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Wednesday 18th

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  • Wednesday 18th

    Morning all

    Weather not as good as Monday but still dry atm. Lee has done so well in the garden and he cannot wait to get out again each day. Rang Forest Lodge (our local garden centre) ordered the arbour seat a bit more expensive than online but they are so good and will place where we want it to go, so worth the money. May order the wood planters to match today. At least we will have a safe sanctuary in the Spring.

    Did no sewing yesterday got distracted by other things and spent ages trying to get into Waitrose yp update our order for Thursday.

    FB had a hissy fit yesterday and marked some of my post to Folksy Group as spam, I was not the only one. They have loaded some software to detect false info on Covid-19 and the software went berserk. How a baby jacket can be spam is beyond me.

    Talking of Covid-19 I am on a machine embroidery group and this is what the owner posted yesterday:


    We at Kitty Kitty Designs want to tell you all that we do not believe the virus news as relayed by the main stream media. MANY AMERICANS AGREE We follow President Trump releases and know there's nothing that will harm you beyond the normal virus symptoms. We should always use hygiene standards and many of us do this daily.

    With that said, many places around the country are shutting down. There will be a period of NO INTERNET soon. It will last for 10 days. Because we have the best remedy for keeping busy, I am making the proclamation that "ALL MY PIXIES RULE FRIENDS AND FANS WILL HAVE EVERY UFO IN THEIR STASH - FINISHED - BY THE END OF THE 10 DAYS" which is 4-10-20. 😂😂😂👍

    SERIOUSLY, we have the best hobby available for offline entertainment! The 10 days will be 4-1-20 to 4-10-20. No TV. No Internet. No Cellphones. Get yourself ready. Stock up on designs! We have a lot of designs. Grab your supplies and SEW! Make sure you have any extra FOOD and medicines. Yes, toilet paper is necessary, but you don't need a million miles of it.



    We will have cordial discussion here in this thread. We will continue in love and friendship. GOD IS IN CONTROL OF ALL YOU ARE WITNESSING.

    Keep your minds on Him! Let's have fun and SEW!

    With a link to an Australian professor who was struck off. Unbelievable the responses apart from a few who are sensible feel I should report but not sure if they know if you have reported a post or not. I feel this is very destructive.

    Hope you are all keeping well, stay safe x

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    Morning all! Looks like we are in for a wet day here today, although temperature not too bad. Not much chance of any sunshine today, but hopefully won't be too windy.

    Yesterday, got the shopping - eventually; only a couple of things I couldn't get and a couple I had to get substitutes, but it was like market day in a normally quiet, small supermarket. No problems at farm shop (apart from idiot car driver who abandoned their chelsea tractor diagonally in the parking area and took up all three road facing spaces); no problems at butcher's so usual stocking up with stuff done. Both shops, local independent family run, are offering many extra deliveries and also to try and obtain general basics and deliver to people who can't get out. Received emails postponing one event to October and another cancelling the spring event (they run a Christmas fair anyway, so have just shifted booking to that). Expecting at least two more cancellations as one scheduled for Easter and one at end of April.

    Today, expecting local customer to pop in for some jam (doing Mothers Day teas at the weekend), must get on and deal with the couple of kg of onions neighbour brought on Monday. Not doing any more cooking until the threat of infection and all national restrictions are lifted - got plenty of stock in the cupboard. Otherwise it will be more family tree, stitching, knitting and whatever I feel like - got plenty of reading matter lined up.

    Caroline - the current situation is disrupting everyone's life one way or another so I'm not surprised your day didn't really go to plan. Not sure I can make any sense of that post from your embroidery group - I certainly get a sense of hysteria and disconnection.
    Mo - another day in the shop today and things set to get worse because of idiots who don't know what it's like in the real world. I feel so sorry for the elderly, disabled and low income families - they are suffering so much because of the greed and selfishnes of others, and they seem to be forgotten by the authorities; thank goodness for the kindness of people like you and many others in the local communities.
    Dave - sorry to hear your fairs have been cancelled, but not surprised. Feel so sorry for those whose craftwork is their living, and thanking my lucky stars mine is only a hobby.
    Shelley - it must seem quite strange business wise for you at the moment. And I wholeheartedly agree that "normal" won't be the same as before this episode for the majority of people.

