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Thursday 5th

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  • Thursday 5th

    Morning all, rain, rain and more rain.

    Gravel delivered yesterday a job for Lee when dry.

    Sewing well have completed 2 tissue cases, wrist key ring and another gift set. On a roll. Did not think would do much yesterday as could not be bothered but started on a small project and then zoomed ahead. More of the same today. Have a lot of listings now in draft format which I will post every day.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all...

    Dry here, No frost.
    Sue is at the Sams shop this morning so It’s just me and the dog.
    All framed up just one more to go.
    Need to get sorted out for the Artisan do on Saturday...
    Apart from that, nothing to report so far, BBL



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      Morning all! Bright, sunny, dry, chilly. Due to cloud over during the morning and stay chilly - I can cope with that as long as it's not windy and/or raining.

      Yesterday, couple of hours combing the shops for the necessary stuff, got most of it including OH birthday present and wedding anniversary present. Finished the chutney, but didn't get outside of jars washed or labels done (jobs for this morning), started the sloe gin, luxuriated in a hot bath, no time for crafting.

      Today, clean chutney jars and get labelled, print colour picture for Christmas market application now printer has full complement of colour cartridges and will work again! Give some thought to the next thing to make to clear more of the freezer - have a number of containers of apple/crab apple juice and lots and lots of chillies and hot peppers, so thinking about more dipping sauce although I have a couple of batches in the store room. More laundry in the machine and another load waiting - where does it all come from?

      Caroline - must be something in the air at the moment as I've had a couple of days where I thought I'd do a couple of small jobs then find I just keep going and get loads done.
      Dave - you've certainly got back in the swing of things with the cuts. Pleased you've got the official stuff sorted if you decide to do the plaque - I'm sure there will be a number of people interested to keep alive the memories of what these brave people did for their country.
      Mo and Pete - same old - sun, sand, warmth, relaxation
      Shelley - didn't hear from you yesterday - hope all is well and the desk is still clear.



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        Afternoon all,

        Woke up to rain and grey skies, rained most of the day.

        Caroline, keeping up the pace, seems you have found your reserves.

        Dave, usual busy busy, sounds alright just you and the dog occasionally.

        Linda on track with the presents and printing. Also doing well with the preserves and the laundry - its like that for the whole world I think the never ending laundry.
        One year as we pack up from a festival, one of the guys doing the lights looked around at the mud and the people packing their clothes and tents into plastic bags remarked - I wonder how much washing is generated by festivals? This prompted a fairly in depth discussion as to the number of washing machines at work in the few days after festivals and the environmental impact

        Yesterday just got away from me, it was busy in the shop, I had to go out and top up the food cupboards. Eerily there was no bread (that I wanted) no standard eggs, a quail omelet didn't seem sensible and other stortages, there were lots of empty shelves, didn't help that sainsburys were having a shuffle round and things were all over the place. I hate it when they do that, I can't find anything and it takes ages to do a shop.

        Today had another busy day in the shop, its good. I am hoping things continue as they are, if they stop public gatherings it could make a difference to our hires as gigs will be cancelled or not even booked. Don't know if our business interruption insurance will cover us for what might have been.

        Finally happy with the desk reshuffle, it does work better now space for tools and machines and the project. Still working on the cards, nearly done. Will make a start on my mothers day flower cards when I have done them.

        Mo and Pete still enjoying the sun, sand and sangria?

        Take care all and have a good evening.