the front line have now reached the point where they will not, and cannot, take any more of these ridiculous attitudes and will make it plain by action, since talking nicely hasn't worked.
        Shelley - Aww! Bless your lovely customer - and you made a sale I hope things are working out generally with the shop being closed and you're taking the opportunity to sort out/clear up where necessary and to have lots of crafting time.

        Take care everyone


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          Morning all....

          Has rained now getting brighter.
          Yesterday went to Abraeron and followed the river Aeron up to Llanchaeron, a NT property, its about 6 miles there and back, lovely railway walk through the Welsh countryside.
          Might do a beach to town walk today if we judge the tides right..
          Finished a Cinderella cut yesterday, few fairy tale ones to lighten the mood a bit, too much doom and gloom plus broaden the appeal for the next couple of outlets, luckily sell any or not, makes no difference to me but many small businesses going bump unfortunately.
          Most of the restaurants locally back home are offering a take out service where they bring the meals to you?..(Why??)
          Had an e-mail from the Coracle trust yesterday, planning permission approved, I’ve got to ok the final design before it being laser cut from 1/2” steel then its 2.7m of glorious coracle bloke going up in the river at the end of the road “Do you want to use your real name or Dave Thegas for the design credit?”.....everyone thinks it is “Thegas”...why ruin the illusion 🤷🏻‍♂️😆😆



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            Dry, dull but not to cold here today.

            Caroline, you are making good progress in the garden, and finding time for more beautiful creations. You are very lucky to get most of what you needed in your delivery.

            Mo, sorry to hear about your heating going again, mind you its not as cold as it could be and very mild next week for this time of year so could be worse.

            Linda hope your car is back and MOTed. There is talk of cover notes for expired MOTs if your garages are closed so you can get insurance.
            Well done on the sale, every little bit is good for a happy dance at the moment.
            Don't know about your FB page,but people are always posting unrelated rubbish on the groups I am in with people just ignoring the rules. What annoys me most is when people put "if not allowed, please delete" what the?, put in the effort read the rules and decide for yourself, if it isn't allowed it is going to be removed whether or not you put your silly little message at the beginning. It like they think they will not get admonished for it if they write that first.

            Dave - Dave the Gas, brilliant, Thegas sounds entirely feasible as a surname. A perfect pseudonym. If you want anonymity thats an excellent way to go. It will be wonderful to see your work in the round and larger than life.

            Today Simon took me shopping, what a waste of time that was. Armageddon has apparently hit town. Nothing worth having on the shelves, complete aisles empty, no bread, no eggs, no meat, no veg, no paper products, no cleaning products, no cheese.
            There was milk, and all the things that weren't important but are nice to have, so Simon got his chocolate puddings and a huge jar of coffee. I got my fruit pots and chocolate bars, crisps, and fizzy drinks. I was lucky and got the last 3 bags of cat litter, the last box of cat food I wanted had been raided and only had 3 out 8 pouches left, so got 2 smaller boxes. They also had all the cat milk and treats I wanted and most of the bird food for the garden birds. So cats and birds ok and we are fine for treats and snacks but there was nothing to make a meal out of, luckily I'd made a batch of cottage pies and have one left for today and have some tins and things in the cupboard and a few eggs.
            I will just have go across the road to our corner shop and see what they have to top up with, they seem to be better stocked than the big supermarkets.

            I really hope people come to their senses and run out of space and so stop stockpiling and hoarding stuff. I think I will do an online order even if its for early April, at least there will be food in the future, there are only so many bowls of cereal and pot noodles a sane person can eat

            My doctor rang to talk to me while I was in the queue trying to pack my shopping, I didn't want to discuss my medical life in the supermarket, but also appreciated her calling, but in the end I told her I can't talk to you and deal with the food piling up after being scanned, Simon was doing his best but he couldn't keep up, I hope she rings back, I did want to talk to her.

            So sat for a bit to calm down and write this. Feel less stressed now. More work on the cards this evening after supper.

            Take care everyone and stay safe.

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