    HAGO & BBL


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      Pleased you got all you needed Linda, even if a few subs. Chelsea Tractors are the bane of our lives round here, 10 houses in our road and so far 6 of the things. The lanes are far too small for them to go down but they do and you have to suck yourself in and hope they will get by. Because they will not stop! Our farm shop is stacked with veges and seasonal fruit.


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        Morning all.

        Day off but will go in about 11.30 for the all staff call on the virus then come home again.

        Quick trip to Chippenham and Carphone Warehouse as my phone number didn't migrate to my new phone as promised on Monday and O2 on line customer service is shut ! Supposed to happen tomorrow now not holding my breath.

        Need to get some of the new needle cases finished and on line this afternoon. Going to make a meatloaf from the Hairy Dieters book for tonight and tomorrow.

        What are these people on Caroline !! Biggest load of twaddle I have read in the last few days.

        I have made a list of things to try, made and do if we are confined for a couple of weeks. Don't want to get into the habit of watching daytime TV other than I would be able to watch the new series of Escape to the Chateaux which airs at 4pm unless we are actually sick. Thought last night I could get out my patchwork again, maybe not be so ambitious aiming for a king size quilt but something a little smaller that I may get finished before 2030.

        Events are being cancelled and delayed everywhere, not holding out much hope the the next one in June to be honest. Going to have to tighten our belts somewhat, should be good for the diet though LOL

        Stay safe all, do what you're told. Funnily enough most of the few people out and about yesterday were the over 70's !!

        Catch up later.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          I know Mo but even worse that people believe them, some of the replies are that this lady has been sent by God to tell us that we will be safe on Good Friday. At that point all lock downs will be stopped as those that need arresting will be in prison! The virus will be admitted as a ruse and no body would have died from it!

          Wonder what happens if we are still in lockdown in a years time.


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            Afternoon all,

            Dry, clear and mild here.

            Caroline, it has been a crazy day on FB, the problem seems to be that there are less people to double check the bots so they just going round deciding for themselves with many false positives and so building the data base with incorrect data.
            Your garden is going to look wonderful, well done Lee.
            I really didn't expect that sort of thing in this day and age, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, this sort of thing does get them all crawling out of the woodwork. Personally if you can do without what they offer I would disassociate myself with that sort of thing immediately.

            There is no way we will be in lock down in a years time, the country in fact the world would have collapsed into post industrial chaos.
            Because I am learning chinese I am a member of the chinese forum and have been on the receiving end of real actual news from people I have spoken to over the last 10 years. They have shared pictures, news and what has been happening day by day. Things in China are slowly, slowly getting back to normal with many restrictions and precautions.

            Here in Europe we have been trying to hold back the virus without the benefit of being able to just shut things down and use the full force of the government to enforce things. Some people have likened China's reaction to the virus as if they had slammed the door shut, pulled up the drawbridge and closed the borders, effectively halting the virus in its tracks. Now they are letting things slowly get back to normal by turning the tap on to a dribble and letting the virus out in manageable amounts.

            We here are now shutting the door after the proverbial horse and trying to turn the tap down to an amount we can deal with.
            As we have to deal with people not taking it seriously and flaunting the rules, apparently in Germany young people are having Coronavirus parties in the beer gardens. I think they hope we will behave and not need draconian measures but I don't think it will be long before it becomes like Spain here.
            We have the advantage of being an island but thats only so good for so long with modern transport.

            Linda probably a good plan to shut the kitchen for the foreseeable future, good excuse to clear your stockroom. Enjoy all the things you have planned, what books you planning on reading? Glad your shop trip went ok.

