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Sunday 8th

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  • Sunday 8th

    Morning all

    Sleeping well atm, think when we cancelled the hospital feel it was the right thing to do as next door to the Haslemere clinic which is still closed.

    Did not do much sewing yesterday but did get some cutting out done for today. The face scrubbies in the hoop have been done, will stitch up the rest of the gift set today. I ordered the wrong interfacing, have managed to cut out for this last set and now had to order again. Will have to think of something else to do this week.

    Cold and miserable with a drizzle atm, hope it will clear later to enable Shiloh to be dragged out for a walk.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Was raining and windy when I got up, but drying up, sunny and not quite so breezy now. Forecast is showing heatwave (for this time of year) temperatures - could it be Mo and Pete bringing some holiday weather back with them?

    Yesterday, didn't achieve a great deal, but back massage loosened things up a bit so easier getting essentials done. Looked at the pile of paperwork building up on the desk and decided I'd rather carry on with the family tree tidying

    Today have already done the kitchen clearing and weekly clean, except for the floor (that's the next job). Still thinking about the pile of paperwork, might go out and sweep some more leaves if wind drops a bit more and it stays dry, see grass and weeds are gaining ground between the paving slabs too so might attack some of that. Got lots of recorded TV to catch up with, so could be spending time with that and get on with WIPs as well.

    Caroline - nuisance about the interfacing, but I'm sure you've got plenty of ideas for other projects to keep you busy.
    Dave - sorry about the lack of sales at the fair, but suspect you're not really surprised considering all things. At least you got one commission
    Mo and Pete - heading homeward and back to the grind, or have you got another few days of luxuriatiing?
    Shelley - Oh yes! "Dogs have owners, cats have staff" - so true, and as for the food situation ("what do you mean I liked it this morning, it's poison and I'm not going near it!") that seems pretty general in the domestic feline world too

    HAGO all - back later


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      Morning all,
      Bright, sunny and dry here today.
      Nothing doing today, the coil in our hot water cylinder popped yesterday, luckily it happened now and not in two weeks time when we will be in Wales a lot, no floods just water pouring out of the overflow so the heating and hot water are off, log burner fired up, electric showers, its only hot tap water we are without so I’ve got to get one and replace it on Tuesday as we are taking my mom to see an apartment in a “ retirement living” community place. She is 84 nearly, in a huge 3 bed council house that is just too much to keep on too of so is now accepting she needs to move to a smaller place. Retirement living communities have their own restaurant, bingo, hairdressing salon, days out, warden patrolled, activities, the whole thing all in one huge building....we’ll see.
      Might cut the grass if it dries up enough, its starting to spring up more now.

      Have a goodun’.


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        Afternoon all. Heading home now should get back about 10pm then back to the grindstone tomorrow. Will catch up with everyone during the week.

        Have a good Sunday.

        Mo. XX
        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie