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Saturday 14th

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  • Saturday 14th

    Morning all

    Woke up to a cold house, the boiler had a red light on it, hit water and heating came on and now turned green. Will wait and see if happens tomorrow then ring BG for a friendly engineer to arrive. The shower heats it's own water but cold in the shower room, brrrr!

    Not sure what I am making today, started the order for the peg bags, embroidered the fronts then realised had embroidered the wrong way down rather than across, drat have enough fabric to complete one and ordered some more, so annoying and my fault entirely. Will complete the one I can do then make a start on the Easter bunny bags.

    The air was blue!!!!

    Raining atm, hope to get out for a long dog walk later when dries up a bit. Did me good yesterday and had no pain on my left leg last night. Although very wheezy.

    Notice online that several events have been cancelled and if the ban on large gatherings goes ahead next week think no fairs etc for some time. Those of us relying on online sales may also have a problem as apparently some posties are refusing to deliver to some areas. Not heard about this on the news so do not know how true. At come point I expect they will be short staffed as understandable. In all cases health of the person has to come first.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Raining here and looks like it has been doing so for quite some time, but due to ease off in an hour or two. Breeze not too bad, feels quite cool at the moment, but due to warm up as the day goes on.

    Yesterday - OH went to his Mum's; I did good clean all round and a number of those "once in a while, get right in the corners" jobs done. Brother and girlfriend dropped in for a quick cuppa and chat, OH arrived home while they were here. More family tree, soak in the bath, knitting - have started on blankets for pet charities as the yarn I have isn't soft enough for anything else.

    Today - toying with the idea of turning everything out of my wardrobe and drawer units to see if anything can be chucked/recycled/sent to charity shop. There won't be much as I've been pretty good with this, but there are clothes for "dirty jobs" thrown in the bottom of the wardrobe and I suspect there are far more than I'll ever use! If it does brighten and warm up later I might go out and do a bit of clearing of the paving round the house.

    Caroline - hope the boiler sorts itself quickly; what a nuisance about the embroidery being wrong - will you be able to use what you've done for something else? I'm waiting to hear whether any of my upcoming selling events will be affected - they certainly won't come under the "mass gathering" heading but individual organisers may decide to cancel/postpone.
    Dave - getting ready for your escape to Wales. Is Sue happy with her new "do"? Anything exciting planned for today?
    Mo - what a day of positives for you yesterday Excellent news re the jewellery and selling some so quickly; great that your event organiser is on top of things and communicating to attendees; and phone and food shopping successful too.
    Shelley - how did you get on with the flower making and Simon's card? Hope you had a reasonably relaxed but productive day.



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      Boiler now behaving, went off twice then third time lucky. See how it goes and ring BG if necessary on Monday.

      Just heard from the Postie that no. 9 are self isolating as git back from Italy. Did see a taxi hope the driver was protected.


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        Afternoon all,

        It was raining, now dry, dull but not too cold.

        Caroline hope your heating is behaving, at least it not as cold as it might be, supposed to be very mild over the next few days for this time of the year. Could you not cut out the embroidery and applique it on the peg bag the right way? or have you got conflicting patterns? Maybe use a plain fabric?
        I am sure you will find a use for it, waste not.....
        Oh thats close to home, hope your neighbors are ok.

        Linda that is definitely a spring job, mine is planned for a bit further into the year when I can have all the doors and windows open and don't need the heating on. Is the weather better and are you now out weeding?

        Dave ready for Wales? Cutting kit ready, car packed? Flo packed her dog bowl and bed?

        Mo hope you and Pete are ok, I did have a little worry considering Malta is so close to Italy, is Malta on the list of self isolating when you return or is that just started happening?

        Today going to pop out and get some supplies in, not sure whats left can't even guarantee beans on toast

        More work on butterflies and flowers, did have terrible heartburn again this morning but managed to get rid of it, i ate something, not a lot but just enough, I think it absorbed the acid and gave my stomach something to work on, will remember it for next time and eat earlier.

        It has been very quiet in the shop, not much passing trade, just those that had booked equipment. Its fine with me, less contact with Joe public.

        Take care all and have a good day.



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          Crackers Shelley. Because I have such a long time from my lunch, always have a dry cracker when I get the 1st coffee. This helps my stomach.


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            Haha Caroline, for a split second I thought now she is calling me crackers - what I have I done?

            Yes good plan, I ate a bag of plain crisps, similar, absorbs the stomach fluids I think. I have Water Biscuits in the bread bin, I will try a couple of those in the morning with my first drink.

            My shopping trip was again odd, the things they were out of stock was another strange disassociated group of things. But they did have cooking oil.



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              Evening all.

              Business is slow in the shop but at least had some usable donations today.

              Saturday, come home from work, sit in front of the fireplace, catch up on the week and rabbit on fueled by wine for a couple of hours. After setting the world to rights time for dinner and to settle down to watch The Voice. Oh we do live the high life LOL

              Waiting to see if the powers that be decide to ban gatherings next week. Bookings we have had for demos are being cancelled as expected and waiting to hear if our big spring event is still on, though I doubt it. That's thousands of pounds down already this year but hey, it can't go on for ever.

              Will have to get our act together and get the web site going again.

              Malta has closed down Shelly but we are back safe and sound, close call though. Hope you managed to get the supplies you needed.

              I did enjoy turning out some of my wardrobes a couple of weeks ago Linda but I have lots more to do as well.

              Dave off to Wales ?

              Hope the boiler behaves Caroline.Ours is awaiting a new pump but the old one is working, sort of, at the moment.

              Have a good evening all.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Mo, so glad you are both back safe, you slid under the wire there with your timing. Yes online seems a good plan, don't forget to get your business FB page up to date too, it all helps.

                The 2 butterfly cards got collect today and she also need some tech help with her phone and the sim card, sorted it for her, she was happy. She has ordered 3 more butterfly cards this time one in pinks too, so thats my flowers on the back burner again. Need to get a move on with these as she seems to be using them as fast as I can make them at the moment, not complaining

                I am thinking about closing the shop for a week or so, business is slow, hardly worth one or 2 customers a day that might infect me. I am going to apply for the grant and banks and other creditors are being helpful and understanding so it may not be a problem.

                Dave ok? are you travelling?



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                  Evening all....

                  Yes Shelley, ok thanks, been busy packing stuff earlier then the 3 hour drive to here. Clear blue skies, sea is calm, got in, water and heating on, no horror stories.

                  Waiting to see what the government are proposing to do to curb Cv, I notice Europe are closing borders, bit late but better late than never.
                  Stay safe all, take the advice given