            Mo, how did the meeting go? Good news? I think all us crafty, creative people have made a todo list of projects to dig out and finish or start.

            Today I made a sale, customer rang up wanting to buy a rope light to use at his son's wedding in a couple of weeks. He was 70, had AF and understood my reluctance to open when I told him my ailments. So he insisted on putting the money through the letterbox, wanted no change or receipt. Stood 10ft away as I opened the door placed the item on the doorstep, he waited till I had gone back in and locked the door before he picked up. Much enthusiastic thumbs up and smiles all round.

            I registered with Sainsbury's to do online shopping, fat lot of good that will be, first delivery slot not till 7th of April. I will just have to bite the bullet and go out to the shop. Simon very sweetly volunteered to come with me and defend me from the virus However I did say that if he did come with me he could help me with the heavy things and I would be happier having some help. I need to stock up on cat litter if they have any and cat food, everything else for us can be worked around but the cats don't understand that the measly amount of litter is because of a virus and they just need to deal with it. I told them the weather is better, use nature's litter box.

            Still working on the butterfly cards, planning some sorting upstairs over the next few days, my sewing room needs a good post xmas tidy up, it seems to always become a dumping ground after the festive period to clear the rest of the house, now it needs sorting. Wardrobes next week maybe.
            Also need to get my jigsaws off the shelf in my sewing room and ready for a charity to collect for distribution amongst those on their own or in homes to pass the time. I must have 30 or so, I am not going to do them again. I may keep the 1 or 2 I haven't done yet.

            Take care all and have a good day.



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              Evening all.

              Went in for midday meeting, oh sorry delayed till 12.30. Ok can give Jen a break just check the emails first, meeting delayed till 1.15 due to over running of previous meetings by top bods. Jen you can have a proper lunch break.

              It started on time and supposed to be for half an hour !! Firstly a load of lip service twaddle about them caring about their staff and we are of primary importance, tempered with, but the company has to make money to survive. Everyone's volunteers have flown the nest, understandably, and the fact that we have to do lone working for most of the time now is apparently of no consequence. One manager has no one as her AM is sick and is working 6 days a week, every week. Oh we will try and get you some cover, from where FFS we are all in the same boat we have just the paid staff. If you take AM from one shop and put them in to help another what does the original shop do. No we can't adjust the opening hours, even though all over the country there is absolutely no one in before 10 or after 4, so we have time to do all the back room stuff, just have to manage somehow. Just because the customers are not shopping we can't just leave the shop floor with the door unlocked and disappear out the back, or upstairs in some cases to do paperwork, sorting, steaming etc. We would have no stock left in no time. And if they seriously think we are going to do yet more unpaid overtime they have another think coming.

              It was all about get more money in. By 2pm today the shop had taken just over £16. Even the Mothers Day gifts are not selling, no one is shopping except to strip the supermarket shelves.

              At Christmas head office closes for a week. Retail can't so we are supposed to take the time in lieu before the end of January. Pro rata as both Jen and I work part time, she was owed 2.5 days and I was owed 3.5. As we only overlap for one day a week we would have to have 6 Thursdays in the month if we took the timed owed, ah given till mid Feb. Then because of sickness, we had no cover so didn't see each other for weeks we still couldn't take it. Now I have been told that we have lost it, tough, and no they won't pay us in lieu. Both Jen and I lost leave last year because we didn't have enough volunteer cover. And they expect us to help them get out of the hole they have dug for themselves in the last two years with terrible management by working for free.

              Sorry rant over, remember never to ask how it went with the shop LOL

              Have a good evening all.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Oh Mo, what a load of manure. I don't mind, sometimes a good rant can help. It would help if the government actually told shops and pubs, restaurants etc. to close rather some wishy washy faff about social distancing and telling people not to go to these places but not telling them to shut, causes havoc with insurance and other claims.

                Find a glass, get Pete to fill it up and put your feet up, we will get through all this and everyday is one day closer to retirement.

                Have a good evening.