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Wednesday 11th

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  • Wednesday 11th

    Morning all! Bright and sunny, but a cool wind at the moment; heavy rain expected for a couple of hours this evening.

    Been hanging around waiting for opening post from Caroline as saw she was logged in, but nothing showed up, so here I am!

    Yesterday - trip across the river took all morning but was worthwhile (posted results of foray to Scrap Store yesterday with photo of purchases). Not much else done by the time I'd got home and packed away everything.

    Today - nothing really pressing, but am in the mood for some admin and thinking I'll sort out and set up the templates for using the self adhesive labels I bought yesterday. Family tree ongoing, bits of knitting and stitching ongoing.

    Caroline - hope you are well and it's only the IT stuff playing up that prevented your post appearing
    Mo - day off today - catching up with the final boring bits of getting home from holiday I expect. How are the stock levels for your fairs - is everything boxed and labelled as much as it can be?
    Dave - do you have a working hot water cylinder now? Hope it was a straightforward job.
    Shelley - are you managing to keep up with everything in the shop and the card making?


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    Morning all, dry and clear here, mild.

    Glad you dived in Linda, one of those mornings when me, you, Caroline are all holding back so we don’t all dive in and do the first post.....all at the same time 😆
    Cylinder in, full, no leaks, plenty of discount although I no longer work, was offered not asked for....only downside, new cylinders come with 4 x 1” connections, old ones have two 1” and 2 x 3/4” connections so I had to go back for a few fittings. Glad it went last week and not while we were in hot water and plastic overflows are only mates for so long! Took about five hours, changed ball valves too, tidied a few bits up, taking the tank to the scrappers today, copper is like gold dust.

    Had a neighbour message me yesterday wanting a cut for the weekend after next, that’s 3 parts done already, should be finished today, another being delivered this evening.

    Got my new specs, spot on, was definitely the frame design, not the lenses ( unless I wanted to pay another £120 on top 🙄😩)....and because these lenses are physically smaller, £50 refund 😁.

    Have a goodun’


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      All sounds good Dave



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        Good morning all.

        Mild and sunny here at the moment.

        Pete has a pupil today so up and about to try and do a bit of cleaning and tidying before he arrived. Terrible nights sleep my leg was really playing me up, lay there at one time trying to take my mind off it by thinking about extra items we could make for Christmas ! all in all a bit grumpy this morning, poor Pete.

        Back on the straight and narrow with the diet and 3lb gone already, fasting today so that will help.

        Glad the boiler got sorted Dave and good result on the specs. We have heating again with a temporary fix and now waiting for the plumber to come back and fit a new pump. We only use a lightweight summer duvet normally it was odd having to pile on a couple of blankets to keep warm Sunday night.

        Better tackle the mound of ironing from the holiday, Pete did all the washing while I was at work bless him.

        Have a good day all, enjoy the milder weather if you are lucky enough to have it.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Hello all,

          Dry, breezy and dull here.

          Linda I know what you mean, sometimes a bit of admin and paperwork is just the right thing to do, nice when it coincides with when you have to do it
          Your visit to the scrapstore was definitely worthwhile, the material looks useful.
          Our scrapstore is open Mon, tue 10am to 2pm , wed 4pm to 8pm, thursday friday 10am to 2pm, and every other saturday in the morning. All this with the caveat that they may not be open when they say as staffed by volunteers, so if traveling best to call before setting off. Having said all that I must remember Wed evenings, that would be great for me.

          Dave, handy skills, a job like that is not cheap. Glad you have some cutting work to do too and you sorted out your specs.

          Mo well done on the diet, getting straight back on the wagon makes it easier. Day off- you should be sitting with your foot up not standing and ironing Can you iron sitting down? Hope your heating get fixed soon.

          Still no Caroline? or have our posts crossed? That red and black chinese bag works very well, beautiful.

          Today not much planned, getting ready for tomorrow, more mental prep than anything. It the pre-assessment so nothing strenuous or scary except for going to the hospital itself. Feels like I am walking into the lion's den.
          I am going spend the afternoon making some flowers and making sure the business is ok paperwork wise for a few days.

          Have a good day all,