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Wednesday 4th

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  • Wednesday 4th

    Morning all, dry here and cold rain due later.

    Pea Gravel being delivered today, Waitrose order to complete for delivery tomorrow. Peg bag made and posted. Need to make a couple of cards one for Lee's cousins DH who has just had part of his lung removed. Her daughter's boyfriend died at age 40 over the weekend, he had a diseased heart and did not realise. A sad time for her family. Lynn had just got herself settled with Paul after a messy divorce. She rented out her own house and the tenants have now defaulted, they are now on 2 months notice. Not sure she is going to find it that easy to remove them, a man has appeared on the scened who has been in prison for 18 years and threatened her that she does not scare him. Oh joy! Had to lend an ear to Cynth last night, asked how she was and I am the only one to do that, everyone else asks about everyone else. Think this is often the case and the one main stay gets overlooked.

    Anyway hope to get some sewing done today, have not got a clue what though. Thinking cap on.

    Linda are you able to brew yet or is DH's cold too risky?

    Dave more cutting? Lost track on what you are working on.

    Mo and Pete sunning in Malta still?

    Shelley working hard as usual, any more cards made?

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry, bright at the moment (not going to last), very little breeze and quite chilly (hopefully warming up to somewhere near reasonable).

    Yesterday, eventually decided on making a chutney based on a Lemon & Raisin recipe I have. Found I had more lemons than required that needed using, so doubled up on everything then found four of the lemons were actually limes! Couldn't complete yesterday as citrus and onions had to be salted and sit overnight. Forgot to get the sloes out of the freezer so didn't get round to starting the sloe gin. Received application forms for Christmas market at Nettleham - have to be submitted in hard copy including photos of goods for sale as seriously oversubscribed and committee take private vote on who gets a stall. Found a couple of the colour cartridges in printer are empty so couldn't print photos. More knitting done - nearly up to the widest part of the sleeves, but can only do a dozen rows at a time before my knuckle joints start to complain, so will be a little while before I can start decreasing.

    Today, haven't had a good night - awake much of the time - consequently slept later this morning so on catch up now. Chutney is now on the stove and everything has been added to the pan - need to estimate final volume and get jars out ready to sterilise and fill. Weekly shopping to do - will have to go to S_u_thorpe to get ink cartridges for printer, but supermarket is directly opposite and has filling station so can do all three tasks in compact area and can pop into brother's on the way home. Sloes are out of freezer, so will get the gin started this afternoon when I have done other tasks. Aiming to complete application for Nettleham and that's about it.

    Caroline - So sad that so many bad things happen to just one or two people but affect many around them; when you hear things like that it makes you realise how lucky we are and we really shouldn't be complaining about minor disruptions to life. Am sure that by now you've come up with ideas for more sewing projects.
    Dave - back in the swing of things and getting ready for the artisan market - had something about it pop up on my fb newsfeed yesterday and not only mentioned you specifically but pointed people towards your page. Glad Flo's claw is recovered, hope the human coughs are clearing a bit.
    Mo and Pete - fully relaxed and soaking up the sun
    Shelley - sounds like you were productive in all areas yesterday. How did you get on with the cards?



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      Morning all....

      Dry here, nippy.
      Yesterday went off to Ikea to stock up on frames and table spot lights for workshops ( sods law, never light where you need it) we have one about 25 miles away but always stop for lunch in their cafeteria. Fish chips and peas plus a cuppa and a slap of apple cake for about £6.50...what’s not to like? 😁
      Got a graphic designer pal designing me some templates for workshops so I don’t have to use other peoples and think about their license agreements etc, not that its a problem, just that I like to have control of everything myself.
      Had to drop by HC to grab some A1 mount board, usually grab A0 at the gallery but needed four colours so smaller boards were more cost effective as I use colours less, black and white more.
      Yes Linda, I’d posted about the Artisan market but had forgotten to put my page link on, that’s why the lady enquired, I get a good few pop by for a look from a posting.
      Thinking of doing a memorial plaque cut ( Did I mention that? ) of our local memorial bridge with names of local people lost in WW 1 and 2, not for general circulation but as something that relatives of the fallen may want themselves as a copy of the plaque. I’ve cleared it with the Imperial War Museum that it is copyright free and also the fourth stanza from “ For the fallen” peom which is on it is copyright free too...We’ll see, might be a bit too personal..I’d have to put the feelers out.
      Caroline, just cut, framed and posted “Koi in a lily pond”..
      Three more to frame up..... hopefully today then I’m set to go.
      Mo and Pete still away?....enjoy it.