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Monday 9th

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  • Monday 9th

    Morning all! Weather quiet this morning, dull with a notable breeze. Due for two to three hours of heavy rain late afternoon/early evening, temperatures above zero.

    Yesterday - kitchen thoroughly cleaned, work on several WIPs, four episodes of Shakespeare & Hathaway watched (always good for a laugh), and another stage of family tree tidying completed - next stage is somewhat more involved, but does mean I can get back to doing a bit of research at the same time.

    Today - chiropractor's this morning, call in on brother and scrounge a cuppa on the way home. Not sure what else, but still plenty to do.

    Caroline - beat you to it this morning! Plenty of ideas to put into practicality on the sewing theme today or are you on the HW grind?
    Mo and Pete - hope you got back safely yesterday and UK weather not too much of a shock. Bad enough having to go back to w**k!
    Dave - plans for today? Cuts to finish/frame, things to start getting ready for your next invasion of Wales?
    Shelley - no post yesterday - hope you're OK and time was spent creating more of your beautiful cards.

    HAGO, back later

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    Morning all, weather good atm until lunchtime them a deluge of the wet stuff.

    I watch S & H Linda, and love it a gentle programme with a good funny side.

    Cleaned the bathrooms and cloakroom yesterday, just the dusting today as Lee does the hoovering. Then onto some more sewing a bit stuck atm as waiting for the interfacing but may make a start on the treat gift bags with sheep faces appliqued on the outside. Or may not!

    Finished Michelle Mone auto B very good, now reading Marie Kondo the art of tidying, lol. May inspire me to shift myself into gear.

    Mo and Pete hope your return was not too traumatic.

    Dave more cutting?

    Shelley card making or very busy in the shop?

    HAGD and BBL x


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      Morning all...

      Dull but dry here.
      Got to go and fetch a new hot water cylinder today so its ready to go in tomorrow, can’t do it today, need to take mum to see the retirement living place this afternoon. Was going to pick up my new glasses tomorrow, that will have to wait until Wednesday now.
      Cutting mostly done, one being delivered Wednesday evening. Wales stuff is ready, we packed it all together when we finished last year so we have it all ready to go, got to come back for a wedding on 5th April which is a bit of a pain but there you go.
      Mo and Pete, hope you got back ok and didn't end up With any delays due to CV etc...

      Have a goodun’


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        Afternoon all,

        Rain, wind and dull here.

        Linda you got a lot done yesterday, on track today with the family tree? Cuppa with your brother relaxing? I find myself watching S & H too but mostly because my parents lived near there, I went to Stratford High school. It is sort of nostalgic spotting familiar places.
        In fact that was where Simon and I met. His parents lived just outside in a village and my family was in a village just the other side of Stratford. Stratford was the "big city" unless we went to Birmingham but that was too far most of the time on the bus.

        My first job was right opposite Shakespeare's birthplace in a souvenir shop that sold tartans to the american tourists who came on their coaches 50 people at a time, traipse through the birthplace and then pile into the shop saying to each other "oh this is good, we don't have to go to Scotland now." The owner was very smart and had a board outside the shop (with all the other display tartans) that had a list of names and the tartan they could wear. Once the americans found out they had one ( by very tenuous links) they just bought everything with that tartan - brass bed warmer to kilts to key fobs to clothes and more.
        This was before they made it a precinct outside the birthplace and traffic roared up and down the road, nearing knocking down americans looking the wrong way.
        We had some fun with them, we were very naughty, the big question was were is the birthplace so we would give directions to the maternity home about a mile down the road. It had big wrought iron gates with the words Stratford - upon - Avon Maternity Home in gold paint on them. I just hope they had a smile and a laugh and weren't too cross.

        Caroline done the HW and back onto creating more beautiful items. The fabrics are very pretty and you are choosing well what to turn them into, it all works very well.

        Dave still busy busy, hope the visit to the home goes well and your mum likes it. Wales calling again? hope the weather is good for you or at least not as bad as it has been.

        Mo and Pete back safely, I see you didn't bring us any sun and warmth back with you for us Glad you had lovely time.

        Yesterday I had the most awful heartburn all day. Its really hard to deal with because all my other meds say no no to heartburn remedies. I can take simple things like rennies but they don't help really. I will be seeing the cardiologist on Thursday and I will ask him then what can be done.
        So I didn't do much except sit around complaining Simon was sympathetic but obviously couldn't really do anything.

        I did finish the boxes and the cards are now labeled and ready to go. Now to start the mothers day cards. First thing is to make a selection of flowers and greenery, then to design a card to go with them, maybe a basket design full of flowers, don't know yet. I have just received this month's Die cutting essentials magazine that I subscribe to and there is a cover gift of a 3d basket die and accessories, so I may have to do something with this.

        Have a good day everyone.



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          Yesterday I had the most awful heartburn all day. Its really hard to deal with because all my other meds say no no to heartburn remedies. I can take simple things like rennies but they don't help really. I will be seeing the cardiologist on Thursday and I will ask him then what can be done.
          Sorry to hear of your gastric problems Shelley - heartburn is difficult to deal with at the best of times (I've been suffering a little bit of late), but must be so much worse when you are on long term meds with lots of exceptions to other meds and OTC stuff. Hope the cardiologist can offer some useful suggestions.

          However, glad to hear you are reasonable today and you managed to get some cards and boxes finished.



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            Thanks Linda, its never easy but add into the mix allergies and a lot of OTC meds are off limits. i must stock up on some Polo mints, mint helps and they are easy to get.



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              Evening all.

              Got home about 10.45 last night, not too late. Unpacked, not a lot to do as it was a carry on holiday and everything just went in the wash. Unfortunately we came home to no heating !! It's been playing up for some months but the landlord kept getting a plumber in that said it as fine, well it wasn't and we need a new pump. Temporary fix so at least warm now.

              Back to work today after having a lovely and very full time. If we were on our own we would have taken it a bit easier but the kids wanted to show us all the sights and there we some we wanted to see too ourselves and they came along. All inclusive holiday so we are absolutely stuffed and I have put on an obscene amount of weight which must come off by the end of the month.

              Given us a taste of whats to come when I retire hopefully and got lots of tips on how to get the best deals when booking.


              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Mo glad you had a good time and enjoyed it with all the family, you must have got some time on your own?

                Diets always go out the window on holiday, I am sure you will make up for it.