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Thursday 12th

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  • Thursday 12th

    Morning all

    Busy yesterday but did do a long post about 7am. Came in this morning and gone!

    Grocery delivery this morning 3 subs but original price point has been honoured. Also got a bag of Basmati which was a shock. Think things will get harder each week. Bookings are up and fully booked the rest of this week and all next. I have a rolling booking and booked to the 9th June. Going to ask the driver today what the plans are in a lock down. Will let you know. We have no supermarket near us so could be a problem later.

    Sewing going well, completed a mini gift set out of the rest of the oriental fabric, a pouch bag in pastel shades yesterday more suited for a new baby. A child's pillow case with an embroidery design today. May make a start on Melanie's tissue cases holder later. So many ideas but my back will only allow for me to sit at the machine for few hours. I used to keep going all day but sadly that was approx 20 years ago. Old age comes up and bites you when you are not expecting it.

    What are you up to today Linda?

    Dave cutting?

    Mo shop or home lose track of your schedule, think you are home today.

    Shelley still open atm? You will have to start wearing a mask and surgical gloves.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny but breezy and cool. Has horrendouse winds and heavy rain overnight - woke me up two or three times. However, today's real temps down but "feels like" temps up slightly, could get very breezy outside but no rain forecast.

    Yesterday - not sure what I did apart from usual clearing etc. Did more on the stitching and knitting and bit of family tree stuff.

    Today - much the same as yesterday in that no specific tasks apart from the usual but will potter and make progress with things.

    Caroline - glad to hear you are OK and it was things beyond your control that meant we didn't see your post yesterday. Sounds like you had another very busy and productive day.
    Mo - hope your day off was productive and restful and today isn't too bad in the shop.
    Dave - plans for today? Must be about due for another visit from the younger, and lively, members of the family
    Shelley - Fingers crossed that all goes well this afternoon and Friday is still scheduled.

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      Morning Linda. Pottering sounds nice.

      I have just finished the pillow slip will publish on Saturday and the rose and bow pouch made yesterday tomorrow.

      Off to cut out the handbag tissue case order of 5, at least they do not take long to do.


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        Afternoon all,

        Dry, sunny and milder here.

        My hospital appointment was cancelled, as I suspected it would be. About 8:30 this morning I got a call from the hospital to tell me it was cancelled, the reason given was "contingency plans" I wasn't awake enough to ask what that meant, just quite relieved because I was a bit worried about going to a place which is full of sick people at the best of times never mind with this added worry.

        So I thought yeah some unexpected time, flowers here I come then I received a garbled text message deliver by BT over the landline, turns out its my friend who is an air hostess for BA.
        Normally would love to see her but have I just escaped one danger to be exposed to foreign bugs by other means? She has just come back from India. Gahrgh what now, say no, feel mean? She said she was clear, oh have you been tested? no she said I have no symptoms. Oh gargh. Ok she says no hugging and kissing and keep my distance, she knows my medical needs. So lots of exaggerated pretend hugging and kissing at a distance and a nice visit catching up on all the gossip. She stayed for about an hour and a half at about 2m away Resisting the desire to disinfect where she sat

        Caroline, so annoying losing a post, I hope you had a nice day, you did post some pictures of some beautiful things you made. really like the red and black oriental fabric, so stylish and your choice of projects works very well with it.
        The fact that a packet of Basmati was able to give you "a shock" had me laughing out loud, I don't know why it just struck me as funny - I had a vision of you calmly unpacking the shopping and then oh no - shock horror - Basmati rice - run for the hills Sorry I know I am being silly but it was funny.

        Linda another "same old, same old" couple of days, the weather next week looks like it going to be a real taste of spring maybe you will get a spring back in your step

        Dave busy getting ready for Wales?, next weeks weather is looking good for it.

        Mo back in the shop, hope its not too bad.

        So with whats left of the day now I will work on my flowers and I started using up the leftover butterfly bits to make a few 3d stand alone butterflies to use in a flower and butterfly mobile thingy. I came up with the idea as I was tidying up from the butterfly cards and didn't want to lose all the little bits.

        Hope everyone has a great day.



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          Pleased it made you laugh Shelley. My sister went to the Waitrose in Godalming and no rice. Ordered but did not expect to get it.

          Our delivery driver said he had just been to a house before us and they had subbed the white Cashmere loo rolls with ivory and the lady refused them! Sorry but loo roll is loo roll and in these times would not have turned down.


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            Ah that makes more sense Caroline, now I understand your shock
            Can you even see the difference between cashmere and ivory? I am sure your bottom can't



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              Evening all

              Busy one...
              Been to the scrap yard and sold the old cylinder,
              Been cutting all day...
              Took Sue’s car for its MOT, passed ok,
              Generally getting ready to go to Wales for a week or so....need to see the sea.
              Sick of reading and hearing about CV, Sue said the shops here apart from Asda have no or very few empty shelves 🤷🏻‍♂️....



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                Evening all.

                Back in the shop and customers getting less and less, even the market was quiet when I popped over for a bit of fruit and veg. Those that do venture out are spending a bit but the footfall is dire. We have daily updates on the companies position on the virus. Someone aaasked the question that in the light of the poor footfall is the company going to reduce our weekly targets ? Answer was NO, but that to make target we should upsell. Madam buys a skirt and we should say have you seen this beautiful top and coat that might go with this ? A pair of shoes, would you like this handbag to go with it ? What planet are they on, we run charity shops not up market boutiques.

                Some days are better than others. A woman called in yesterday and left a bag of '' Jewellery bits and pieces '' Lots of costume toot but also found at the bottom of the screwed up bag boxed jewellery in silver, 9 and 18ct gold worth about £900 including an 18ct gold and diamond cluster at £400 !!

                I have been a bit unconcerned about the virus whilst appreciating that vulnerable people like the elderly and those with underlying conditions have more to fear, when it occurred to me that with the on going investigation into my low blood count and therefore lowered immune system I may be one of the vulnerable too. Better take more care.

                Haven't noticed many empty shelves here but called into Iceland today for the shop coffee and the guy in front of me was obviously stocking up the freezer. 6 giant sized bags of chips, 4 bags of peas, 6 family sized tubs of icecream ( mustn't forget the essentials ) frozen pies by the half trolley etc etc. Oh, but they did have toilet rolls.

                Think our events are going to be badly hit this year depending on how long the pandemic lasts. Think we will have to get our act together and start pushing stuff on line. If the Chinese are not going to get their Christmas toot out then the paying public are going to need somewhere else to buy from.

                Glad your appointment was cancelled Shelly you were obviously nervous about it. Nice that the visit from your friend went well though, you could sanitise once she had left !! Enjoy the additional time you have to craft beautiful things.

                I see Caroline has her duracels in again.

                Hope you enjoyed your potter Linda.

                Wish I could pack up and go to the coast Dave, enjoy.

                Have a good evening all.

                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.